Bollywood movies -  A true entertaining source of inspiration for an Employee

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Bollywood movies -  A true entertaining source of inspiration for an Employee
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A true Indian is one who is in deep love with Bollywood! Bollywood is a nickname for the giant entertainment hub- the Hindi cinema. Bollywood movies have a long exerted and extensive influence in the mind of each and every Indian. Let it be a walking style, talking style, hairstyle or clothing style. Everything has its roots in Bollywood. From late many decades, the charm and hold of Hindi cinemas on Indian population have not lessened even a micro percent, in fact, the graph of craze towards Bollywood is increasing in highest pace ever. Despite of unrealistic storylines, mindless violence, unreachable glamour there comes a genre of movie that really teaches us a lesson which can be implemented to our real life.

Movies can also be a part of your examination! You must be wondering how! Being an HR, I always ask candidate about his/her favourite movie, not only this but somehow it affects to the final selection of the candidate. Once while interviewing a candidate I asked about his favourite movies. He said his favourite movie is Dabangg which somehow given me an idea that he is aggressive. Well, we cannot be judgemental but yes, it affects a bit!

There are movies that shapes and engross real confidence awareness and a true essence of Indian value. Looking at this scenario, we can say that though our beloved employees take a leave to watch the latest movie of his/her favourite actor, but if we can explain him/her to extract a Good management lesson out that movie then his/her leave will definitely not affect the work! Employees spend more than half of his day time in the organisation so he really needs a break but if the break is so informative in form of movies then what can be best than that?

Here I am listing Top 5 movies and the management lessons from them as per my observation that can be helpful to everybody, be it a Director, employer, employee or anyone who is in the world of corporate:

Bhag Milkha Bhag

 A real life story of sportsman Milkha Singh have been depicted in the movie. We can take an enormous number of lessons from this movie like discipline can lead you to the path of success. Here every employee can learn that bosses cannot be a sweet dessert always but it should never affect your personal life and you should accept the tough boss who can ultimately lead you to the success. Also as a company, to excel and flourish challenges must be embraced. One of the major lesson from the movie that serves all the three level of management is one should keep complete calm under highest pressure. Instead one should have an absolute dedication and a clear goal to achieve in the worst situation. 


A movie that reflects the situation of an expatriate(employee migrated from one country to another for work) in a true sense. Here we can easily see how one is attached to his land and how an ambitious person too can shift his/her mind in the longing of his/her own people. As an employer, one should always see this factor on the top most row that money, promotions or incentives can not make human a machine. He will definitely crave to have his family his own people around him.  Thus let it be an inter state transfers, one shouldn’t be posted to other area than his own zone for more than a year.


Amitabh Bachchan and other multi starrer movie Aankhen is a real hit and a unique concept ever. Here Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Arjun Rampal acted blind men and Sushmita Sen trained them as per the instruction of the Amitabh Bachchan to have a bank robbery. This movie teaches us that if we have a real leader who can show the right way of doing things then No odds can stop you achieving the company’s goal. Also, a full-proof planning, team management, coordination are the other learnings of the movie.


A first of its kind movie released in the year of 2001, which has given us a lifetime lessons like how our determination and teamwork can lead to the miracles. This movie taught us that sometimes if management has a confidence level which is higher than it should be, then let the firm be extra ordinarily brilliant in the task can face failure against newly developed or developing competitors. On the other hand trust in the team, proper ground work, true dedication and real leadership can achieve the toughest goals and hard work pays it all. Also, we can take a lesson that in a scarce situation rather than discussing and highlighting the problems if we fight unitedly we can surely win the situation.

Rocket Singh- Salesman of the Year

There is no single moment in the movie which do not give us a management lesson. Starting from entrepreneurial skills to the trust building is major highlights of the movie. Here a point that every recruiter should learn is  qualification is not the only aspect to judge the efficiency of the candidate. And also we all should realise that every single employee has something unique in him/herself and we all should identify it. A unique lesson from the movie is company’s ethics comes in inheritance to their employees. If as the company we can compel them to bribe the client and close the order, one day he/she can also do a wrong thing without thinking with the company. 

We can have limitless lessons from all the Bollywood movies and along with dressing style and dialogues, we can also have a positive influence of these lessons in our corporate world.  And yes, at Emipro, likings/dislikings of our employees about movies matters us! 

Stay tuned for more articles highlighting the most important asset of the company- “Human!”

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