Unlock Sales Excellence with Odoo CRM

Elevate your sales operations with Odoo CRM, the ultimate customer-centric solution tailored to empower your sales teams. Seamlessly track leads, harness accurate forecasts, and prioritize closing opportunities for unparalleled success.

Effortlessly Generate Eye-Catching Quotations

Craft professional quotations effortlessly with Odoo's intuitive interface.

In just two clicks, create visually appealing quotes that impress clients. Simply select products from the catalog, and Odoo takes care of the rest, streamlining the quotation process for increased efficiency and client satisfaction.

Stay On Top of Your Opportunities

Keep your sales pipeline in clear view with Odoo CRM's intuitive interface. Each opportunity is represented as a card, providing all essential details at a glance. Track expected revenues easily as opportunities progress through stages.

Efficiently organize your opportunities using

The Kanban view, which categorizes them by stage. Simply drag and drop opportunities along the pipeline to seamlessly transition them from one stage to another.

Never Miss a Follow-Up Opportunity

Ensure seamless follow-up with Odoo CRM's scheduling capabilities. Whether it's calls, meetings, mailings, or quotations, Odoo automatically plans the next activity based on your sales script. Stay organized and proactive in nurturing leads and closing deals effectively.

Streamlined Communication for Seamless Collaboration

Effortless communication is essential for minimizing miscommunication and maximizing productivity. With Odoo CRM, incoming emails are seamlessly integrated into your pipeline, ensuring all interactions with your team and customers are centralized in one place. Enjoy easy access to information at all times, fostering efficient collaboration and effective customer engagement.

Explore Seamless Integrations

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Leverage Your Reporting Data for Profit

Transform your data into actionable insights with Odoo CRM.

Make informed decisions backed by accurate, real-time data. Dive deeper into your sales metrics with revenue forecasts, analyze team performance, and create custom dashboards tailored to your business needs. Unlock the power of your reporting data to drive profitability and success.

Unlock the Full Potential of Every Feature

Experience seamless execution of all functionalities with Odoo CRM. Here's how we do it:

Enable Automation

Effortlessly automate lead creation, team assignments, scheduled activities, and more. Free up time to focus on what truly drives results.

Streamline Processes

Minimize manual entry tasks by sending quotes in just a few clicks and managing your pipeline with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

AI Lead Scoring

Overwhelmed by leads? Let our AI do the heavy lifting. Our intelligent lead scoring ensures you prioritize your efforts on the most promising opportunities.

Comprehensive Lead Management

From creation to acquisition, importation to nurturing, and scoring, manage all aspects of your leads efficiently in a single, centralized location.

Experience the power of automation, streamlined processes, AI-driven insights, and comprehensive lead management with Odoo CRM. Unlock greater efficiency and productivity for your business.



Connect quotes and sales orders to opportunities


Track recurring revenues

Email Marketing

Nurture and track email lists


Generate leads from event registrations


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