We help businesses to RUN with POWER

Who we are

We, Emipro, established in 2011 at Rajkot (Gujarat, India), take pride in being a prominent end-to-end ERP implementation services provider company. We deliver enterprise business solutions to our vast customer base mainly in Europe, North America, MENA, and the South Asia region with a diverse experience in various business domains such as Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain, Transport & Logistics, Food & Beverages, FMCG, Professional Services, Wholesale, Distribution, eCommerce, and many more.

Emipro aspires to provide stellar services with the vision of digitising, streamlining & automizing businesses in the ERP domain. As a Certified Odoo ERP gold partner, we boast a team of Odoo technical experts and highly experienced business analysts, subject matter experts & ERP consultants. We provide end-to-end ERP implementation services globally, serving all sizes of businesses, from startups & SMEs to large enterprises, that cover ERP Consultancy, end-to-end ERP Implementation, customization, upgradation, integration, business need & GAP Analysis, support & maintenance in Odoo ERP, all aimed at providing the customers with a flawless, optimal, and robust integrated business management experience.

Our business automation services offer numerous benefits to businesses, enhancing their efficiency and overall performance. By leveraging our expertise in digitisation, automation, and end-to-end ERP implementation, businesses can experience the advantages like increased efficiency, cost savings, enhanced accuracy, scalability, improved customer experience, valuable data insights, competitive edge, improved decision making, and many more. By harnessing Emipro's business automation services, businesses can unlock their true potential, achieve operational excellence, and drive sustainable growth in today's dynamic business landscape.

What we do

We aim to design a business management system that is flexible and muscular enough to let you morph your day-to-day business operations better & in an augmented way as your future unfolds. With the delivery of every integrated ERP system for any industry, we fulfill our vision of bringing automation, integration, and intelligence to businesses - everything essential to efficiently run the day-to-day operations seamlessly under one roof.

For us, success is removing operational hurdles & empowering businesses by establishing a robust platform for hefty & continuous growth.

As a certified Odoo Gold Partner, we take pride in our profoundness in delivering quality solutions and seeing satisfactory smiles on our customer's faces. We have highly skilled business analysts, Odoo technical, functional & techno-functional experts, & subject matter experts for various industry verticals who have an eye for detail and are well-versed in what the out of box features and functionalities are provided in Odoo ERP, and what to customize to meet our customer’s unique business needs thus avoiding your system with unnecessary developments. Our consultants not only streamline every technical aspect of your business but also ensure you seamless exposure to Odoo ERP to help you make the most out of it. 

We view ERP implementation as an enduring partnership, not a one-time event. From the start, we remain committed to supporting clients throughout every phase. Our unwavering dedication ensures their objectives are met with expertise and continuous guidance, fostering a successful journey.

Like seasoned navigators, we guide our clients through the possibilities of ERP adoption, giving them a clear plan for success. Our journey starts with consultation talks, learning about their special business needs and aspirations. Armed with these insights, we embark on tailoring a customized ERP solution that perfectly aligns with their operational needs and long-term goals. As we go along, we take a hands-on approach, oversee challenges that may arise, and foster seamless collaboration between our teams.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just delivering the ERP system; we ensure that our clients' personnel are proficiently trained to wield the full potential of the implemented ERP system or solution.

Our journey together does not end at the finishing line of implementation; instead, it marks the commencement of an enduring partnership. We remain vigilant in providing continuous support, maintaining the ERP system's smooth functionality, and assisting our clients in adapting to future growth and changes.

We know your business is made to scale. We know, for you, the sky is no limit. We take care to structure your ERP system in such a way that it will ensure scalability as your business grows. When you expand, Odoo is capable of seamlessly expanding, too. Rest assured, your business won't outpace Odoo ERP's evolving features and functionalities!

Why we do what we do

We are driven by our mission of empowering businesses by delivering an integrated business management experience that maximizes efficiency & ensures sustainable growth for the advancement of universal productivity & a better tomorrow.

The reason for Emipro’s existence revolves around enhancing global business productivity. In that way, interestingly, companies with less streamlined operations naturally align with our mission. This motivates us to optimize & empower these businesses, as it benefits both their operations and overall effectiveness, thus advancing our shared vision.

Emipro is more than just a business venture; it embodies a mission and is not just a simple company doing business. Our energy lies in chasing the efficiency of businesses operating below their full potential. Our aim is to equip them with the necessary tools like robust ERP system to let them experience their full potential and make them future-ready for significant growth on the horizon.

Any business that lacks proper streamlining experiences a plethora of challenges: inefficiency, reduced output, ineffective resource allocation, quality issues, inefficient communication, difficulty in scaling, negative impact on supply chains, and lack of innovation. When we speak of universal productivity, we envision a landscape where every business operates at peak efficiency, triggering a ripple effect of enhanced productivity and streamlined operations throughout the business ecosystem. We aspire to be the driving force behind this transformative wave. Thus, when encountering businesses operating inefficiently, it motivates us to take it upon ourselves to rectify the situation, as the cumulative effect of such inefficiencies can significantly undermine universal productivity and the economy over a broad period of time. 

When we claim to enhance "universal productivity", we acknowledge the interconnected nature of business operations and their impact on the broader ecosystem. By focusing on our customer’s customers and related entities, we contribute to a thriving and interconnected business environment where all participants prosper. We are glad our approach creates a more resilient and successful business ecosystem as a whole, ultimately leading to meaningful changes around the businesses we serve.

Our impact

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another. In the same way, when we say we are helping businesses to run with power, indirectly, we are delivering energy to your business. The power we provide to your businesses doesn't disappear or get lost; rather, it just transforms into various positive outcomes such as growth statistics, profitability, productivity, efficiency, resilience, value, etc. that drive your business forward.

When a business undergoes a significant transformation, such as adopting an ERP system, it doesn't just impact itself but also extends its effects to connected parties, stakeholders, and customers. We intend to be the driving force behind your decision to embrace an integrated ERP for your business, knowing that it will generate positive effects for all involved entities and customers. By doing so, it elevates both your productivity and all those who are your touchpoints, ultimately contributing to universal business productivity. 

Let us be the catalyst for this transformational ripple in your business, leading to greater efficiency and universal productivity across the entire business ecosystem.

From a bird's-eye view, we offer a value proposition that revolves around providing universal productivity, automating businesses, and streamlining operations. Zooming in, our integrated ERP system brings various advantages to our customers, such as reduced inventory management costs, faster order fulfillment, improved supplier relationships, optimized resource utilization to minimize waste, and enhanced forecasting and demand planning capabilities. With these benefits, we empower our customers' businesses, making them future-ready for continuous growth.

"Business alchemy" signifies the art of turning commonplace business elements into something extraordinary and valuable, similar to historical alchemists attempting to convert base metals into precious gold. Within the business context, the term signifies the beautiful combination of strategic planning, innovation, and effective management to achieve exceptional outcomes. Much like alchemists aimed to create value from simplicity, "business alchemy" entails using intelligent and innovative practices for remarkable business results.

At Emipro, we embody this concept by playing the role of a modern-day alchemist for your business, handing over to you the power of ERP to engineer extraordinary operational shifts. Emipro isn't just another business; we're dedicated to a greater mission. Our driving force is to elevate business efficiency and readiness for substantial growth in an integrated system. This is where "business alchemy" becomes our instrument, igniting a wave of productivity and honing your operations through the strategic application of ERP.

By ERPfying your business, we give you the power to scale, grow, and adapt with resilience to smoothly deal with transformational challenges. We ensure that your business is equipped with a comprehensive ERP to automate your business operations and make ERP the central intelligence of your business - so that when you keep growing, you are becoming resilient to transformational challenges simultaneously.

Our services play the role of enabling, supporting, and uplifting businesses to reach their full potential. We envision a world where businesses empowered by us act as agents of progress for their connected channels, spreading productivity all the way along.

Our core values

The name of the company - Emipro is derived from “Eminent Professionals” & we are a value-driven organisation. Our values define who we are. Emipro represents a rich heritage of values where we continuously strive to shape our culture such that these values are consistently practised and nurtured. As guiding principles and torchbearers, our core values are the pillars of our business & its growth, shape our culture, and help our people to understand the difference between fair and unfair. Our values guide us on our day-to-day behaviours & actions, how we work with each other, how we pioneer the future of Emipro and its associates. The impact of our values reflects on the decisions we make, how effectively we are dealing with & providing respect to our people, our customers, and all of our stakeholders, the influence we leverage to our society and the global community. There are seven core values that accelerate our business and on which, individually and collectively, we are committed to integrating these values into our day-to-day professional life.


Change is inevitable & eternal. In the times where change is a way of life, sustaining our core values is fundamental for us, and we shall learn & adapt to leverage the best possible output without compromising our core identity. This approach will strengthen us to turn a setback into a learning opportunity and a failure into a success. The attitude of being flexible with the changing factors and getting adapted to the new circumstances will help us maintain effectiveness in such VUCA times.


We firmly believe that our growth is a byproduct of our every associate's growth. We will be fair, honest, transparent, and ethical in our conduct and actions, in our decisions while dealing with our employees, customers, or any other stakeholders. We will always focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others and treating others with the highest respect.


While dealing with our employees and customers, we are fully committed to consistently delivering on their expectations, go the extra mile to get the job done, deliver 100% in all that we are committed to doing, and approach everything with a “can-do” spirit. We shall do what we say & are committed to continuously improve ourselves, by being accountable for our actions & adding value to all of our stakeholders.


A drive that is more from inside than outside. Excellence is a journey of continuous improvement & not giving up on anything. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”. We empower businesses to deliver their own objectives. In terms of providing services to our customers, we believe in delivering beyond what is committed. We constantly look to improve ourselves and our service, cultivating our knowledge, skill, and attitudes to achieve excellence in whatever we do. We understand the impact of our services on the global economy and the growth of our customer's businesses. We strive to be thought leaders in delivering commitments to our customers to provide solutions with a vision and continual growth of their business.


It is said that 'If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.' We understand that having passion in our day-to-day work is an important factor for our bright future. We love what we do and do what we love. We will work tirelessly to unite the efforts of delivering our commitments. Whatever work we undertake will be completed with passion, and we will never settle until we obtain it into the form of what we have promised at the beginning.


We want to go very far rather, very fast. Hence, we will always dare to dream big and expand our horizons. For the well-being and a bigger & better future for our company and its stakeholders, we will break out of our bubble of self-imposed limits. In our thinking and our actions, we will always think in a full range of possible win-win situations for each of our stakeholders. We will make sure that we understand the impact of emerging technology and ever-changing customer demands, and into that context, we will think with futuristic vision rather than assume that our current assumptions are always right. We will always think about the long term and not sacrifice long-term values for short-term results.


Though we may work in different areas, we share a common purpose. Unity is harmony within and among individuals in the group. We firmly believe that though we may be able to achieve success individually up to a certain level, a united team with a common purpose shall provide sustenance, strength and courage to make the impossible, possible. A joint venture of determination, commitment, unity, and mutual respect makes the biggest task seem easy. We will invest in our people, build a win-win culture, enable continuous learning and empowerment programs for them, and build caring and collaborative relationships based on trust and mutual respect to achieve the organisational mission. Whether there is a time of success or difficult challenges in the business, we will collectively form a ‘unit’ that operates for the greater good of an Emipro's mission, vision, strategy and purpose.