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Expertise comes from years of in-depth market experience.

Many a times it may happen that manufacturers are not able to generate maximum expected profit, though they have good ability to manufacture quality products, just because they are unaware about the marketing strategies of putting products in the E-market in order to reach a wide range of consumers. To expand your business by reaching a huge crowd, you need to plunge into eCommerce domain by approaching a good eCommerce consultant. Our Consultants are capable enough to guide you for expanding your business through eCommerce. We will study & analyze your business & thereby, we'll provide you a complete guidance for how to upload your products in E-market (whether to build a website is suitable for you or to upload your products at some famous marketplace), how to increase the sales, how to reach the huge crowd, what are the strategies to attract more & more customers, what offers you can provide to customers and so on. Neither we speak in boring 'techno-jargon' language nor do we bore customers by showing 'fancy PowerPoint presentations'. We as your well wisher, will put each and every possible options to you prior to any kind of implementation. After all, expertization comes from years of experience. Fortunately, we are having Magento experts comprising of more than 4 years of experience, who are not only blessed with technical knowledge, but are also filled with the knowledge of the eCommerce business domain as well, who can recommend you the best fit solution for your business needs. Right from analyzing to planning, designing to deployment and maintenance, we are capable to accomplish all these procedures to deliver you a complete platform to handle your business. We will try our level best to provide you the best consultancy for bringing forth your business by making your global presence to reach maximum crowd. Please contact us on for more details.

Customization & Extension Development

Tailor fit your website with our dynamic and customized extensions.

From past few years, Magento has grown into a huge community, who identifies website building, custom requirement and develop functionality accordingly. Magento provides overall functionalities that are essential for any eCommerce website customer. But there's always an urge of some 'extra' from the customer's side. An application must be of customer's choice! Hence, according to your demand, we will tailor-fit your website deeply with customized front-end as well as back-end. We are enough efficient to make custom modifications in Magento's native features like payment method, shipping fees, cart process, product display & filtration on the front-end and many more with fully optimized features & custom functionalities. Open-source nature of Magento is a boon for Magento developers to come up each day in market with new personalized modules having extra-ordinary functionalities. Making an effective cum attractive website will indeed act as a helping hand for your business. Our Magento team is here to help you in building your 'helping hand' by introducing a good number of Magento extensions till now and will continue to do the same for shaping your website with extra-ordinary functionalities, greater flexibility & optimization. Our Magento service includes customization of your extensions as well as developing new extensions to give you the new functionalities.


Making sure that your application will run smoothly to achieve high level optimization.

Making any application to work efficiently, the primary step needed is its proper installation & configuration. If the application is not configured properly, it may prove as a hindrance for future extensions and functionalities. There may be possibilities of rising hazy situations like unforeseen glitches, non-working links, malfunctioning of system, low optimization etc. To prevent from such hazy situation, experts are required who can deploy your website in a well-working mode. Most of the time it happens, that developers are unaware about already existing configuration functionalities. Due to lack of proper configuration & functionality knowledge, some developers start to prepare custom modules to achieve desired functionalities & configurations. This costs time, money & energy, which is indeed not affordable for any company. Our Magento experts are filled with proper configuration knowledge, enough capable to install & configure Magento application well in your system, to provide the various configurations such as importing bulk products, shipping & payment methods, etc. With appropriate deployment, we assure you that your application will run smoothly to achieve high level optimization.


No matter how busy or complex things become, your website will run smoothly.

Post-deployment plays a major role in any application area. Maintenance of a system is as important as its development! Maintaining an application database is the prime responsibility for any company providing maintenance service. Our duty of maintaining your application starts from the moment your website goes live! We'll always strive to make your application system run smoothly, no matter how busy or complex things come across it. Our maintenance service includes maintaining the database at its highest security, reduce database overload, enhancing optimization to your application, time to time checking for bugs & solving issues related to it, flexible usage of functionalities and so on. Our efforts would always be making your application bugs free, with time to time testing, and achieving flexibility in running your system with the highest possible level of optimization.


Upgrade to the latest version of Magento to enrich your business.

The road of I.T. market is always under construction! Each day new ideas are coming up and are being laid into implementation. Same thing happens with Magento market. As the need arises, new versions & new features are being introduced day by day and to cope up with this, you need to upgrade your application accordingly. We are here to keep your application upgraded with new features & data migration from older versions to latest one! We will take you to the latest Magento trend by upgrading your system that will help you to withstand against your competitors & will indeed enrich your business.

We believe a great website should serve people, not the other way around. With Magento we deliver on that belief.


Our Magento training programs are for 'Participate & Learn', not for 'Show & Tell'

Magento is such a vast eCommerce system that sometimes an end-user is not able to decide where to go and what to configure to get the desired result. Increased knowledge and improved Magento usability eases employee frustration, when the Magento system does not behave as expected. Well trained employees are more apt to solve issues quickly, without disrupting the rest of the workplace, effectively saving time and money. Therefore, successful implementation of Magento Training to end users and back-end administrators is also a vital part. After implementation of Magento, our experts can give training on each minute detail of every aspects to end users. Our trainers have in- depth and diverse knowledge of Magento back-end & front-end side due to being worked in different extensions of Magento. Our Expert team has a vast experience to deliver Magento training on client site, as well as remote site via various communication mediums like Skype, Teamviewer, Video and Documents. There are various Magento Technical, as well as Functional courses available at Emipro Technologies. Our Magento training programs are for 'Participate & Learn', not for 'Show & Tell'. Please contact us at for more details on Magento Training courses.


Always beside you as a helping hand to handle all the hazy situations.

To keep your store up & to increase sales each day, it's really not easy in this competitive market. Most of the times, customers get trapped into hazy situations due to malfunctioning of system, unforeseen glitches, non-working links or low optimization. To sort out these awful issues, we are here to help you! After successful deployment of Magento application at your place, our work doesn't come to an end. We, as your helping hand will always beside you to offer 'after sale service' of solving each of your technical issues & maintaining your system. Our Magento experts are blessed with an immense technical knowledge due to a wide range of experience over the years. We will never fatigue in putting our best efforts to respond your queries & resolve issues as early as possible. Our goal would always be to increase your sales, optimizing your site & conversion rates and making your application work smoothly.

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Video On Demand

Watch our videos anywhere, anytime to add a drop of Magento in your knowledge

Get ready to learn Magento yourself through our online videos. Our Magento experts are here to share their knowledge with you to ease your usability through online videos! We have come up with an exclusive Magento service with which you can watch our videos anywhere, anytime to add a drop of Magento in your knowledge. Our video variety contains installation, managing admin panel, importing bulk products, managing Magento eCommerce store from the back-end and much more. We also offer you custom videos as per your custom requirements. Many a times, customer need arises to learn or get trained his team online for some specific Magento functionality or process, thus we fulfil their needs & guide them by delivering our videos. Please contact us on for more details.

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