Amazon Vendor Central services and benefits of using Odoo Amazon Vendor Central Connector

Posted on 30 September, 2017

What is Amazon Vendor Central? 

Vendor Central is a service provided by Amazon to sell something to Amazon in large quantities. ‘Ships from and sold by Amazon' is an identifier for all vendor central products. However, an important point here is, at present, registration for this service can only be done if you have an invite from Amazon.


For some, this service might be profitable and for others, it can be another side too. The terms and conditions of Amazon for such service can be considered as rigid by one and flexible by other. The sales scale can also be a factor for considering this service as profitable or unprofitable.

While using Vendor Central, you would be well aware of the difficulty in handling and managing important aspects from start till the end. We at Emipro have a pretty good experience in providing services for Odoo and we will carry out your manual and tiresome tasks related to Vendor Central in much simpler and efficient way.

The services which we provide related to vendor central account are:

EDI Manual Setup and Configuration

EDI is an electronic business document which is exchanged between a seller and Amazon. All the business related details are contained in this. The business information helps you and Amazon to communicate properly and effectively. There should be no communication gap while dealing with eCommerce giant like Amazon.

Most of the sellers aren't really aware of this, but it is of prime importance to configure EDI. It has all the information related to the business transaction like SKU, Quantity, Cost Price, Suggested Price etc.. It contains certain questions and on the basis of answers given, Amazon will know how to proceed further. We will help you configure EDI as a part of service as we are into vendor central since a quite long time and know ins and outs of it. Our team of experts has a thorough knowledge to carry out the important tasks related to EDI.

Catalog Management

It is very much necessary that your catalog or list of items which you want to sell remains updated. We, as a part of service will help you manage your Amazon catalog by adding, removing and editing items thus having the continuous update of your stock to Amazon. Amazon can help you manage your catalog as well but that comes with an extra cost. Our team of experts are also well versed with the catalog management as efficiently as Amazon with lower prices

Odoo Amazon Vendor Central Connector

Vendor Central connector will serve as a bridge between Odoo and your Amazon vendor account to help you with the errands to be carried out.

Let us look at the features which this connector will provide you in order to carry out your business tasks required from the beginning till the end.

1. Dynamic Inventory Management

Managing stock becomes vital for any business operation. As Amazon always tells to send them regular updates of your stock, our connector will help you with it. Amazon and you, of course, will be able to see the stock in hand/left with you. Not only this, let us assume you have 3 warehouses, then you will be able to update inventory from all 3 warehouses together and even the individual ones you select. The importance of this is if at all Amazon needs some items, by checking the stock you have, they can easily identify whether you will be able to provide it or not. And by this connector, it becomes easy for you to update your stock information.

2. Complete Order Management

Whenever selling is associated with Amazon, there rises these concepts : First order & Purchase order
Whenever you receive an order for the first time for a particular item it is called ‘first order' and after that whatever orders you get for that item is called ‘Purchase order'. This is automatically done through our connector.

Also if you are running out of stock for a particular item which is ordered, a back order will be created automatically. Let us understand this with an example.

Let us assume you got an order of 100 quantities for an item ‘A'. But you just have 60 quantities in stock. So a normal sales order will be created for that 60 quantities and will be delivered and for the rest 40 quantities which are out of stock - for that a back order meaning pending order/items will be created for the future record which will enable you to see all the records regarding the order.  Along with this feature, it will show you lead time which means the time period your order will take to reach the destination.

As all the business related documents/communication is in the form of EDI - electronic data interchange, especially when you are dealing with a business giant like Amazon, PO and SO will be electronic only. A PO - purchase order is a document issued by Amazon to you which contains the items and related details which they want from you as a vendor to send them to their warehouse or fulfillment centers. As soon as Amazon generates it and it reaches to you, it gets converted to SO- sales order automatically by using our connector.

3. Complete Shipment Management

Amazon has 2 options for shipment of their order. ‘We pay shipping' which means Amazon collects the items from your warehouse via their own shipping service and you do not incur any shipping charges at that moment. Later when the invoice is generated, you need to negotiate with the shipping charges.  Other one is ‘We not pay shipping' in which if at all an event occurs wherein a particular item of yours has a great demand and sales and Amazon has requested you to provide more but their shipping service is not available for that time or a delay is observed or their service is costlier- there can be any reason, in that case, you send the items via your own expense and shipping company. This connector also has 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) integration in which you can configure your logistics service and seamlessly integrate your inventory with Amazon from your 3PL. 

4. Cost Price and Sell price Management 

Our connector will help you update costs, manage your inventory and accounting on a day to day basis. This is the most important feature. Updation on daily basis helps you get the summary of your daily business transactions. Costs may change depending on the demand and various other factors like transportation etc. For instance, you have a product priced $10 on a particular day. Amazon is ready to purchase it from you at your given price. So the deal becomes successful. But on the other side if the price of that particular product becomes $11 due to rise in fuel charges or transport costs or any other reasons, you need to negotiate with Amazon regarding this and if the prices are acceptable by both then further processing takes place, and if not, you will be notified regarding this and the invoice which gets generated will clearly show the amount accepted by Amazon whether it is on the updated price or the old one. Amazon also asks you regarding market price of your products which they can charge on customers. This is called as Sell price which you can manage from this connector. 

5. Invoice and Accounting Management:

Receipts of all the business transactions will be generated and will be exchanged between you and Amazon. Invoice is not something to worry on as it will be generated automatically as and when the dealing takes place. Also, the credit and debit record is maintained so that in the end you need not worry about your payments. Account statement is reconciled with the invoices generated. 

The services which are of prime importance and should be considered while you use vendor central are:

A+ content generation

The sales of your products highly depend on the description it has. If you need a detailed description of your products with some images and graphics then we will help you with it as we feel the description of every product of yours is vital and cannot be neglected. Simple text description is a common feature which every platform provides, but as it is said that visual description is always attractive and has a lasting effect on customers, Amazon's A+ content is the same one. This content better conveys the value of a product through the use of multimedia. It includes high-quality images, video and comparison charts. Amazon charges for using his service. By this connector, we will help your products have an A+ description at lesser costs.

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Marketing, Advertising and Analysis

We will provide you with the best type of Marketing and Advertising services including designing of images and graphics for your products on Amazon which will attract visitors and will help promote your products and getting a goodwill from customers thus increasing sales of the product. Also, a sales report is generated which is a tool for analyzing your current strategies and to make reforms in your future strategies. This will help you to increase your sales and customers. Reporting can also be taken a step further as everything is connected within Odoo and you can take better decisions with it.

We at Emipro have been into the service area for a long time and our team of professionals is well experienced with the tasks to be dealt with Vendor Central. We will be able to manage all the things at one place thus giving your business a growing edge.

Virag Kamdar , Assistant Digital Marketing Executive

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