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Odoo Purchase

Manage your vendors more effectively – and strategically – with Odoo

Maximise the potential of your purchasing system with a single comprehensive approach by easily manage your suppliers & purchase orders.

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Improve your purchase performance with automation

Automate your purchase workflow with the help of procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, etc done automatically inside Odoo. Automatically send RFQ to your suppliers when products are available. Auto configures different replenishment methods for each product depending on your requirement and strategies. The processing of purchase orders has been simplified and quickened, thereby eliminating unnecessary delays. Paperwork is reduced and it is more convenient to approve or reject purchase orders.

Launch purchase tenders, integrate vendor's answers in the process and compare propositions.

Buying smarter isn't just buying at the lowest price. It's knowing everything about your company's spending habits, and using that knowledge to be a stronger negotiator. It's being connected to a diverse network of high-quality suppliers, so you can quickly discover collaborative partners, who can lower your costs for goods and services while minimizing your risks. You can easily manage bidding or tender process inside Odoo with such great options like its type, deadline date, schedule date, responsible person, source document, etc

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Compare supplier prices with multi currencies to control your cost

With Odoo's pricelist solutions, you can easily get supplier price list and product availability to make smarter purchasing decisions based on promotions, quantities and special contract conditions. In addition, manage international price list of suppliers with the help of multi currency option.

Manage Products

Better Supplier Performance Starts with High-Quality Supplier Information!

Accurate and up-to-date supplier information for all your trading partnerships, readily accessible across your organization. Cut costs and risks by getting everything you want to know about all of your suppliers, all in one place. Get all the necessary information about your vendors like their past purchases, tenders, meetings, supplier bills, emails etc from single screen in Odoo.

Leave the selection of best vendor on Odoo !

Every organization acquires material or services to complete its business needs. The process of buying materials and obtaining services from vendors or dealers is procurement. Procurement process should be done in such a way that it is ordered in correct quantity, with a proper value at the proper time. Odoo purchase helps you to auto set product demand to the best supplier in terms of price, Qty & Delivery time!

Shipment Process

Control Product receptions

Choose the right method according to your needs: pre-generate draft invoices based on purchase orders and product receivals; create invoices manually and import lines from purchase orders, etc. Receive partial or full shipments as per product's availability. If you have received less products than the initial demand, Odoo will ask you the permission to create a backorder.

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Vendor Bills, no more headache!

With Odoo's AP solutions, you can quickly find out about the status of the invoices from the vendors you are responsible for. You can view the detailed information about the invoices and check why the vendors have not yet been paid. You can also find the corresponding contacts to follow up on the pending and delayed payments.

Trace it quick, with centralised document storage

Now you can write, read and automate emails to the within Odoo. Also, integrate & store all the communications with your vendors like emails, documents, invoices, tenders within the one roof. No need to use traditional email systems to send RFQ to your suppliers as you can direct send RFQ to them by Odoo itself!

Shipment Process

Several companies and several suppliers ? Don't worry.Take it easy.

Single Odoo instance is allowing to manage several companies and several suppliers. Odoo is also helpful to manage synchronize operations between different companies or warehouses. Create orders, share documents, manage suppliers, manage products, manage warehouses, manage invoices within single instance and at a same time for all users with the help of multi users & multi company environment. You can manage multiple companies and save huge amounts of time and effort on all transactions made between your group's companies.

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Analyze your purchases by amazing reports

Data is the cornerstone of sound business decision-making. Get accurate statistics on your suppliers' performance through flexible reporting: delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, quantities purchased, etc. By analysis of Odoo purchase order analysis report you can forecast and efficiently plan your orders and its management. Integrate purchases with analytic accounting to analyze your contracts' profitability. Odoo analysis report can deliver mission-critical information in real-time to improve decision making and avoid costly mistakes.

All the features you want, none of the hassle.

Flexible Inventory

Easily manage single inventory or a complex multi-warehouse environment by activating features on demand.

Procurement rules

Reference all the suppliers distributing the item, order them by priority, and record their delivery time and minimal quantity to save time on new orders. Set up procurement rules to automatically order the necessary items based on stock levels, minimum quantities per location or per supplier, sales, or other parameters.

Products with variants

Add the reference used by each supplier for the item to make it easier to find for both them and you. Add variations such as color, memory capacity, etc. on the product to allow for a cleaner list of products.

Stock per each location

Keep track as well as get information of stocks and availability of products according to each defined location. You can also define exact position of your products within your warehouse.

Costing methods

Use the costing method that reflects your business: standard price, average price, FIFO or LIFO. Get your accounting entries and the right inventory valuation in real-time; Odoo manages everything for you, transparently.

Inventory Forecasts

Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed purchase orders as well as internal moves and incoming receptions.

Import supplier pricelist

Big companies use to import supplier price lists day to day. Indeed, prices are always changing and you need to get prices up to date to deal with a high number of products.Using help of csv import functionality of Odoo you can easily import supplier pricelist any time.

Integrated to Other Apps

Odoo Purchase is tightly integrated with other business apps like Sales, Inventory and Accounting to facilitate collaborative decision making across the enterprise.

Dashboards and Reports

Use predefined dashboards and reports or build your own dashboard or reports with the advanced reporting engine. You can also save different custom filters for you and share it with your team.

Vendor Check printing

With the help of custom options configuration, it’s easy to print checks for your suppliers and make its related invoices are paid.

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