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Stay on top of your work while juggling between multiple projects. Each project has task lists and everything else that goes with it - from files and discussions to work log and timesheet entries. Odoo's flexible kanban task board will give your team full visibility into what to do at next so you can continuously deliver maximum output in minimal cycle time.

Accelerate your projects to meet the new speed of business

With Odoo's intuitive customer portal feature, your shoppers can track of which orders have been paid for, shipped or delivered. Provide your shoppers with a complete 24/7 access to up-to-date information through a dedicated customer portal where they can track their orders, download their invoice or delivery order and manage their return and claims. No need to navigate across multiple documents - everything is centralized in one place.


Submit, organise & track the bugs and issues

Use issues to track support contracts, tickets or bug reports during your tasks. Evenmore, Communicate with your customers by email inside the issues. Everything is automatically attached to the issue to get a full visibility.


Time Tracking

Track expected hours, effective hours, re-forecasts on tasks. Enter real work logs inside the task and compare planned hours with actual hours inside Tasks.

Custom Alerts

Follow tasks in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities like Internal discussion, Task Open, Stage Changed, Task Blocked etc..

Chat with users

Chat online with other users to get real time answers to your questions. Use discussion groups to chat in tasks.

Real Time Collaboration

Use the etherpad integration to collaborate on tasks in real time with several users contributing to the same content.

Activity Log

The activity log attached to every task or issue gives you a detailed history of all activities on the document.

Portal front-end

Be totally transparent to your customer via Odoo Portal access. Allow them to create task for your team, track the status of any task and view worklog entries by your team.

Visualize your projects, Forecast needs & Resources

Schedule your teams and their work plan multiple across projects taking employees holidays into consideration. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects, and estimate deadlines more accurately with Odoo Gantt charts.


Adapts to your workflow

You can use the right view for any task inside Odoo; plan your tasks in a Gantt-like timeline, move them as Kanban cards across columns, or get a simple overview in a list.

Project Views

Task Analysis Report

With our amazing and advanced data visualization & discovery for your Amazon Sales, you can wow your executive team with visual representations of your FBM Sales results, create a culture of daily accountability, visualize your entire FBM sale's health in one screen as well as save your valuable time by eliminating the need to aggregate and communicate raw data.

Task Analysis Report

Communication is what makes or breaks any project.

Stay connected to your team and be updated about project progress by adding quick notes and attach documents inside tasks. Forget endless follow-up meetings to keep track of projects. Communicate through the chatter, write in a shared, real time pad or use live chat - all in a single interface! With Odoo's collaborative messaging integration with tasks, you will get a simple overview of what's being done, without everyone being slowed down by status emails.


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