How Digital Signature works in Odoo? - A functional Overview

Posted on 10 July, 2017

Odoo Digital Signature App is a fast and convenient way to send, sign and approve your business documents. With Odoo Sign App available in Enterprise version, you can prepare contracts by dragging & dropping blocks to be completed by the opponent parties, submit signature requests in seconds and track status of sent documents. In this note, we will see how to configure and use Odoo Digital Signature.

For using eSignature you need to install  “Digital Signatures” module. Which is available in odoo10 enterprise version. After successful installation, you will find the app named “Documents”  in your app list.

On clicking the document app you will find the previously added template & button on the screen to “UPLOAD A PDF TEMPLATE”  from where you can to browse pdf template from your system.

After uploading the template, it is very easy to edit and modify the template with drag and drop feature as shown in an image. 

As here you can see there are multiple fields that used to complete your document.

Odoo sign is very helpful on the time when the same document is shared with many people and each of them is required to sign & contribute his concern.  To do that we need to create a responsible person(partner) for particular drag and drop field.On clicking the field we can fill the information as shown in the image above.

Responsible : Here by default “Customer” is selected. Click on that and choose your responsible person.

Mandatory Field : This check box is by default checked we can decide that given field is necessary for that user or not.

If you want to create responsible person then type name and click on create button.

After save that you can see that from “Customer” to “Test” responsible person is changed.Mainly this feature is useful when multiple people are sharing the same document than to decide same type field who can access and who not.

In the following image, we can see there are 2 partners named “ABC” and “Customer”. This means each partner can edit that field only which is related to it by means of that “ABC” partner can not edit field of “Customer”. 

If you want to delete added field then you can remove that field by clicking on that. From wizard, there is “Remove” button.

We can also add fields what we want apart from existing fields from the main menu. To do so jus go to the main menu in there “Field Types” sub-menu is available. Where existing fields are visible and even we can create our own by just clicking on create button.

Name : Name of your custom field.

Type: This is selection field. From that you can select your custom field is of which type.

Automatic Partner Field: Partner field to use auto-complete the fields of this type.

Tip: In this field which kind of field is that we need to enter that data. For instance, suppose field is the type of signature then the value of “Tip” field is “sign in”  likewise values are there.

Placeholder: This field is useful when we sent the document to another then each field represent which value define here.

After completion of the whole template now it is ready to send to each of its respective people. By clicking on “SEND” button wizard will open in that we have to set email address of partners we used in the document. As we talk earlier there is two partner named “ABC” and “Customer”.  So here need to add two email address for that.

Here as you can see in wizard different fields are there in that configure email id which is existing or for new partner create a new one.

Send a copy to a field is used to add followers. Followers only can able to see the doc can not change that.

Subject & Message field is for defining mail subject and body of that mail.

Filename: This field is for downloading document when fully completed. (Only that person can able to download who created this document.)

Note: For sending document need to configure outgoing server and for that steps are as follows:

How to configure outgoing mail server for odoo sign:

Activate in developer mode from Settings > “Activate Developer Mode”.

Then gotoSettings > Technical >  Email > Outgoing Mail servers and click create.

Set description - write a description of your mail server and set priority

SMTP server - set SMTP server as per your email service provider and you can find SMTP port from internet.

Ex. for Gmail SMTP Server is: and port are: 465. (You can see this in image)

In Security & Authentication- Set your connection security SSL/TLS. And enter your email Id password. 

You can test your connection that it’s created successfully or not.

Now after you get success message you need to configure this outgoing server to mail template of our “Digital Signature” module. For that go to Settings > Technical > Email > Templates.

In that, there is template name “Document Sign Request”.  Open that template.In that go to “Advanced Settings”.  In that, there is field “Outgoing Mail Server ”.In this field search for your outgoing mail server’s name and set it. 

After successful completion of this, we can send our document to all partners.

After successfully send that note to partners they got a mail containing this sent document. After that, they need to sign that document and re-send it.

Here after getting mail by clicking on “Sign Document Now” button partner is redirected to a link of that document. (Here we can customize email content and title at the time of sending mail from sending mail wizard.)

After that partner open that document and enter detail related to them. One can only edit field which has access given to them at the time of creation of document like shown below.

As here shown 2 partners are there in shared document but only one can access that. Because only he has access of that. Another one can access his part when he opens this doc from his mail.

Here for “Initials” by clicking on this a prompt box open from that, we can upload initials.

As shown in the prompt box there are different fields are there. Each is as below:

Full name: This field is for showing the name of a partner who is currently working on this. In an initial field just one 1st letter of a name is print in “Auto” but in a signature field whole name.

Auto: This field automatically takes a name from “Full Name” field.

Draw: This field allows to customize your sign by drawing that.

Load: This helps to load sign from a computer.

Select Signature Style: This field allows user to choose design for its signature.

Adopt and Sign: After signature by clicking this field your signature upload to document.

After completion of document automatically “Validate and Send Completed Document” button is there at the end of document by clicking on that this document is forwarded to person who is created and also updated status. This is kind of like this 

As seen one partner who is completed his signed is shown.

All partners signed that document and after that signed document is under “Fully Signed” category. (This is only visible to that person who is created document)

Keval Mehta , ERP Engineer

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