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It is fact that whether in a small business or in big corporate, even though they have many assets, their true assets are their employees, honest, dedicated, and hard-working  ( and it's also the fact that those employees are really rare to find! ). Though any company never expects their employee to work like bee in hive, but do expect more or less kind of dedication like them, because based on that, the company can sight their future goal and workout plan those to achieve it. Let's have another one,

First, you need to win workplace, than you can win marketplace

Those are really nice to read, and shows the importance of employee in the company. And we believe that you might agree with those as well. But here our main concern is how to get best out of the guys which are working in a company. This seems very general and base issue for any company to address, also there are many ways to sort out this problem as well, like giving more salary, more facility or more freedom to do their work.But those should only be done after evaluating them via some kind of conversations, where employee can give/discuss/explain their views for their current working scenario and make a little space, to make it a better place.

Then it's management's turn, to use those details and help-out/encourage them and upgrade their performance level, and today we are going to discuss on the importance of appraisal, how we can use it go sort out things related to performance of the employee.

Appraisal, as in general term, is kind of one form, in which employee fills out details or seniors put details of their juniors, mostly related to their behaviors, performance, approach etc. and submit to higher authority. While it's better that this should not be only used for evaluating purpose of any person, but using this information, helping out employee and train them (or help them out) to improve their performance in their related field of the company.Let's discuss some of the aspects of of it and how it helps employee.

What is appraisal ?

It's all about evaluation, understanding one's strength and scope of improvement. Generally, in self evaluation, it is expected that the employee gives all the details with a positive approach, and not an extravagant detail of themselves. And the same applies while evaluating others. Employees, based on their daily working life and experience, give suggestions to make working place a better one, which help them to improve their performance.While on management part, they are the one, who listen/go-through all the things, and after getting all the details, can take best possible decisions, which proves beneficial for their company. Where number of employees are less, it becomes an easy process to have communication with each one, get review and measure performances.Where-else number of employees are very high, in such case, better hierarchy should be maintained and in such, appraisal has to be collected in the form of written communication, especially on Questions & Answers.

Why (Do) we need it ?

Yes, Certainly. Like mentioned before, there has to be one communication medium between employee and management, otherwise there will be stereotyped work for all the peoples working into the company, and that is very dangerous for any company! Because without evaluation company cannot encourage right person to enhance their work to the next level.So here we need to see appraisal not only in a way to transfer information from one end to another, we need to see that how companies can use it to help out employee to raise their work efforts. Moreover, based on such evaluation data of employees, it can help companies to plan their goal for the future, set targets for each one, and help distinguish employee for different pay structure also! (This point is also quite important as well).

Ask Right Questions

It's not possible to have different questions for each individual, otherwise, there will not be any end of that questionnaire, and it will be near to impossible to evaluate employee as it will take a lot's of time to get answer of those. So in such case, it's preferable to have general questions for each job position. Before preparing such list, it's important to go through all possible aspects which relates employee directly or indirectly. Starting for their own time management to customer feedback, from their cell phone use in company to handle company's property as well.As it is said that asking the right question is an art, and based on that answer, you can have more than expected details. Like if asking for next year's sales prediction compare to previous years, we can get potential of sales for that particular person, based on his/her answer. Things like these does matters for management aspect, as they can extract such details from those information, and plan ahead for their company.

Reaching out to employee

Things are becoming tough to accept that company and employees are not either communicating or connecting emotionally! In large scale, this is a bit more to expect from either party, but in small scale, this is preferable. Because after doing an evaluation of an employee, it's required to encourage them to perform better, set realistic goals for them and help them out to achieve those, because every company prefers their workers/employee to help out their colleague and not having such approach for passing the buck to others! And at the time of doing appraisal, the approach should be critical and not negative, this has to be distinguished, because then only improvement can be visible to end person.

Managerial aspect of it

Report. Managerial part depends on this one word! Because they are the person or group of persons, who are supposed to take decisions, and obviously, they take decisions based on reports, which they have. Here, it is expected that in the appraisal, should contain a choice of answers. Because then it will become very easy to form those in computer format, and generate different kind of reports. Which in the end helps them to take decisions accordingly in right time.

As this famous quote said "I never fire my employee, because I spent a lot on their training, why should I allow others to buy his experience ?", appraisal, used smartly and with the right intent, can sort out many internal hurdles of company and help out to get more out of their employees.

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