Traits which make you Efficiently good at work

Posted on 14 September, 2017

“Mumma, I was 100% more deserving than her, but I couldn’t achieve it because of my hard luck,” I said.

“Beta, just place your hand over your heart and analyse, is it just because of your Hard luck or you lacked a bit in efficient Hard work too?”These words by my mother dragged me in an ocean of deep thoughts. I finally realised that she is right. There were really many points which I skipped for one or the other reason(Well, more of excuses than a true genuine reason) which made me lose the opportunity I actually deserve! I definitely believe that destiny and hard work go hand in hand but, hard work is that stairs which can make us climb to the top floor if the lift called destiny is out of service! But is it really cool to have HARD WORK in the generation of “#HumTohHainLikeThis”?! Well, the answer to this is, we can make it cooler by doing it efficiently i.e. being intelligently lazy! How?! Here’s an example, if we have to chop a tree in 6 hours then sharpening the axe for the first 4 hours is efficiency!

Below are some traits observed in the most efficient personalities from different fields who are role models for many of us. Let’s steal these hacks from their life and make it a part of ours to achieve our goals faster and bigger;

#1 Always find a better way to do it

When told to switch off the TV and remote is quite far to our arm’s reach, we suddenly get very innovative and just with our toe we can drag the remote control towards ourself without giving much effort. This same theory should be adopted while we are at work. Some innovation that strengthens the result but lessens the efforts. It is just the mind which has to be used to do the things better with more efficient and productive result. If we think about the Swachh Bharat Yojana introduced by Shri Narendra Modi Ji and the swachh Sarvekshan Yojana wherein every year cities get awarded by the cleanest city of year, it is very efficiently innovative wherein people and the Municipal Corporation will take care at micro level itself to get awarded from government which somehow distributes the work and provides greater efficiency at central government level.

#2 Be Passionate for the profession

Sachin, God of cricket and even for many of us too. What is that which made him God for us? It is his passion towards cricket. He used to sleep with his cricket gear when he was young. Walt Disney who made our childhood cherishable with his cartoons were so passionate about his sketches that he was dropped out from his high school because he did not study in the classroom but use to do his sketches.  Modi Ji’s love for his country started from the young age. During his childhood, he served as a volunteer to the Indian army at the railway stations during the Indo- Pak war of 1965. He also helped the flood victims in Gujarat in 1967. This is how they achieve the position where no any normal human can even think to reach. We have to build our passion so high that with an efficient output the result is unachievable too by others. 

#3 What you wear, Matters!

Every morning we wake up digging out the best outfit from the pile of rags and end up with a common routine wear(not even formals sometimes). Today’s trend says wear whatever comforts you and with this cover of fashion and trend we opt for ripped pants, slim fit shirts, crop tops, printed biker pants and what not. The only thing we do not wear is simplicity and soberness. Dressing plays an important role because it is a window to our inner self.  People notice, and it influences their perception of you based on your dressing. Bosses, CEOs, Politicians, Leaders and every person at top are conscious about their outfits. Talking about Shri Narendra Modi Ji, he is extremely brand conscious and wears only designer kurta by Jade Blue. He wears creaseless outfits since his very early days. If we thought about steve jobs the paint picture happens in our mind is a man with Black turtle neck formal t-shirts and a sober blue denim pants. Well, now the question is how it affects our efficiency? It motivates other to follow you and your command, it becomes a brand element for you and it indirectly motivates your innerself and boost your confidence level.

#4 Don’t let anything stop you

Road to success can never be a smooth cakeway. But your passion and dedication decides whether you can reach your destination or not. Any person at apex of success have one or the other really big reason to drop their idea to reach there, but because they didn’t stop they have achieved the most expensive position. If our scooter gets out of fuel we start cursing god and our destiny and even take a decision to leave the job because for one day we really have to imply efforts to reach our destination. Did you know that Steve Jobs was fired from the Apple, a company which became an empire from the scratch just with the efforts given by him. But he never stopped, he continued towards his journey of success. The Harry Potter fame J.K. Rowling, a role model for many writers had really a tough time before her achievement. There was a time when she was jobless, penniless, divorced with a dependent girl child. But she fought the hardship and achieved the stardom at its best. Well, this is not it, Walt Disney was fired with a reason that he lacks creativity, Amitabh Bachchan was rejected for the post of RJ in AIR, Henry Ford had two big failure projects and got bankrupt five times, Oprah Winfrey a most successful TV show anchor was fired from her job of an anchor, the list can be two pages long. There’s a funny thing about these successful people, they find success in every corner.  “Anyone can succeed. It’s not that successful people are smarter or more advantaged, or even more educated. They are just the ones willing to go out there and do it.” a golden words which is worth understanding said by Steve Jobs.

#5 Choose to be a leader, not a follower

Being leader does not mean you can not work under anybody. In the hierarchy you may not be a manager and thus it is obvious you have to follow few instruction but beware you do not adopt an attitude “ it is not my work”. One should be always ready to initiate, take leads and strive for problem solving in any matter. One should be leader in their own self. Remember the Verma uncles with a cap, half pants and a waist pouch bag leading during our family picnics? People feel the pleasure of being leaders at every step, it is upto you when to grab the chance of being a true leader. A very outstanding quote by John Maxwell, a known writer motivates us towards a good leadership which says, “A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way!”

#6 Wake up early

Well one of the most difficult task for most of us but unfortunately to get something we always have to lose the other one. Waking up early, sitting on a couch(almost in a sleeping position), taking almost 1 hour in having a sip of tea and reading page 3 from the newspaper supplement is equally harmful as sleeping till late. Have you ever realised every inspiring personalities, leaders and CEO of companies have one trait in common and that is they wake up during the dawn of the day. Shri Narendra Modiji takes sleep of hardly 4 hours, still remains fresh and active throughout the day. He works for 20 hours a day. Ms. Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico India sleeps for 5 hours a day still manages to handle this giant called Pepsico. How can waking up at 6 AM or earlier make you efficiently productive? The answer is it gives an extra time which enable you to take over certain task which may distract you later. Also it avoids rushing through your doors every morning and galloping your breakfast which gives no nutrition. You can have few moves of exercise too which can stimulate few of your hormones making you active rest of the day.

#7 Have a spiritual inclination

Spirituality is all about self-awareness. It gives you strength, being on the path of spirituality does not prevent you from darkness but gives you an eternal strength to fight against it. It teaches you to use darkness as a tool to grow. Spirituality uplifts our morality too. The inclination towards spirituality make our thoughts very clear and stronger to achieve. Steve Jobs once had a visit to temple in india and even advised Mark Zuckerberg  to do the same when he was in dilemma to sell his company Facebook. Later based on his mentor’s advice Mark visited the pilgrimage place in India and had the future of Facebook more clearly laid out in front of him. Many of us are aware about Shri Narendra Modi Ji's ascetic life. It is that bent towards nature which has made him so selfless and dedicated to do something for his country India.

So these are some of the ways by which we can increase our efficiency and as Sir A.R.Rehman says, “ When you do something with lot of honesty, appetite and commitment, the input reflects the output.”

PS: Efficiency gives us more time to spend on becoming efficient!
Time to sign off, see you with some interesting personnel hacks soon!

Kosha Desai , HR Manager

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