ERP eCommerce Integration : The secret sauce of eCommerce Success

Know the benefits of using Integrated ERP eCommerce System and the key factors that affect your eCommerce Success. [...]

By Arpit Sheth | 20 May, 2017 | Odoo Blog

Why and How to make a Website design Responsive

My topic for the blog is one of the most emerging and Talk of the town subject for IT geeks. I'm going to talk about "Responsive Web Design". Well, most of the techies must have raised their ears hearing the hotbed topic "Responsive design" to know what are the new things in this. Yes, nowadays maki [...]

By Nimita Gajera | 15 May, 2017 | SETU

Be a speaker that everybody wants to listen

The thin, tall man who made wonders and created a new wave in the field of technology, Mr Steve Jobs unveiled the history-making iPhone in the year 2007 with the most memorable and captivating product launch wherein he delivered the extraordinary speech. Indeed iPhone was a revolution but the launch [...]

By Kosha Desai | 8 May, 2017 | Personnel Hacks

Make your work easy with Google Apps & Services

We all use Google but we very few use it effectively. Using few of the google apps and services which are not so popular can really change your life with its benefits. I have covered just few drops out the endless ocean called Google. [...]

By Ajay Ghimre | 1 May, 2017 | SETU

Interview Etiquette: Make your big interview as simple as your conversation(Part-II)

Imagine it’s the day for your interview!!Feeling Nervous?! Well, Don’t be! Sit back and relax because you are going to encounter the hacks in the blog to make your interview day the perfect one! [...]

By Kosha Desai | 17 April, 2017 | SETU

Social Media and SEO HACKS to Start and Monetize your blog

Struggling to attract traffic on your blog? This article will help you unleash creative SEO and Social Media Growth Hacks you can use to start and monetize your blog. [...]

By Shetul Majithiya | 15 April, 2017 | SETU

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