Odoo Training

Odoo is a vast system that sometimes end-user doesn’t know where to go and what to configure to get the desired result. Well trained employees are more apt to solve issues quickly, without disrupting the rest of the workplace, effectively saving time and money. Today in this corporate era, organizations are seeking for the ways to train their personnel at immense level and even that too by saving time & the expense of travel. When you've invested in new technologies, even a small amount of training could dramatically improve your staff's productivity.

Our dynamic Training Courses

Wide range of training programs according to your need


Availability : Online / Onsite

Duration : 7 Days

Highlights :

  • Exploring Odoo with its installation and configuration
  • Understanding Odoo Framework, Data Models and APIs
  • Managing views, sequences and workflows
  • Implementation of Odoo security
  • Odoo Reporting and internationalization


Availability : Online

Duration : 2 Days

Highlights :

  • Exploring Odoo website with its structure, URLs and routing
  • Integration between website modules and other Odoo modules
  • Development website modules with CMS, Snippets and Themes
  • Techniques for Website SEO and Analytics
  • Various tools and payment gateway Integration


Availability : Online / Onsite

Duration : 7 Days

Highlights :

  • Sales funnel with leads and opportunity management
  • Configuration of Sales Team, Customers, Suppliers and Products
  • Sales and Purchase coupling with multi company environment
  • Stock flow in Warehouses according to Sales and Purchases
  • Dashboards and Reports for Analysis and printing


Availability : Online

Duration : 5 Days

Highlights :

  • Configuration and explore of COA in Odoo
  • Invoicing, payments and monitoring of customers and suppliers
  • Manage Accounts, Taxes and Fiscal Positions for Multi Company
  • Managing bank accounts, bank and cash statements
  • BI Reports for Financial and Analytic Analysis


Availability : Online / Onsite

Duration : 3 Days

Highlights :

  • Configure Odoo Manufacturing basis and BoM
  • Advance Manufacturing with work centers, operations and routes
  • Odoo automation using procurements and Just In Time techniques
  • Manage scraps, repairs and by-products with their billing process
  • Manufacturing reports and statistics for Production Analysis


Availability : Online

Duration : 3 Days

Highlights :

  • Explore Odoo Project with Analytics, Tasks and Timesheets
  • Working time allocation and evaluation with Tasks and Delegation
  • Managing contracts, Timesheets and Invoicing
  • Tracking all Communications, customer interactions and Issues
  • Dashboards and Reports for Tasks, Issues and Projects performance

They expanded their knowledge with us

Odoo functional training

Our functional Odoo training is unrivaled. We provide functional training of Odoo for all the roles in your business, be it production, marketing and sales, logistics, customer relations, etc. Functional training of Odoo is important to make the most out of your Odoo implementation and understand the advanced features in detail. With our functional training you will become a power user of Odoo with advanced knowledge of each function. Our functional training of Odoo is aimed at reducing the time spent on operations and individual learning.

Functional Training Benefits

  In helping the technical staff by testing the behaviour of Odoo

To understand the functional concepts of Odoo

To offer the valuable suggestions to enhance the productivity of an organization

In documenting the system settings and preparing the proper guidelines that allow other Odoo consultants to do further changes or repair the problems with minimum efforts

In performing a GAP Analysis and necessary changes through the front-end Odoo GUI

In understanding complex Odoo configurations & generate test scripts for testing the configured scenarios

In understanding, whether Odoo system is usable and to completely implement all the business flows correctly

To coordinate with other Odoo consultants for integration requirements with third party applications.

Technical Training Benefits :

Be an ERP backend administrator to control & manage ERP for your company

Be sufficient enough to solve bugs on non certified Odoo modules

Install Odoo successfully and administer it with all required packages and modules

Use/call Odoo API in order to integrate 3rd party systems

Be well familier in Odoo ORM methods & it's file structure

Install community/non certified Odoo modules successfully

Be proficient enough to create your own custom module

Create/Extend business reports in Qweb/RML as per your need

Be proficient enough to create your custom screens through Odoo Front end

Create model, views, actions, wizards and other important administrative tasks

Customise existing screens/workflows of Odoo

Configure access rules and access rights as per your need

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