Are you in a Company?

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Are you in a Company?
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After a long Weekend break, getting back to routine is just like getting out of the cosy bed in the mid of the winters! Well, to have a smooth transition to my work I thought to pen down something. While thinking about the topic I just got a chance to encounter a beautiful thought of our Company director about being in a company.

A conversation started as, “ I sometimes feel that people being in a company do not get chance to be in a company”, He said. When we hear the word Company, the first thing that clicks in our mind is the building having a glass exterior, fluffy sofa in the entrance and well-organised desks with the number of robotic humans working on their systems. Well, in the era of MNCs, huge enterprises and hardcore competition, we have forgotten the real meaning of the word company. The real and better meaning of this word is, to be with a person or a group of persons which provides a sense of security, friendship and enjoyment to an individual. 

We, nowadays take this word in a completely opposite manner. A place wherein we have to play a game to survive, sheer political moves that make others feel highly insecure and where the term enjoyment has a different definition of making gossips, pulling legs etc. By God's grace at Emipro, we are not yet exposed to the contemporary terminology but believe in the same traditional form of the word “Company”- where we are close friends of each other, some are real-life mentors for many, few are the caretakers and we stand together in every thick and thin of our beloved eminents. 

As stated in my last blog “An awesome output which owes to a simple attitude”, it is our attitude that either make the glass half empty or half filled. The word Company too has two meanings, now it is up to us how we are taking this term in our life. Of Course here the Company culture plays a paramount role and contributes the highest in building up an attitude. Company culture is something which takes up the podium once the company user book completes its role. It is something which is optional for an employee but is still done with happy faces. We can identify the culture of a company through a behaviour of an employee in the company when no management people are present in the premises! Or to take a leave, an employee not having to mention a false reason, defines a culture. Culture is unique at every company but the universal law for it is enjoyment and comfort of an employee with organization’s benefit. That is why being in a good “Company” matters! ;)

# What makes you feel that you are in a Company!

Yes, as said before, Culture of the company and Positive attitude of the employee plays the most important part in making oneself feel to be in a company. Along with these two, there are suffixes too, that trigger an emotion of companionship and friendhood amongst the colleagues and the staffs. Few of them are;

An infrastructure of the company, which may matter in a way that if it is quite small and lacks in air circulation, lightings and sun rays then scientifically, the negative vibrations with dullness may occur amongst the employees along with lack of privacy. On the other hand, if the infrastructure is huge then the oneness and emotional attachment between the employees may get hindered. 

Too many different teams and department with no much sync of work also matters a lot. If you have many altogether different projects, many teams with few breaks in between, far away desks, fewer parties etc then you might feel like a stranger with your own colleague of a different team. Here, as an individual, we must try to be in touch with each colleague of ours in a way or another. 

The level and nature of competition among the employees play a very important role in the psychological acceptance of the environment making it friendly and comfortable for us. As an individual, we shall definitely have a healthy and mature level of competition which can help us grow intellectually but not politically! We sometimes keep this pot of crape in company’s premises by blaming its environment but it depends equally on the attitude of an employee. And as we all know, one rotten mango can spoil others in the carton easily, same follows with an organization.

An excess job hopping also becomes a reason for the one to not to feel like being in a company or say a feel of being in a company(the contemporary one). If one can give maximum years of the career in a single organization it benefits them in many ways and out of all, the major one is a sense of security, oneness and feeling of belongingness. 

There are many other aspects like unusual greediness of success and money, lack of EQ, working in the field which is not of one’s own choice, over expectation from management and so on that hinders your feeling of being in a company. Well, all these facets are resolvable, you just have to foster your feeling of belongingness towards your organization.

Hope these points help you to find yourself a true “Company”!! Time to sign off for now, See you soon with some more exciting personnel hacks!!

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