Our Approach

Our Approach

Make a way out of no way

In today's dotcom era, the customer demands have raised higher and higher to have a fully optimized system that can reduce their workload. To provide maximum benefits and that too with minimal risk, is a challenging task for any service providing organization. Emipro is striving hard to accomplish this challenge by supplying comprehensive, reliable & profitable services yet much affordable to our customers. To present you the best end-product, we are walking through a methodology path of 8 steps . Our this stepwise approach is beneficial to give you the elegant solutions as per the decided time and within stipulated budget. Our this life cycle of this 8 step process doesn't cease, but will continue to accelerate till you are fully satisfied with the product.

Let us introduce each step of our approach ladder, important to reach your desired product.


Share your idea with us

Our methodology cycle begins with your first call or email. Request a quote or give us a call to inquire about your require service or problem, or to share your ideas with us. Get in touch with us regarding any of your queries, we'll sort out each of your questions. Our approach is always towards living better than what we found. Even if you think we might not be suitable for you, we'll glad to recommend you the other appropriate companies that fits for you.


Initial proposals & Negotiations

At this stage, we make a thorough communication with you regarding your queries. We gather all the necessary information about your existing processes, available resources, budget, etc. Discussing feasibility studies and verify whether the project is practically, financially and technologically feasible for your organization to take up. We put each and every possible options to you prior to any kind of implementation, so that you can decide your best fit for the business. If everything is found suitable then we'll move forth to finalize the cost, resources and duration of the project.


Understanding the requirements & drafting a model

From here the project work begins. The best project is developed only if the prior analysis is powerful. Our analysts thoroughly study your existing business processes, check for the gap analysis, changes that are to be done to optimize the existing system and many major points like: What are the actual needs of the customer? What is lacking in the existing system? Whether the organization is making the effective use of their available resources or is there any gap lies between the actual performance with potential & desired performance? The changes need to be done within the available budget and resources. What would be the impact of project on organization & personnel? Selecting an appropriate model and so on. Based on these we'll draft a conceptual architecture exhibiting system flow & each minute functionality that are to be proposed in the new system.


Shapping your new system

Now the task is to sketch the conceptual architecture. Our designers prepare the overall design of your software product. It's like preparing a blueprint of your house by an architect. Shaping your system with rich content, graphics and attractive designs are done here. We take immense care to make your system more user-friendly system and that too with sober look.


Applying soul to your system through coding

The decorative box is ready now, but how can be a body be alive without a soul? The system is now with our developers to make effective coding and put the pre-decided functionalities. It's the stage where all the components are integrated including hardwares, front-end, back-end and other all required resources. Your software product with soul is ready for working according to the roadmap prepared to ease your work.


Finishing touch, verification & validation

Even if entire software is ready, there are chances of it to be error prone. Sometimes unexpected errors may ruin the system and is not affordable for the organization. Checking for bugs in each and every module through various test processes is our prime duty. We will not give a defective software that may put you into trouble. After complete testing of the entire product and proper verification, we will hand it over to you.


Go live & experience the new system!

Your waiting comes to an end now! A brand new application is ready to be launched! It's time to install and configure the new system at your place and take its experience. Use your new software and save time by reducing your manual task. At regular intervals, we'll ask for your feedback if any modifications require. Your valuable feedback is food for us to serve you better each day with high nutritive services for your system.


Taking care of your system by giving live support

When the system goes live, the real challenge starts! Maintenance of a system is as important as its development! Post-deployment plays a major role in any application area. We'll not leave your hand just after handing over you the product. Taking care of the system time to time is our responsibility. Timely upgrading the system according to the latest trend in the market, checking for bugs at regular intervals, extra needs occur after some duration are some of the major points of this service.