Magento Training

Magento is a vast application that sometimes endĀ­user don't know where to go and what to configure to get the desired result. Well trained employees are more apt to solve issues quickly, without disrupting the rest of the workplace, effectively saving time and money. Our Magento training program intends to improve your productivity drastically by giving inĀ­depth knowledge of each and every part of Magento.

Functional Magento Training

Our functional Magento training is unrivaled. Our functional Magento training programme covers all the aspects of Magento you need to learn as a store owner or employee. We have covered each and every function of Magento in detail and are open to any doubts after the completion of the training program. Functional training of Magento is important to make the most out of your Magento implementation and understand the advanced features in detail. With our functional training you will become a power user of Magento with advanced knowledge of each function. Our functional training of Magento is aimed at reducing the time spent on operations and individual learning.


Benefits of functional training

To understand the functional concepts of Magento

To reduce the time spent on management and improve efficiency

To offer the valuable suggestions to enhance the productivity of an organization

To get advanced knowledge of Magento and become a power user

Our Magento training will be helpful to

Newbie Magento Developer

eCommerce Project Manager

eCommerce Sales Manager

eStore Manager

Our dynamic Training Courses

Wide range of training programs according to your need

Catalog Management

Duration : 6 Hours

Highlights :

  • Manage Attribute set
  • Manage Attributes
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Category
  • Import Bulk Product
  • Manage Bulk Product Stock
  • Manage Search terms & custom redirections
  • Google Sitemap


Duration : 1 Hours

Highlights :

  • Useful tips for perfect store management & get more sales

Sales Management

Duration : 2 Hours

Highlights :

  • Order Management(Invoice, Shipment, Credit-memo, Transaction)
  • Tax Management

CMS Page & Blocks

Duration : 0.5 Hours

Highlights :

  • Manage CMS Pages/Blocks


Duration : 0.5 Hours

Highlights :

  • Newsletter Template, Queue, Subscribers

Customer Management

Duration : 1 Hour

Highlights :

  • Customer Group Management
  • Manage Customer
  • Import Bulk Customers


Duration : 1 Hours

Highlights :

  • Catalog Price Rules
  • Shopping Cart Price Rules

System & Configuration

Duration : 5 Hours

Highlights :

  • Manage Backups
  • Manage Permissions for multiple admin accounts
  • Manage Store
  • Cache management
  • Index management
  • Transactional Emails
  • Manage order status
  • Magento Connect
  • Manage Webservice users
  • Configuration (General, Web, Design, Currency Setup, Catalog, Sales, Checkout, Shipping methods & settings, Payment methods & settings)
Custom Training

Custom Training

We also provide custom training if you want to specialise and grow your knowledge in a specific part and don't want to take the whole course. We can craft the training program according to your convenience and the subject of study. We understand that full training of Magento is not needed for everyone unless he/she is a store owner and that is why we provide Custom Magento Training for specific job roles. Custom training is beneficial to those who wants to advance their knowledge of Magento or for the ones who just wants to learn a part of Magento in detail.

Benefits of custom training

Save time by learning only a part of Magento

Refresh your knowledge of a specific part of Magento

Advance your knowledge on Magento

They expanded their knowledge with us

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