How to obtain 'Application Keyset' & 'User Token' for connecting eBay with Odoo?

Posted on 24 August, 2018

Emipro’s eBay Odoo Connector enables you to connect your eBay store with Odoo flawlessly. It helps you to manage all of your eBay operations from Odoo itself. This guide will help you to get the eBay credentials required for Odoo.

The list of items that you will need to connect:

  1. Application Keyset
  2. User Token

Below is the step-by-step guide to obtain the details from eBay.

Create an eBay Developer account

Step 2: Register for the eBay Developer account. If you already have a developer account on eBay then simply Sign In.

Create an eBay application to get keys and user token

Step 3: Create an application by navigating to Home -> Application Keys and give it any desired title.

Step 4: You will observe 2 option – 'Sandbox' and 'Production'. Under the 'Sandbox' option, click on 'Create a keyset' of the mode you want to get data from. You will now observe 'App ID', 'Dev ID', and 'Cert ID' listed under the 'Production' option.

In 'App ID (Client ID)' under 'Production' option, you will find 'User Tokens' hyperlink. Click on it and you will be redirected to the login page of User Tokens. 

User Token access credentials and its utilization

Step 5: Click on 'Sign in to Production', you will be prompted for your Production credentials in next instance.

Note: In Environment, you will see 'Sandbox' & 'Production' options. 'Production' is selected by-default. Similarly for  "Auth'n'Auth". No changes required for these options unless you are advanced user

User Token access credentials and its utilization 

Step 6: Fill in your Production credentials here. In case, if you don't have Production account, you can simply Register for it in few moments.

Step 7: Now, you are being redirected to the Grant Application Access page. Simply click on 'Agree' button.

Note: You may need to go through 'Privacy Policy'of eBay. 

Step 8: Done! You are now able to access your User Token for Odoo & eBay integration. Simply Copy the text and Paste it wherever necessary. 

Note: Don’t forget to note the expiry date & time of token. 

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