Pestrol Was Looking for A Holistic Solution for Inventory, Sales, Accounting, and Shipping – Emipro Made It Possible

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Pestrol Was Looking for A Holistic Solution for Inventory, Sales, Accounting, and Shipping – Emipro Made It Possible
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Company: Pestrol
Industry: Pest control products and services
Services Offered: Odoo Implementation, Odoo Consultancy, Training
Odoo Applications: Discuss, Contact, Sales, Purchase, Helpdesk, Inventory, Manufacturing, Repair, Accounting, Barcode, Employee, Expense, Dashboards
Other Applications (Integrations): Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce
Applications Replaced: Saasu, MYOB
Hosting & Edition: Odoo-Sh Enterprise

Implementation Timeline: 4 months

As a leading brand in the pest control industry, Pestrol had large inventory, sales, and shipping requirements. Manual data entry, shipping, and limited reporting weren't enough.

That’s where Emipro stepped in.

The Pestrol team discovered Odoo as the one-stop solution for all its problems, including sales, inventory, accounting, and shipping. After searching for a suitable integration partner, the team identified Emipro as the ideal option.

“I checked upon many other systems that can be a great fit for managing our sales, inventory, accounting, and shipping operations flawlessly in every respect. Talking to a number of integration partners also did not help much until I came across Emipro consultants. After understanding their implementation plan and the research they did for me, I felt like Odoo & Emipro is right for me.”
- Amelia

Being Certified Odoo Gold Partners, Emipro understood the challenges of the pest control front runner and got to know the exact solution to Pestrol’s problem.

The company helped Pestrol streamline workflow by centralizing website operations and automating key company operations and batch order processing along with other warehouse management activities.

Pestrol at A Glance

An Australian e-commerce store, Pestrol Ltd., imports and manufactures 1000+ pest control products and services. The brand offers only safe and alternative items of the highest quality to ensure user safety and ease of use.

Pestrol has been a top competitor in the industry for over two decades, offering chemical-free pest control solutions across the nation. All of its products are pet-friendly & eco-friendly, thus making the brand one of the top user choices.

Challenges: Limited Inventory, Manual Shipping, and Decentralized Website Operations Hampered the Overall Workflow

Pestrol was facing major challenges in the areas of order processing, re-ordering, inventory management, accounting, and sales channels optimization. As a result, the entire process was counterproductive in terms of time, money, and workflow.

Basic Inventory Reporting

Pestrol is one of the most prominent market players in the country in the pest control segment and has massive stocking requirements. The company's older inventory systems followed a very basic approach which was time taking, inefficient, and prone to errors.

Before Pestrol collaborated with Emipro, most of its inventory was reported through Excel sheets. This led to a chaotic workflow with a lot of wrong entries.

Absence of Inventory Management System

Pestrol did not have a dedicated warehouse inventory management system to keep the product logs up to date and process the orders quickly.

The same applies to the purchase system. Before Emipro and Odoo integration, Pestrol personnel used to order products manually from their vendors which was a totally annoying process and had chances of imprecise data.

Manual Shipping

A diverse range of products calls for multiple packing and shipping requirements, and Pestrol’s system lacked an important shipping feature. There was no specific way of processing batch orders which led to chaos and wasted time.

Disorganized Accounting

From payment to the vendors to customer bills and reports, Pestrol’s accounting was not very organized. The company lacked the key areas of accounting that a growing firm like this should be having like integrated bank Interfaces, Bill digitalization, Import statements & bank feeds, and Reconciliation tool. Besides, the personnel had to enter a lot of details manually despite using accounting software.

Multi-Channel Website Operations

One of the prime challenges that Pestrol faced was decentralized sales channels. The company sells its products primarily through its website hosted by WooCommerce. Customers can also purchase its items through two other marketplaces – Amazon and eBay.

Having three different channels in place caused unavoidable setbacks at every stage of the sales process. Receiving orders from three sources, preparing separate batches, reports, bills, and shipping through different channels created a recipe for chaos.

Solutions: Emipro Facilita​ted Odoo Integration for Centralized Automated Processes

After analyzing the situation, Emipro developed a detailed plan for automated sales management through an integrated environment, order processing through batch processes, purchases for re-ordering, and other operations like accounting. All of this is through Odoo’s Emipro-integrations and third-party modules.

Central Sales System

The first step that Emipro took was creating a centralized sales management and processing system. First, the company set up a customized solution on Odoo, defining Pestrol’s product catalog and other essential data.

This was followed by exporting it into different marketplaces – the Pestrol website hosted by WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon, through Odoo connectors. This helped the Pestrol personnel manage the marketplace operations centrally like publishing price lists, listing or de-listing products, and carrying out other processes.

As customers place orders, Odoo collects the information from all three marketplaces, which Pestrol’s warehouse manager then retrieves. The streamlined workflow allows the sales manager to process orders and easily gather information from a single platform.

Order Processing and Fulfillment

With Emipro’s Odoo integrations, the Pestrol manager is able to confirm the orders by cross-checking the stock availability. Once the order is confirmed, it is then processed through batch processing.
Emipro’s batch processing approach lets the personnel create batches of N no. of pieces, let’s say, 50-100 pieces and send them to Emiro’s ShipStation Odoo Connector for delivery.

Thereafter, ShipStation takes care of the rest of the shipping part. The tracking labels generated by the system are also added to the Odoo system and hence the tracking info is sent to the customers.

With this technique, Pestrol can easily manage large orders without worrying about heavy loading or order-related hassles.

Automated Shipping Through ShipStation

Emipro’s ShipStation Odoo Connector ensures hassle-free management of shipments. Pestrol’s warehouse personnel has now a system that imports shipping labels from Shipstation, cancel shipments, or export orders from Odoo.

They can automatically create batches for delivery and download all the labels. Additionally, Odoo sends automated shipment emails with the tracking link once tracking info is imported from the ShipStation. They also get the benefit of picking the nearest warehouse for delivery and enjoy reasonable prices.

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As a result, Pestrol’s shipping is now standardized with automated processes, reducing manual errors and ensuring efficiency.

Product Re-ordering and Stock Replenishment​

Emipro introduced an automated stock replenishment system through Odoo to ensure Pestrol is never short of inventory.
If any product is low in quantity, Odoo automatically generates a purchase order for the same. The manager will then review and modify the details if required, followed by confirming the order.

To set the main parameters of the re-ordering system, the manager will first enter the product and preferred vendor details into the system. Additionally, they will have to define the minimum and maximum quantity limits.

“Shipping through Batch transfers has minimized a lot of work-load. Reordering and Sales reporting assisted in making faster and easier decisions. Major operations gradually started improving which was an overwhelming transformation for us.”
- Amelia

Automated Accounting

With Emipro, Pestrol was able to optimize its accounting procedures. From generating payment invoices to customer and vendor bills, all the processes are now automated. Additionally, the managers can generate consolidated accounting reports to ensure the order processing runs smoothly, without any errors.

PrintNode: Emipro also added PrintNode to Pestrol’s warehouse management. It is a third-party Odoo application used for printing labels and reports. Once the shipment labels are generated, the warehouse manager can connect PrintNode to any printer and export the file through cloud technology. Thus, letting the personnel print labels within seconds.

Impact: Efficient Workflow and Easy Decision-Making

Emipro evaluated Pestrol’s current situation to get a profound understanding of the company’s challenges. Based on the analysis, Emipro experts devised a step-by-step procedure to optimize the entire workflow, starting from processing sales orders to stock replenishment and accounting.

The ERP specialists first simplified the sales process by creating a central sales channel through Odoo integrations. This allowed the managers to access and cater to all the orders from a single platform, saving time and money.

Next, Emipro introduced the batch processing technique to ease order processing. The Pestrol team need not worry about mixing up any order or processing bulk orders at once.

After the order is processed, the respective personnel can oversee the shipment process initiated by ShipStation Odoo Integration. From generating shipping labels to facilitating delivery, it is all possible from a single platform.

At the same time, the automated re-ordering feature ensures most of the company’s products are purchased and re-stocked in time. This eliminates any chance of stock deficits or over-stock.

When it comes to accounting, Emipro’s automated system enables automated invoicing. Pestrol’s team can now generate bills and extensive reports within a few clicks.

When it comes to eCommerce and ERP, Odoo is an all-inclusive platform. With the help of Odoo’s Gold Partner – Emipro, Pestrol found all of its solutions in one place. The pest control company can now manage its warehousing, sales, purchases, and accounting efficiently and economically.

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