Amazon Advantage Odoo Connector

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Amazon Advantage Odoo Connector
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What is Amazon Advantage?

Amazon Advantage is a consignment-based program that allows publishers, manufacturers, and distributors to sell their books, music, and videos directly through Amazon. Sellers pay an annual fee and send their inventory to Amazon's warehouses. When a customer purchases their product, Amazon handles fulfillment, customer service, and inventory management. The program provides a platform for sellers to reach a wide customer base, benefit from Amazon's marketing and recommendation features, and have their products listed alongside other items on Amazon's website. Sellers receive a percentage of the list price for each sale, while Amazon sets the retail price within certain parameters.

Why should you integrate Amazon Advantage with Odoo ERP?

  • Centralized inventory management across Amazon Advantage and Odoo ERP
  • Automate order processing and fulfillment for Amazon orders
  • Real-time stock updates for accurate inventory management
  • Consolidate customer data for better customer service and personalized marketing
  • Streamline accounting and reporting by integrating financial data from Amazon Advantage
  • Improved efficiency and reduced manual data entry errors
  • Enhanced visibility and control over sales and inventory across channels
  • Better decision-making with comprehensive data and reporting capabilities
  • Seamless management of Amazon sales alongside other sales channels

How can our solution solve your challenges?

Integrating Amazon Advantage with Odoo ERP streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction. It helps you manage your Amazon sales seamlessly alongside other sales channels, leading to better business growth and success.

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Features of Amazon Advantage Odoo Integration

Introducing our Amazon Advantage Odoo Connector, a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates your Amazon Advantage vendor program with your Odoo ERP system. This connector enables you to leverage the benefits of Advantage Central while streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency. Here's what our connector offers:

  • Integration: FTP/SFTP EDI
    Automated Communication: Our module facilitates communication with Amazon Advantage Central, ensuring smooth information exchange and seamless order processing.
  • Efficient Product Mapping: With our connector, you can easily map your Odoo products with Amazon Advantage products using a CSV file. This simplifies the process and allows you to manage mappings manually as needed.
  • Streamlined Purchase Requisitions: Importing purchase order EDIs containing order details becomes effortless with our connector. Odoo processes the EDIs, creates sales requisitions, and provides the flexibility to accept or reject line items, effectively managing backorders.
  • Exporting PO Acknowledgements: Our connector enables you to send PO acknowledgements from Odoo to Amazon, confirming order acceptance or rejection. This enhances order management and allows for partial order acceptance.
  • Advanced Shipment Notice: Ensure accurate and timely order fulfillment with our advance shipment notice feature. Our connector delivers shipment information to Amazon, including PO numbers, products shipped, ship date, method, and tracking ID.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Effortlessly export inventory and cost reports to keep Amazon informed about your inventory levels. Our connector helps you maintain up-to-date inventory information, avoiding orders for out-of-stock items.
  • Automated Sales Order Import: Our connector simplifies the process of importing sales orders from Amazon. Odoo automatically creates sales orders based on the provided sales order report, enabling seamless order management.

Enhance your Amazon Advantage experience with our Odoo Connector and unlock the full potential of your operations. Efficient communication, streamlined processes, and accurate data exchange empower your business to thrive in the dynamic Amazon marketplace.

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