Doing the best job is a part of your job!

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Doing the best job is a part of your job!
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I will consider to be a cracked head if I say I love my Job. The real way to make your job a cakewalk is you must love your job. Always ask yourself “If it is my last day of life, would I still do it?” and if you get an answer to be YES then just enjoy this smooth roller coaster called Job. If you do not love what you do, then wake up, move on, have a change, don’t settle, remember you are not a Tree. This does not mean a job hopping, this means to have a career hopping. Choose a career which can give you an immense pleasure. Once you find it out it becomes your Job to do that in the best way you can!

Just imagine, the above people do not take their job seriously and do not give the desired results. What will be our life up to? Laundryman will make our uniform a ripped one and construction worker will make our villa a hut! If we expect them to be best then why shouldn’t we? It is our duty to make the things perfect even if it is not at all good to do. Remember, we are being paid for it, as we pay to these people. A sad part is, most of us work to keep the job and not to do the job. 

A core fact of every human is that majority of the pie of our life cycle is occupied by our work-life. You study till you are 25 but you get to retire at 62. Even there are few who work until they are fit and fine. Thus why not justify this largest part of life by making it the most beautiful one?! I have listed some of the tactics below which will make it the best job and not just a job for you:

#1 Think Positive

You can either make your job a burden on you or you can take it as a privilege. Well, in today’s scenario every job holder underpasses through stress and anxiety due to competition and lifestyle. But if one can see the things positively then the job may bring jollity in their life. Positive thinking brings a life to your work and creates a happy attitude and approach towards work and as a result, it eradicates pitfalls of the job like stress and anxiety. Positive thinkers always have focused on what extra they can do and thus they are more confident and can achieve the work goals in the most accurate manner. A positive mind comes up with smarter strategies and smartest results.

#2 Be Organised

Keeping your desk, emails and tasks organised will help you to give your best in your job. Nowadays when there are multiple sources of communication like emails, skype, SMSs and WhatsApp text we might find it difficult to keep track of tasks assigned to us through different media. Also sometimes it happens that we get many emails at the same time and thus some of them are skipped by us unknowingly. For this, we should plan a routine for everything. We should have a habit to check our emails every half an hour so that you can accomplish your task in this gap of half an hour. You should use “Calendars” and “To-Dos” features that are available in your email portal. The next thing which should be highly managed by you is your desk. Messy desk leads you to error and confusion in your work. You should clean it and make it organised every day in order to make it a perfect place to work on.

#3 Say “NO” to multitasking

Nowadays it is a trend that we feel to be more modern and enthusiastic if we are involved in more than one task. We feel we are cool if we can talk on our mobile phone simultaneously we are eating our breakfast, watching a cricket match and giving a glance at the wall clock hanged. Well, just examine someday out of all these things, which was the perfect shot? You must have left your breakfast half eaten, your mobile phone with oil spots and would have left the TV switched on in the hurry. Same happens when you try to catch hold of various emails, office phone calls and surfing various websites at once at your workplace. Your concentration gets divided and ultimately your efficiency goes down. Thus it is advisable to avoid multitasking.

#4 Behave Pro-actively

What if your loved one(your parents or any of your relatives), brings an iPhone 7 plus Jet black with 128GB storage even before you ask for it? Can you just imagine your level of happiness and satisfaction of that moment? Similarly, your organisation sometimes need your proactive actions. They want to have things done before they ask you to do. And believe me, the satisfaction and happiness you and your organisation will experience will not be less than having an unexpected iPhone with the highest features.

#5 Take Initiatives

Most of us forget that we are not a toy who can only run if operated by a remote or a key. Normally we do not do anything new at our workplace. We act as if we are programmed robot. It makes our work style stereotypes and ultimately we end up with frustration. To make your job a loving one try to take initiatives and do something new every day. Here you should be ready to accept constructive criticism as it is not always possible that your out of the box idea is always welcomed by your management because of various limitations. This criticism should not be taken as failure instead you should learn out of it and try to take initiatives which your organisation cannot deny.

#6 Be a Mentor

To be a helping hand to the new employee in the organisation is one of the best goodwill you are forming in front of your boss and for your own personal satisfaction. It becomes a Win-Win situation when an experienced worker mentors a younger, inexperienced worker. To make the younger ones learn the ropes will not only polish your own knowledge but will also generate regards for you in the mind of the new employees.

#7 Research and Act

It is always advisable to have a thorough study of anything before you take up the task. It is something very necessary not because it gives you perfect outcome but it gives you the enthusiasm to give your best into the work and you can finish the task without any hurdles. Also, it helps in consuming less time to complete the assigned task. Once your task is over never do hurry in presenting it to your seniors. Make sure you have done perfect proofreading and plenty of legwork before you announce your task to be a complete one. Rehearsing before your meeting or presentation is quite helpful.

#8 Strive for perfection

Doing your routine job sometimes drag you towards not taking your task seriously and thus taking it for granted. You feel an overconfidence about the completion of the task and thus you tries to avoid it and delay it until it is possible. Because of this attitude, your task may get completed but with lots of goofs and mistakes. Thus as an employee, one should always strive to have a perfect work done with no or nominal loopholes possible. For this one can try a formula called “Early by 5 mins” wherein the task assigned should be completed prior 5 mins and that 5 mins must be utilised to eradicate the maximum mistakes possible.

#9 Empathise with your Employer

There are certain employees who pass years and years in the same organisation but never tries to know the ultimate goals of their employer. “The Boss” word itself makes us reluctant to know or even to think about having an empathy towards someone. But one should always make an effort to dig out by empathising with his/her supervisor that what exactly (s)he looks for from you. Understanding this will help you to give a satisfactory result and will definitely make your terms good with your seniors and supervisors. At a large, if we can understand company’s goal then and only we can contribute to its success which will, in turn, helps you to climb your stairs of success. Don’t have an attitude where only the employer is responsible for rewarding you, you should also try to reward him by taking his organisation one step ahead.

#10 Build your own relationship

Being a naturally social animal we strive for the positive relationship at work as we do for food and water. Thus having a good relationship at work makes you happier and more satisfied which will ultimately make your work better. Also cultivating good relationships helps you to communicate your idea with them more easily and you can be more innovative and creative as you can have a transparent discussion with the people around you.

Almost all of us, strive to be the best worker we can be, tries to prove ourselves to be a perfect employee and try to excel best at our jobs. It’s not necessarily about impressing the bosses and gaining a recognition, it’s more about having a sense of accomplishment for a job done and that too in the best way possible!

So it’s time to sign off and before that,

"Dreams do not work until you Do!" So start working today! Do the best, get the best!

See you soon with more informative personnel hacks.

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