An awesome output which owes to a simple attitude

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An awesome output which owes to a simple attitude
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An Attitude is a little thing which makes a big Difference

- Winston Churchill

It was a bright sunny Wednesday, as per my routine, I was rushing towards my office on my Pink and Peppy Scooty Pep when I met with an accident which does not seem to be as serious at first sight as it was in real. A life changer incident for me where my left leg got so badly injured that I had to undergo surgeries just two months before my Wedding day. It was like somebody has spread a bottle of grey acrylic paint on my colourful canvas. I lost my 3 years old, highly obsessed and loved job because of my accident, I acquired a phobia of speed, my confidence decreased and reached beneath the level of Zero. I was having no other thing in my routine except physiotherapy and was having the list of medicines on my “Specials-Board” more in number than other delicacies. I was not able to find any good thing, not even a new job. I was in completely bad shape. 

Now, I have a decent job, great confidence, back to the pretty good speed of my scooty and enjoying quite a good health, thanks to few tiny pills. This transformation was not a magic that happened overnight. It is just the way of taking the things that have changed the entire scenario. I realised that I was taking into consideration only the half empty part of the glass but had forgotten to see the filled part of the glass. It was my attitude that made me a victim and not the situation. There are many who have lost their lives in fatal accidents, well I just had to undergo a surgery! Even the person responsible for the whole family does not get a job instead I got the one in just a few months after my recovery.

From the above incident, a precious take away is
 “The only thing which can make your condition better and even sometimes best is when you change your attitude, a mental look out about the matter."

It is indeed a tough job to get the attitude which can really play a role in your life, but there are 3 inevitable points which can surely help you enhance your attitude;

#Taking a positive view

To find a cluster of negative things out of any and extremely positive situation need nothing but just you be a human. But when it comes to finding a spot of positive thing out of just a minor negative situation needs your attitude! You need to develop that habit and attitude like Lord Rama in Ramayana had when was asked to leave the throne and reside in the forest for 14 years. Lord Rama took it as an opportunity to be with sages and away from the responsibilities which actually made him the God. The biggest enemy any of us can have is our negative thoughts. The reason that makes us feel down, most unlucky and a sufferer. If we get our control over negative thoughts and start looking for the greener pastures then our lives will be wonderful so would our health, relationships and surroundings.

Most of us can see the long hours of office, tiresome and pressurised work, rude bosses, uncomfortable congested desk with chairs having no roller and reclining facilities, not a corner seat, less or excess AC flow towards us and the list is so on and on. The word Complains have no full stop. But we forget to see the brighter part, a place that gives a chance to explore and enhance our knowledge, a place that gives us enormous chances to prove ourselves and that makes us independent, a place where we meet and can make so many life long friends. Thus taking a view from a positive angle can change your entire situation.

#Gratifying about what we have

Gratitude is the best attitude, which says many things in one single line. Thanking everyone and everything can make your life as tastier as dunkin donuts.If waking up at 8 and leaving at 8:40 from home on a hunky bike and reaching at 9 in the fully air-conditioned office, getting tea at your desk at 10 and relishing home-made food, get good sleep at night then believe me you have many things in your life for which you really need to show your gratitude. Not everybody is lucky to wake up in the morning, there are many who are all alone without any family or friends, there are even more who has to roam every morning in search of jobs and a penny to have bread and butter of the day. 

Developing an attitude of gratitude will surely give you a sense of abundance and thus achieving the goals will get easier and certainly, you will find yourself to be the most fortunate one because you will be grateful for your life and your actions.

#Remaining down to earth

“Attitude” a very common phrase, certainly used by most(all) of us to describe the most arrogant human being be it a colleague, classmate, relative or just a stranger, in our surrounding. We usually don’t like someone who possesses an attitude which reflects superiority. Thus maintaining your modesty becomes a vital part to enhance your attitude. It makes your attitude an attitude to adore and not the one to talk behind your back. Being down-to-earth also suggests a simple life, in spite of affordability if one buys a cosy small peaceful house instead of a huge mansion. This makes one’s need reduced which ultimately gives you peace of mind and satisfaction.

I am sure these points will make your life even more beautiful!
Stay Tuned!
See you Soon!

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