SEO Suite Free SEO extension for Magento 2

SEO suite – The most powerful SEO extension for Magento 2 helps you automate all the nitty gritty aspects of your Magento store. Solve duplicate content issues, manage dynamic templates, improve site indexation rate and even build powerful internal links with just a click. SEO suite is like your own personal SEO specialist bot ready to bring more traffic!

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Powerful SEO Dashboard

Seo Suite for Magento 2 offers a powerful Dashboard which gives you a bird eye view of all the enhancements and settings available in the extension. SEO comprises of many bits and pieces, as a store owner you might not be able to fix all if they are scattered. An SEO dashboard in form of a checklist comes to the rescue and helps you identify options are configured correctly and which needs to be fixed.

Advanced SEO templates

Having relevant meta data can sky rocket your CTR in search engines. It is practically impossible for eCommerce businesses to fill in relevant meta information for every product manually. Enter Advanced SEO templates, it can help you make dynamic templates for products, categories and layered navigation pages. You can use product name, price, category name and others as attributes in dynamic template. This will make your metadata relevant and keyword rich. On-Page elements you can use to make using dynamic templates are:

Meta title, description and keywords

Product Description, Category Description

Additional description for SEO

Page title

Image ALT tags

Custom Robots.txt Editor and Meta Robots (Crawling options)

SEO suite Pro comes with an in-built robots.txt editor, you will no longer have to hassle with downloading, editing and uploading the robots.txt. To make changes to your robots.txt file, type right into the Magento interface and hit the save button. That’s it! Your file is updated.

This extension also comes with advanced options for setting meta robots header. Restrict crawlers indexing certain pages which contains private or irrelevant information. You can provide a specific path or with wild cards to apply robots meta header or exclude a page using the same. You have full flexibility to configure it.

Canonical Tags for Duplicate Pages

There are various instances where Magento creates multiple pages for the same products. This creates issues of duplicate content and search engines are not really fond of it, they might omit it or index the page which you never wanted to. Instead of letting search engines do the guesswork, apply canonical tags pointing towards the original source. This extension helps you apply canonical tags for product and category pages. You can also take it a step further by applying canonical tags to the bundle and configurable products.

Powerful internal links

Internal links are useful for establishing site architecture and pass on the link juice. It also helps the site navigation making it smooth. While it is practically impossible to link 1000’s of products in eCommerce manually, our powerful internal link feature helps you bid links to the keywords you want. You have full flexibility to display those links at 1 place or 100 places. Want to build links for 100’s of keywords? We got you covered. You can even import links with the keywords pointing to their specific URL’s.

SEO information rewrite

SEO information rewrite is a powerful tool which helps you rewrite the current SEO values on specific pages or for a group of pages. Let’s say you have applied SEO information with templates or with manual configuration and now you want to change one of the page, SEO information rewrite helps you do it. It will also help you apply templates on non-product and non-category pages like brands, specify the bran path with a wildcard and all the brand pages will be applied with dynamic templates.

Add rel=next/prev tag

Canonical tag for cross domain

Image ALT tag

Advanced Meta data

Twitter cards

Facebook Opengraph Tags

Extended Rich snippets

SEO friendly URL

Advanced Breadcrumb

Business Structured Data

Advanced XML Sitemap

Adwords and Analytics integration

Hreflang tag

Check Missing Meta data

Bulk URL rewrite

Multiple Store Support

Very helpful SEO Toolkit

I previously had such extension from other competitor but found this one really effective. They offer free installation and helped me configure the extension quickly with no errors in webmaster tool or dropped positions. It proves to be a time-saving module and I don't have to do operations manually now. They provide fast support (I just had few questions) and it is just working as desired in our site!

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