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Odoo HR

Your employees are your business.

Better manage & develop your employees with a full suite of HR, payroll, Leaves and Timesheet solutions with Odoo.

Ultimately the success of your organisation starts & ends with your People.

Centralize all your HR information concerning each employee at one place with Odoo.

Manage Contracts

Keep track of your employee's job title and status, salary structure, probation period duration, basic wage, contract type and dates, and their schedule.

Accurate Payroll, every time

Manage Payslips, Payroll Taxes & Payroll reports, Integrate it with Timesheets & Accounting, Define Salary structure and Salary rules right inside Odoo Payroll.

Take Your Hiring Process To The Next Level

Organize your vacancies job applications, define your own stages and interviewers, index resumes, track applicants, search profiles, define your own online/offline surveys and do much more with Odoo recruitment solutions.

Better manage your activities & workforce

Keep control of your projects and employees from the Odoo backend

Tracking expected hours, effective hours and reforecasts on tasks has never been so easy. Create and manage projects, assign tasks to employees, set access and project rights, record and validate timesheets and attendances, etc. Odoo Timesheet has all the features you need to better run your business.

Get things done

For professionals who like to plan their activities at the beginning of the day - Use the Day Planner system and allocate time for each activities you will work on today.

Every minute matters

For professionals who invoice their customers based on time spent - Launch the timer in one click without leaving your desktop with our new Chrome extension. Just choose your task and switch it on.

Do it later

For professionals who bill their activities per hour or per day and don't need to register every task. Just focus on your work and record your activities at the end of your day.

Clock in & out is now such an easy thing

You can easily keep the track of your people's presence during work time at your company. HR managers can easily report people's monthly presence with the menu entry and state. With time tracked down to the minute from Odoo attendance, and timesheets that automatically sync with Payroll, Odoo eliminates room for payroll error. Employers can trust that time is being tracked accurately and employees can rest assured they are getting paid for every last minute on the job.

Applying for leaves in Odoo is simply a cakewalk for your employees

You can easily keep track of the holidays, legal leaves and sick days taken by each employee right inside Odoo. Employees enter their requests and managers approve and validate them, all in just a few clicks. The agenda of each employee is updated accordingly. Managers get a view of their whole team leaves in one complete view, to keep the team well-organized and to easily forecast the distribution of tasks during the absence of their members.

Streamline your expenses

Let your employees to easily submit and justify expenses. Whether it's travel expenses or any other costs, access all your employees' fee notes and complete, validate or refuse them. No need to download any specialized software or program to manage expenses.

Inspire achievement with challenges, goals and rewards

With Odoo, you can apply gamification and analytics onto your core business applications in order to drive employee success — increase collaboration, training and development, sales and support performance, customer self-service and more.

Measure top to bottom performance via customised appraisal forms

An efficient tool to track your employee's performance and helps you to take key decisions, which suites for both, your company and for employees as well !

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