ERP eCommerce Integration : The secret sauce of eCommerce Success

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ERP eCommerce Integration : The secret sauce of eCommerce Success
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Internet has changed the world in the ways we never imagined and one of its major impacts can be seen on the way we buy and sell things. eCommerce was once considered just a small experiment on the Internet whereas now it has become an integral part of our daily lives.

More and more businesses these days decide to establish their web presence by creating their own web store and/or by selling on marketplaces. However, an online business is much more than merely creating a web store.

As the business grows, there arises a need to bring efficiency to various business operations and that’s when most businesses realize that they need an ERP software integrated with their eCommerce store. And when it comes to selecting an ERP software, there are various options like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or an Open Source ERP like Odoo which seamlessly integrates with many eCommerce platforms.

Let us take a look into how using an Integrated ERP eCommerce system benefits your online business.

Say good-bye to Error prone Manual Data Entry

It is true that a web store can very well operate without ERP Integration, however, we all know how tedious it is to manually handle data. Various business data like Customer Details, Order Information, Payment & Shipping Information get automatically synced with ERP which eliminates the need of Manual Data Entry. This helps in reducing the error caused during manual data entry and also increases work efficiency by automating these tasks.

Keep a centralized Inventory and Synchronize it with all your Web Stores

Suppose you have listed a product on your web store as well as on several marketplaces. Someone places an order on a marketplace. However, there’s no real time synchronization between stock levels of your eCommerce stores and your warehouse. You face a problem that a lot of eCommerce Sellers face - Overselling. With an integrated ERP eCommerce system in place, you can manage your inventory from ERP and synchronize it with all your eCommerce Stores. This ensures that you don’t face issues like this and also helps you save you a lot of time by eliminating manual operations.

Gain competitive advantage by bringing efficiency to back office operations

An online business is not just about listing your products online and letting your customers buy them. When you run an online business, there are various things that you need to manage like a Sales Pipeline, Accounting, Procurement, CRM, HR and much more. Managing all these tasks manually without an ERP system in place becomes a very unproductive and time-consuming task. With an efficient ERP eCommerce Integration, all your back office operations are automated and streamlined and ultimately helps your business gain a competitive advantage.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The growth of any business heavily relies on how happy and satisfied their customers are. With an ERP system integrated with your eCommerce store, it becomes easy for you to provide your customers with up to date product information, real-time stock levels, order tracking details and much more. Not only this but ERP systems like Odoo comes integrated with CRM features that help you create outstanding customer experience.

Generate improved analytics reports by getting all data in one place

When all your data comes together in one place, it gives you a unique ability to generate reports that show the real picture of your entire online business and not just a part of it. Having all your eCommerce stores integrated to an ERP lets you analyze your overall sales and generate comprehensive reports that allow you take key business decisions.

Using an Integrated ERP eCommerce system brings a lot of benefits and ease to your online business. However, choosing the right ERP is absolutely critical. Generic ERP solutions available in the market are not built to support the specific needs of a business and requires to be customized to suit the needs of a particular business. Combining the capabilities of Open Source, Flexible and Customizable ERP - Odoo and Emipro Experts who are well acquainted with each and every aspect of ERP & eCommerce, helps your business reach unprecedented heights.

Case Study:  

1. Tell us something about your business

Established in 2008, Beneo s.r.o is operating in the European market as a home and commercial chocolate fountain, dispenser, popcorn maker, electric kids ride-on producer, importer, retail and wholesale. As of now, we have 15 Web Stores and several seller accounts on various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and other European marketplaces.

2. Why did you feel the need to use Odoo ERP to manage your online business?

We started our business by selling chocolate fountains and started getting some success initially. As things progressed, we decided to expand our business to main 5 countries in Europe i.e. UK, Germany, France, Spain & Italy. Gradually, we added different products like popcorn maker, Waffle makers, electric cars & scooters and more to our product line. Number of web stores to suit local markets of each country increased and also our presence on various marketplaces started to grow. All of these resulted in increasing sales.

However, with this growth, it was no longer possible for us to manage everything manually without any kind of central structure. That is when we decided to use an ERP system to manage various business operations and found Odoo to be the perfect choice for our needs.

3. What impact did Emipro’s Odoo Services have on your business operations?

Emipro helped us connect our various sales channels like Magento Store, Amazon Store etc. to Odoo and therefore we were able to manage everything from one environment. Data from all selling points came together which enabled us to generate comprehensive reports. Also, managing inventory became easy as we tackled issues like overstocking. With the help of Emipro’s Odoo services, the biggest advantage we gained was automation of various backend operations of our business. This saved us a lot of time and helped us focus on growth. Our business grew 2X since the implementation of Odoo, however, with increasing business we did not have to increase our staff as efficient implementation of Odoo took care of various operations. With their expert analysis, Emipro helped us implement the best solution in the industry.

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