Emipro Campus Drive 2016 at Atmiya

Posted on 13 May, 2017

August is the month when we start our campus drive, it lasts for 2 long months. All the pre-placement talks, examinations, interviews become a norm for these 2 months. We have different selection criteria at Emipro, we don't consider the mark sheets, rather we focus on the real skill. We love to see aspirations in the eyes of candidates towards their future and love to hear about their goals. If you got what it takes to become an eminent, we are ready to nourish you and take you a step further.

Atmiya Institue of Technology and Science

Atmiya Institue of Technology and Science (AITS) is the first college we started campus drive of 2016. It was scheduled on 11th August 9:00 AM. We got a massive 218 registrations from the candidates, it was really a very tough decision to make as every one of them gave their best. But at the end, we had to go with the best ones. It was really a fun day for us, below are some of the memories we captured.