How Emipro Improved Fajitex's Inventory Management, Sales, and Shipping Operations

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How Emipro Improved Fajitex's Inventory Management, Sales, and Shipping Operations
Emipro Technologies Private Limited

Company: Fajitex  
United States
Industry: Shapewear and body contouring products
Services Offered: Odoo Consultancy, Odoo end-to-end implementation, Configuration, Training
Odoo Applications: Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Invoicing, Barcode, Contacts, Dashboards, Discuss
Other Applications: Shopify Integration 
Applications Replaced: ShopKeep POS, ShopKeep Back office
Hosting & Edition:
Odoo-Sh Enterprise

Implementation Timeline: 2 months

Meet the Company: Fajitex

Fajitex is among the most promising companies in the garments industry who manufacture top-notch shapewear and similar garments. They have a huge selection of post-surgical garments, body contouring products, swimsuits, and back support shapewear.
The company is headquartered in Medellin, Colombia but has the primary warehouse office in Houston, Texas.

At present, the company sells most of its products through its online platform. Even though they have a small team, they ensure excellent product quality that will suit any body type.

Challenges: Fajitex Required Improved Systems for Managing Stock, Warehouse Operations, and Sending Customer Quotes

Fajitex lacked a comprehensive system to handle its inventory between warehouses, resulting in improper stock management and product handling problems. Their shipping and price quote mechanisms were not up to the mark.

All these collectively impacted order management and the overall customer experience.

Improper Synchronization between Headquarters and Main Inventory

Fajitex sells its product through its Shopify website. The main inventory is located in their Houston office, where retail and wholesale orders arrive.

Employees were not able to handle the enormous quantities of products arriving weekly. So, it created a lack of synchronization between the two operating locations. The warehouse workers had to enter the product details from the exports from Colombia. Updating all the information became a time-consuming process.

No Real-Time Inventory Update and Information Centralization

With the growing popularity, they had to keep track of the stock, for both online and wholesale transactions. As both types of sales were equally important, they wanted to speed up the inventory update process. Moreover, they felt the need to improve the organization of product information. They needed an integration with Odoo that could handle real-time synchronization, inventory updates, and data centralization.

Lack of Tool for Sending Quotations to B2B Clients

Fajitex is a budding B2B brand that has clients all across the globe. So, when sending price quotes to these global clients, Fajitex had to handle language barriers. Also, B2B clients are not so techy, so there has to be an easy way for them to make payments directly once they ordered the products; like a link taking them to a payment gateway page and let us pay them there.

 So, Fajitex required a comprehensive tool for sending clients price quotations and payment links in their chosen language. Then, the client could pay using their preferred online payment method directly from there.

Inefficient Shipping Courier Selection Facility

Fajitex exports products to varied global locations and uses different shipping carriers. So, when the warehouse workers receive an order and prepare it for shipping, they check the order details. They select the most appropriate shipping carrier according to the packaging type.
To simplify the process for workers, Fajitex needed a facility to select the courier type while generating the price quote.

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Solutions – Emipro Revamped Fajitex's Issues Through Odoo Integrations

Emipro discussed all the problems Fajitex was facing and analyzed their impacts. They began working on solutions to streamline the sales, inventory, and warehouse operations.

A Barcode System for Inventory Update and Management

With the implemented barcode module, the warehouse workers will scan the barcode of the exported products. Then, the mechanism will fetch all the product information and enter it into the inventory. All this product data is now transferred to Odoo, a comprehensive ERP to manage it centrally into the Shopify website.

Shopify and Odoo Integration for Real-Time Inventory and Product Data Management

Emipro realized that the perfect solution to manage the product centrally was a Shopify integration with the Odoo platform. This integration enabled the client to easily import information from their Shopify platform.

Then, they could sync the relevant inventory and product information into Odoo. During the process, they fetched essential data, including product lists, stock, images, respective product variants, price lists, and categories. This made real-time synchronization and inventory update easier for employees at Fajitex.

Quotation Management for Bulk Payments and Online Quotes

Emipro introduced a Quotation mechanism for tackling all of Fajitex's problems. It was accommodated with Odoo to help the textile company handle price quotes for wholesale and online sales.

Lastly, it enabled Fajitex to send price quotes by email along with the payment links. Customers can now view these quotes in their language and complete the payment using Paypal, Stripe or other methods. These payment methods were integrated into Odoo for the client's convenience.

Impact – Fajitex Enhanced Inventory Management, Organizing Product Data, and Improved Business Processes

Fajitex enhanced its inventory management, sales data integration, and warehouse operations. The key highlights of the company's business improvement include the following:

  • Easier inventory management – Inventory management was simplified using the Barcode and real-time Shopify integration. There were communication or business gaps between the two warehouses of Fajitex. Hence, they handled their stock better and offered improved products.
  • Fast quotation sending – They can now send price quotes faster and receive payments conveniently. It enabled them to connect with their clients effectively and convey the correct prices. This improves business relations and brand awareness.
  • Improved sales and shipping – Their sales were enhanced through improved inventory management and quotations. They could also use the shipping integration to support the warehouse workers. Collectively, it simplified the processes for receiving and dispatching orders.

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