Why Should you integrate your Amazon Seller central account with Odoo?

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Why Should you integrate your Amazon Seller central account with Odoo?
Emipro Technologies Private Limited, Hiren Vora

If you are a seller on the Amazon, and having seller central account at there, you will have access of its backend operations. At there you can publish your product, update the inventory, see the payment reports and much more things. Still, do you ever think to integrate your Amazon Seller central account with any of vast ERP systems like Odoo? I know you will think like why should I think of integration, whereas I can manage everything very well from Seller Central account admin panel itself. Also, I know very well that selling online on Amazon is an easy and effective way to reach out to millions of potential buyers. Whether you have to sell a little or sell a lot, Amazon provides you the required tools and experience to sell online successfully. Let me write here some of the logical and significant reasons which might make you wise enough to think in that direction.

Forecast your stock in better ways with the integration

Today, most people having their online sales on multi channels like Magento, Ebay or if you belong to Europe, then other small marketplaces. In that situation, you have to order the replenishment stock all at once from your vendor. In the case of Amazon is not integrated with Odoo, how will you forecast your stock for it? Of course it is not making any sense to order a specific list of stocks to your vendor for Amazon products only. So in order for replenishment and forecasting for the stock of all channels there will need of integration of Amazon seller central with Odoo.

At Emipro, our most of  European customers are not only selling only on Amazon but, they are having online presence over Rakuten and Ebay too. Also, most of them having their own sales on Magento. So we always consult them to integrate Amazon with Odoo for better management of Stock forecasting. With seamless integration between 2 systems will eliminate the ‘Out of stock’ scenario by update inventory to Amazon from Odoo automatically on a regular basis. 

Automise the acknowledgement to TPW vendor from Odoo

At Emipro, the few of our European customers are not having their own warehouse. They use the services of Third Party Logistics (3PL) vendors. Of course European countries are very small in area so they can’t afford separate large warehouses specially for Small and medium business enterprises. Not only TPW services, but some of them are using fulfillment services of Amazon too. So in this kind of situation, where stock is under managed by 3rd party vendor and operations are being managed inside Amazon seller account, it is being very much difficult by the seller for the acknowledgement of shipments, carrier updates, delivery orders, inventory from Seller account to their system via manual file exchange. Any mistake or any delay can cause huge loss in terms of time, money, seller rankings or customer review on Amazon. So better way to handle all the TPW operations from Odoo rather than manual updates to TPW

One of our customers was managing everything from Excel file exchange between Amazon and TPW. He has kept himself very busy in this manual process which can be done within the Odoo. He was the producer of headache and frustration for himself! I still remember that moment when, after the smooth automation of TPW operations and Amazon seller account with Odoo from us, the customer has spoken only one word to me,

“Hiren, where were you have been till this date ??” 

I said, 

“I was here only but you may caught in wrong solution providers till this date. Haha!” 

Our Connector for Fulfillment by Amazon ensures that your inventory is always managed smoothly, even when some or all of your stock is managed via TPW. Someday I would like to write about what can happen if you caught in the hands of wrong solution providers for the critical solutions kind of Odoo Amazon integrations. 

Better manage your Accounting by seamless Integration between Odoo and Amazon 

Who will be interested to nail down their profitability? Are you? You will say I am mad or what? Of course, no one would be interested. So my question to you is how you measure your profitability? From the profit and loss statement no? So how it would be like if all your amazon settlement reports automatically gets synchronized with Odoo? Even more, with Amazon integrated with Odoo,  if  any european seller registered with PAN-EU, then taxes in your accounting  will be managed based on fulfillment center of the Amazon.

Though I am not a pure accounting guy, but at least I know that statement reconciliation is a very challenging task. By integrating Amazon settlement statement with Odoo, it will automatically reconcile each statement line with proper accounts configured in a Settlement report journal which can be set in Amazon Instance at Odoo. Double-checking your Amazon financial figures are always one of the most common accounting practices because of the headaches that incorrect bookkeeping can cause you. But proper configuration in Odoo, will lead to auto reconcile your whole Amazon settlement statement even without your single interruption. What else anyone can expect from Odoo? After all cumulative accounting reports will give you clear idea of a profitability. That can be done by inside Odoo only because it will have the accounting data from other sales channels too. Here I would like to mention that, not only in auto reconciliation, but the integration of Amazon with Odoo can benefit you by auto invoicing and send Amazon invoices to your customer automatically via email, Allow you to create reimbursement invoices to Amazon from Payment report and much more.

Improve Customer services by processing your Amazon order quickly from Odoo 

Just imagine that you are using Odoo for your other sales channels and managing Amazon seller operations separately without Odoo. First of all, you have to update the status of your Amazon orders separately each time when there is some updates/shipments being performed. Also, your employee needs to do data entry at 2 different systems. Multiple platforms have their own way of getting data from end users. When the end user has to enter the data for 2 or more platforms, chance of errors will be increased. Manual practices such as hand-keying amazon sale orders and specially it is a pain to update product information in excel then uploading to Amazon. 

Relying on decimating inventory across your systems by hand, or not being able to do it all, can cause you to oversell. When these processes aren’t automated, it’s easy to make mistakes. Delivery addresses may be entered wrong. Incorrect inventory levels can lead to overselling. Product information could be incomplete, incorrect, or missing. By seamless integration of Amazon Orders with Odoo, once you update your shipment and carrier related information at Odoo, the system will automatically update the status at Amazon. Products and pricing can be managed from one place, allowing you to have accurate and consistent product information from Odoo. 

Recently, one of our customers, with whom we were working in Magento eCommerce and Odoo since last half year, has asked me for the demo of our Odoo FBA connector module. With our popularity over the internet for Amazon Odoo integration solution, he has found the link for our module. I was not aware that he is having very huge sales on Amazon and he was not aware about the potential of Odoo or any possibility that Amazon is providing any kind of API for integration. His biggest headache was to manage Amazon Orders separately one by one everyday even though he was using Odoo.  To manage sales on Amazon has become a big problem for him because he was not able to focus on the core business rather than being busy in management of Amazon Orders manually. 

Now, after implementation of our solution, the management of Orders became so smooth. He is now able to manage his 4 seller accounts with 5 different Amazon marketplaces in the same Odoo instance. So all the orders are regularly getting integrated with Odoo and he can further manage the shipping labels and integration with other carrier partners like USPX, FedEx from Odoo itself. The customer has spoken only one line to me, “Hiren, This solution was  just one inch away from me and I was finding this at whole universe!” I said, “Calm down my dear, it happens sometimes! Just imagine, what would happen if you were not able to find right solution?”

 Amazon FBA - “You sell it, Amazon will Ship it. Odoo’ll Manage it.”

Aha! Before 3 years ago I got a query from a customer, 

“Do you have Amazon integration with OpenERP ?” ( At that time Odoo was OpenERP) 

I replied, 

“Yes Sir! We have complete integration solution with Amazon from OpenERP.” 

He asked, 

“Do you have FBA solution ready ?” 

I said, “Sorry Sir, What is FBA ?” 

He left immediately the conversation and ran away.

Haha, this is not a joke, but real case that happened to me. I remembered that customer when last year I shown demonstration of this amazing product on the event Odoo experience in Belgium. Amazon is itself so vast that it is not possible to reach every company to integrate all the operations with not only Odoo but any ERP system. However, normal merchant operations may easy to integrate but FBA, “NO WAY”.  For that any company needs so much expertise in functional side as well as on all the Amazon FBA APIs.  

With our Amazon FBA - Odoo connector module, you can manage Amazon's FBA service features in Odoo. Moreover, this module can automate most of your FBA processes into Odoo without any kind of end user interaction and make you hassle free.  You can manage FBA orders, Inbound shipments,  FBA customer returns, Multi channel outbound orders in Odoo with no fuss. Amazon FBA will manage every shipping related operations for you and give you services exactly as what third party warehouses will provide you. So the only thing you have to manage now is to update the data in Odoo at the proper manner so integration with Amazon will automatic and seamless. That is why we have extended the tagline of Amazon FBA from “You sell it,  Amazon will ship it!” to “You sell it, Amazon will ship it, Odoo will manage it!”. I bet you, you can’t make me wrong in that. 

I will conclude this blog with one of the amazing feedback we have gotten from one of our customers who manage his 3 amazon seller accounts with 5 instances for Europe, UK and US in the single Odoo instance. Having average 500 Orders per day from all the instances, he is using our module since 1 year. below is the kind of words of trust, inspires us to enhance this amazing Odoo-Amazon integration module better and better each day. 

We are working with Emipro since month of August 2015 and I am really impressed by their professionalism and commitment to our Odoo project. Specially they helped me to move my whole Amazon Sales including Amazon FBA to Odoo sucessfully. I have worked with quite some companies from abroad already, but Emipro is definitely one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. They have got very good knowledge of all e-commerce related business processes and always know a solution for each and every problem we are facing in our current business process. But what I like most about them is that they are really thinking from our business perspective. They are looking with a critical eye at each customization we are requesting and are trying to understand the purpose behind it. Often they come up with a very easy solution which did not even require any customization at all. They know Odoo very well and that helps a lot! Emipro is a young committed team with an awesome attitude! They already became a very valuable source for our business and I can recommend them to everyone who wants to integrate Odoo for their Amazon business."

-- Jonas Tank, CEO, Ecom Brands GmbH, Germany

I will look forward for your valuable comments. Soon I will be back with another interesting topic. Till then, Hakuna Matata!

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