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Magento 2

Upgrade your online store to next level with Magento 2

Magento 2 is the eCommerce platform for next generation which comes with unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities to an end user as well as a developer

  • Admin can manage product whith less number of click.(Simplified Product Management).
  • Product import process id faster 4 time for magento 1.
  • Great UX: Elegant and user friendly front-end design which attract customers.
  • Easy Checkout Process: Which makes easy for customers to place order whith less number of click.
  • Modern Admin user interface: Admin can easily manage orders, products, customers, promotions, etc. Beautiful and User firendly backend-An easy to use and user friendly backend with flat design and advanced features.
  • User Friendly menu: Flat designed well organised menu to navigateeasily.
  • Easy Checkout Process: Simple and easy to use one page checkout process.
  • Super Powered Front End: Comes with a blank theme to shapeit as you want it.

Technical Upgrades


New file structure with easy customization: Advanced PHP frameworks and coding patterns that are efficient for developers to use


Automated Testing Tool to improve code quality and speed up the QA process for a faster time to market.


Performance: minimizing and bundling JavaScript, compressing images, and improving the use of browser caching for static content, integrating Apache Varnish caching on server , which makes faster page load.


Scalability : capacious backend improvements enable larger teams to make product updates and process orders at the same time without diminished performance.


Improved Cache Management : Which makes faster page load.


Easy source code management which makes easy to convert business logic into code.


Easily customizable modular code which meets merchant needs.


CSS Preprocessing using LESS & CSS URL resolver.

Beneo Shop
  • XML sitemap improvements- Manage Frequency and Priority from Backend.
  • Inbuilt rich snippets for Structured Data.
  • Option to edit Robots.txt from backend.
  • Add product labels without 3rd party integration.
  • Improvement in the page load time.

As Magento 2 offers such great features, we recommend our customers to opt for Magento 2 rather than Magento 1 for new online store. You may face issues in the beginning, but as the time passes, you will be facilitated with lots of ready-made customizations in feature-rich Magento 2. It’s going to be great!

Explore potential of Magento 2 with us!

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