How to add ssh security to Git

Posted on 10 July, 2017

SSH security is used for making your repositories secure with a public key that means only those users will make a change or read your repositories who have your ssh key. You can change your ssh key also.

Step 1. Check you have ssh installed or not

Use command ssh -V or ssh -v and if you don’t have ssh then first install it.

Step 2. Setup identity

Start terminal where you want to save the key. Then, Use command ssh-keygen to generate rsa key.

Enter file name after id_rsa where you want to save key and if you don't want to specify any file name then leave it as it and press enter.

You’ll get the message to override key if you have already generated. Otherwise, it will simply ask to enter the passphrase. Now you can see the terminal response.

If you found the response shown in the above screenshot, it means your ssh key is generated.

Now, You can check ssh list using ls -a ~/.ssh this command.  Then you will get the result would be something like below.

Step 3. Start ssh-agent

To check agent is running or not type command 

ps -e | grep [s]sh-agent

and if isn’t running use command below and  check it again,

ssh-agent /bin/bash

Now, To load your new identity. Use the command given below. 

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Now, to get the list of the keys that agent is managing. Use the command given below. 

ssh-add -l

Step 4.Now open bitbucket account.

Go to your bitbucket account > bitbucket setting. As shown in the figure below.

You may have found security > ssh keys. Click on ssh keys.

click on add key.

Now go to your terminal again and type command.

cat ~/.ssh/

Copy key using the command given below.

cat ~/.ssh/ |  xclip - sel clip

Or directly from the terminal and paste it to Key in popup menu on your bitbucket account.

Add the label and paste your key and press add the key.

Update your repositories type from https to ssh.

Your ssh URL  will be as like following,

ssh:// :account/repo.git

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