How Emipro Helped Payless Decor Improve Stock Management, Resource Utilization, and Customer Interactions
Posted on 14 April, 2023

Company: Payless Decor
location: United States
Industry: Curtain and Textile
Services Offered: Odoo Consultancy, Implementation, Sales Channels Integration, Customization
Hosting & Edition: On-site Enterprise
Implementation Timeline: 4 months

Payless Decor is among the budding companies in the textile and home décor sector. Their high-quality products have helped them expand their business efficiently. However, they face difficulties handling business operations with more customers and product orders.

The company also faced problems regarding stock management, order management, and maximizing resource usage. Moreover, they struggled to offer a convenient web interface to customers. Payless Decor realized the need for technical assistance to enhance operations.

This is where Emipro stepped in to help. They provided a better user interface and advanced stock management mechanism, improving Payless Decor’s operations.

Meet the Client: Payless Decor

Payless Décor is a home décor company primarily selling window curtains, blinds, and shades. They have been providing their customers with exquisite products which are durable and have an affordable price tag. Serving customers since 2002, their main office is located in Atlanta, USA.

Their team includes expert designers and craftsmen who develop premium products for the customers' homes or offices. Moreover, they have a vast product catalog comprising bamboo shades, roller shades, wood blinds, and vertical blinds.

Payless Decor's main intention is to offer customized products that complement any interior space and enhance its beauty. Their window treatment services are crafted keeping the customer in mind.

Currently, they provide online and in-store shopping facilities for all categories of customers.

Challenges: They needed a system to guide the personnel to reduce fabric wastage, and update stock on all channels

Payless Décor lacked proper systems for updating the stock and integrating orders from various sales channels. Moreover, they could not reduce fabric wastage while preparing products according to customer requests/orders. It led to financial and resource losses.

The lack of a feature-rich user interface on the official website also prevented customers from browsing through products easily.

Poor User Interface and Inconvenient Product Pages

Payless Decor sells and prepares curtains by cutting them from a role of a specific fabric. They prepare the products as per instructions, and the user gives the dimensions. However, with an inconvenient website lacking proper customization options, it was difficult.

The company had a Magento website without proper product viewing facilities for customers. There were no swatches or thumbnails for customers to view the product types and materials used.

So, customers could not select their preferred curtains and shades, leading to immense dissatisfaction.

Fabric Wastage While Product Development and Order Customization

Payless Decor’s primary challenge was fabric wastage while developing a curtain from a fabric roll. For instance, a roll of curtain fabric has dimensions 12 x 12. Then, the company receives orders of dimensions 7 x 6, 6 x 5, and 9 x 10.

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Product developers and craftsmen at Payless Decor struggled with handling such orders. This is because all orders will have different consequences. Simply speaking, the order 7 x 6 will have significant fabric wastage due to the large difference from the 12 x 12 dimensions.

Further, the order 6 x 5 will have the most fabric wastage as its difference from 12 x 12 is the largest. Similarly, the last order, 9 x 10, will have the best fabric usage and least wastage.

The problem was a lack of a proper mechanism to select the most suitable order to control fabric wastage and reduce losses.

Inefficient Sales Integration and Stock Management

Payless Décor sells its products through 11 sales channels. These include two Magento websites, Payless Décor and Merchant Blinds. Also, there is one Shopify site called Arlo Blinds. The other eight channels include Amazon Vendor Central, Walmart, CommerceHub, and Overstock.

However, handling the sales and orders was difficult for Payless Décor without integrating these channels. As a result, their sales processes were slowing down.

The next complication Payless Décor needed to handle was stock management. They sold configurable products via their Magento website, which had customization options. However, altering products as per customer requirements in multiple ways led to fabric wastage and increased product costs.

Without a systematic solution to make alterations, workers could not lower expenses but spent a lot of time and effort. Further, while altering products, they lost track of stock, which caused problems when exporting goods to users.

Solutions: How Emipro Resolved Payless Decor’s Dilemma Through Odoo Integration and 'Fabric Minimal Wastage' Mechanism

Emipro carefully analyzed the problems Payless Décor was facing. Then, 

they began working on a better sales integration and stock management system to streamline all operations.

A User-Friendly Web Interface for Product Viewing and Selection

Emipro enhanced Payless Décor’s official site by adding swatches on the product and category pages. They added convenient options for the customers to view products –

  • Select inside or outside mounting
  • Select width and height
  • Reverse Roll
  • Room Label
  • Choose color
  • Choose controls
  • Hem Bar

So, customers can now utilize various options to determine the ideal product for their home or office. The color swatches and custom options also enabled customers to find products on the category pages faster.

Fabric Best Optimal Usage Algorithm to Tackle Wastage

The team at Emipro developed a mechanism called 'Fabric Minimal Wastage' to help warehouse professionals cut the fabric roll systematically to cut down wastage. It is made possible by modifying the customer’s end when they place orders.

A front-end validation was added to limit the dimensions (length and height) a customer can enter. So, at the back end, the admin can decide the dimensions to tackle fabric wastage.

For instance, for a 12 X 12 roll, the customer can’t enter dimensions lower than 7 X 7. The setting will help decrease the difference between the maximum dimensions (12 x 12) and an entered value. However, the mechanism works at the back end without the customer’s knowledge.

Moreover, additional settings were included for the customer. These included accessories like a hanging bar, control string, and fabric selection.

Odoo Sales Integration and Stock Management Assistance

To improve sales integration, Emipro used integration connectors to handle orders from all sales channels. They integrated all the orders into Odoo and exported them to Shipwork. This platform handled shipping details like tracking ID and shipment data efficiently.

The data is then imported to Odoo, and from there, it is sent to the specific sales channel’s order. The order management of all channels was handled by Odoo through Shipwork.

Also, the team performed ERP implementation for multiple channels. As Payless Decor and Merchant Blinds sold configurable products, these platforms' inventory was centrally managed. Emipro ensured that the inventory management was streamlined.

In addition, Emipro addressed the stock management problem using the Fabric Minimal Wastage algorithm. The system handled the stock information when the stock data was exported from Odoo to Magento.

So, keeping track of stock was convenient, and Payless Décor received accurate order completion data from their warehouses.

Impact: Payless Decor Saved Time, Resources, and Efforts While Improving Order Management

Payless Décor improved its sales channel integration, stock management, and resource maximization with Emipro’s assistance. Utilizing the Fabric Minimal Wastage system, they enhanced product development processes, reduced wastage, and handled stock efficiently.

The salient factors that led to Payless Décor’s business development are –

  • User-friendly interface – Swatches on the category and product pages enabled visitors to navigate the website easily. It boosted conversions and helped customers select products conveniently. Filters made finding products simpler and increased user satisfaction.
  • Reduced fabric wastage –Payless Décor successfully controlled fabric wastage with Emipro’s assistance. The Fabric Minimal Wastage feature helped them cut fabric methodically and save resources. Further, they offered dimension limits to users to streamline the process.  
  • Channel integration – By consolidating sales channels orders properly, their professionals could enhance delivery rates. Handling and tracking orders from different channels was improved by Odoo integration. So, Payless Décor saved time on multiple business operations like sales and inventory management.

All these changes resulted in better customer service and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, improved stock and inventory management boosted warehouse worker efficiency.

Thus, Payless Décor enhanced its brand value and cut down on additional operational overheads. Emipro’s services elevated their business processes and revenue.

Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. April 14, 2023