How to Setup Sandbox Account Details in MultiSafePay?

Posted on 5 January, 2018

With our Odoo MultiSafePay Payment Acquirer, you will able to activate MultiSafePay Payment Option in Odoo eCommerce. To be able to test the MultiSafePay Payment Gateway Integration, here we have listed the steps to create Sandbox account.

Step 1 : Login to Your MultiSafePay Account

To create an account, visit and click LOGIN or SIGN UP if you do not already have an account set up. You can log in with your existing MultiSafePay account.

Step 2 : Confirm your Account to See your Dashboard

After Click On ‘SIgn Up’ button MultiSafePay will send you one email to confirm your account and Give you Account Id & Security Code.Then login to your sandbox account with Security Code given in your confirmation mail with this link login, you can see your Dashboard Like below shown.

Get Your API Keys

To Pay with MultiSafePay payment acquirer you need to set API key. To get your website API key Goto Settings--> Website Settings --> Quick Add Website

After click on 'Save' button, you will get API key.

Set this API key into your payment acquirer and get started to payment.

Payment  Method Selection in SandBox Account

If you want to show a specific payment method on your payment page, you need to activate payment method on your sandbox account. The payment methods that you would activate in your sandbox will appear on your payment page, which I have shown below the screenshot.

Note: if nothing is activated, all payment methods are enabled.

To activate Payment Method Goto Settings--> Payment methods

Upon selecting Multisafepay option while paying from Odoo checkout page,  payment methods those will be activated in your MultiSafepay sandbox account will appear on your payment page.

Order Overview

On the Dashboard you can see your Sales Summary & Recent transactions

Dharmesh Lathiya , Senior Odoo Developer

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