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About Magento2

Magento 2 is here, making everyone look forward to new challenges. For lakhs of store-owners it is an excitement, instantly followed by confusion: Whether we should migrate our site or not? Well, it's quite obvious that you face this uncertainty. But in fact, the world is leaning towards an assertive answer - definitely Yes! Magento community will be ceasing support to Magento1 from Nov-2018 which may open up your site for vulnerabilities and security threats.

"Magento 2 stores will grow rapidly within the next year as Magento 1 will be slowly phased out" - this is how experts have visualized the future scenario. There is a long list of features that has been gifted by Magento 2 with a drastic improvement in the performance. For the store owners, admin panel interface has been made quite simple and easy to manage without technical knowledge. Magento 2 will run about 20% faster than Magento1. Built-in Full Page Cache makes pages load a lot faster, also making the site SEO-friendly in terms of page load time.

...and what not! The Magento community has excellently designed the new platform to wow your shoppers. There is no scope left to debate that you must shift to Magento2 as quick as possible, in order not to miss the effective features.

Why Migration?

Improved performance & scalability

Few conventional things have been transformed to CSS & LESS preprocessor & improved indexers. The built-in Full Page Cache vitalizes your Magento2 site and makes it load lightning fast. The streamlined Luma theme and simplified code structure add more to this benefit, appropriate for programmers, too.

Robust & user-friendly checkout process

It's onepage checkout now. Only that? No, there are many other improvements added to make the final purchase more enjoyable and facilitated. Certain payment gateways have been integrated and the email address and zip-code validation have been made stronger.

Power-packed In-built SEO features

XML sitemap advancements, Inbuilt rich snippets, editing Robots.txt from backend and lower page load time are the powerful SEO features wrapped in Magento2. The ability to add SEO templates makes Magento 2 the most powerful eCommerce platform out there in the market.

Improved backend for easy management

The admin panel design & structure have been drastically simplified, making it easy to manage even for non-technical store owners. Certain features have been added to make the management easy, which is not possible in previous version without overriding code.

The Migration Lifecycle

How can we help?

It all starts with transferring the things from your Magento1 site to Magento2 demo server. Migration of Theme, Extensions, Customizations and Data will be prolifically covered by our smart developers. After successful deployment of Magento2 live site, our duty doesn't come to an end. We will always stand with you as the super protectors of your site to solve any deficiencies and maintain your site.

Transferring your Websites, Stores and Store Views for one Magento instance.

Categories and Catalog Products that covers content, core attributes and such other settings.

Your valuable customer data, their orders, invoices and all other vital sales data.

All the valuable settings that you have saved in the core part, the configuration menu.

Tax settings and such other transactional data

Attributes, attribute sets and catalog URL rewrites

Customer reviews, tags and Google Sitemap

Catalog and shopping cart price rules

All the important Newsletter & CMS data

Currencies, user accounts and roles

Blocks of Migration Process

Data Migration

This will include all the information stored in your site, covering your database belonging to that Magento instance. All the important stuff like orders, customers, products, configuration settings will be beautifully transferred to your new site. This is the base stage where all the default data of Magento will be operated.

Extension Migration

First of all, we will check if that extension's functionality is covered by any default feature of Magento2 or not. If yes, then we prefer to use that default feature. If it does not, then you need to purchase the extension from that vendor. In case you are not satisfied anywhere in that search, we provide separate service to develop it to match your exact needs.

Customizations Migration

In case you have made any separate customizations in your site, and they are available in Magento2 by default, then we prefer to use the default feature. If not, we will customize it to carry forward to your new site.

Theme Migration

The theme is such a part that cannot be transferred directly. In this case, either you need to search at some other place for a new theme, or else note down your design requirements so that we can develop the best theme desired by you.

Thinking about migrating to Magento 2?

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