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When someone talks about precious stones, the first thought which comes to our mind is of Diamonds - the physical ones. The astonishing part is - Have you imagined Diamonds on internet? Yes you read it right. As a mere piece of priceless black carbon gets transformed to a multimillion polished jewel, we are bringing a major transformation in diamond industry from physical store of diamonds to an online/web store of diamonds. Diamonds have been an incredible part of human race. The hardness, brilliance, and sparkle of diamonds make them unsurpassed as gems.

As this era is moving towards technological advancement, your business’ existence on web is important. The interesting point of having an online diamonds store is product view and details. You can show all the products to customers in just ‘slide and swipe’ manner which is not possible in a physical store. An online diamond store will facilitate your customer to see and study artistic design of each and every stone in detail and as much as they want at their convenience.

We at Emipro through our journey and experience till now, have gained enough skills and expertise over an ‘Online Diamond store’. Our team of maestros will carefully comprehend your requirements and will design and develop an attractive site for you. We will be always glad to provide you services for your online store right from the roots till the top.


High ROI on Low investment

Worldwide Accessibility

Sales always(24*7)

Easy Catalog management

Boost your brand

Customer analytics

Huge source of information

Increased scalability


Advanced Diamond Search and Listing

Anyone wanting to buy a product from your store will always expect a large number of options given to him/her. A customer will be always happy to see a list of diamonds belonging to the asked category meeting the constraints defined. In this, you will see a list of diamonds according to the parameters selected. All the diamonds along with its main characteristics like price, cut, carat, color and clarity will be shown along with many other features. This will help a customer in easy summarization of the diamond to be purchased. On the basis of filters applied by your customers, there will be an attractive diamond listing shown below considering all the parameters selected above. Your customers will be able to explore more as we have provided an option of detailed description besides each of the characteristics respectively so that they get a clear idea about the characteristic they are looking at.

Sell online from your catalog

Your customers will be able to see all your products at one place which you deal in and they will get these precious jewels delivered at their place by just a few clicks on different pages. Selling diamonds online was never this easy till the date. Give it a try!

Enrich your customer’s Knowledge

Dealing in diamonds and having a set up of course requires high investment which is only possible through up to date knowledge regarding the industry. As a merchant you are updated with all the information regarding these jewels but keeping in mind your customers, we have designed various education pages in which a drop down menu associated with some important aspects of diamonds appear which your customers might want to know. It has 14 different categories like diamond color, diamond carat, diamond clarity etc in a simple language so that it becomes easy for your customers to know the important aspects of diamond which will help them understand it in a better way.

Abundant Information

Information regarding each of the diamonds is available along with a clear comparison of your customer’s choice of diamond’s size depicted visually by the size of diamond with the average purchased size globally for the same. We have also added a real time feature for your customers to have a better vision by providing color change and clarity change function on a standard calibrated scale.

Tele support at customer’s convenience

Solving your customer's queries is a milestone for the success of a business. This helps in creating long lasting relationship with a customer and also goodwill for your store. Your customers are just a click away from you. They just need to fill up a small form with their convenient time mentioned in it. That's all! You will get all the records filled up in the form.

Price calculation

Price matters to your customers and is the thing which cannot be neglected. Price calculation in the case of diamonds is done considering its main characteristics like shape, carat, color/clarity and to make it quick and easy for your customers, we have provided with drop down selection for shape, color and by entering carat size, the system will generate the approx price of the diamond. This will create a positive image on customer’s mind regarding your business as people tend to have more trust on prices which are shown online on a standardized and reputed online store.

Synchronizing your inventory online

As you want your business to be recognized on online marketplaces globally and for that the updation should be really quick, you will be able to export/import or update your inventory/stock not only on your store but even on online marketplaces like RapNet.

Diamond Auction

Strengthen your contacts in the market which can help boost up your business anytime. Meet clients, customers, traders and merchants at a common online marketplace and take part in online auction and make your identity.

Product video

Online Chat

SMS Notification

Advanced Sales Report

Product comparison

Advanced SEO features

360 degree product view

Customization request form

Responsive web design

Online Payment Gateway Integration

Multiple Country/Currency Support

Diamond charts for cut, carat, color, clarity

Faster & easy Diamond inventory Search

Easy product, customer and sales management

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Check Shipping Availability on customer’s location

One of the most unique minerals present on Earth is diamonds. Due to its incomparable shine, incredible hardness and zeal of people to buy it, it has not only made its way to the top of industries but also to consumer markets. If you are already into the business of these jewels, we are here to make your business grow. It's said ‘sky is the limit’ and we will try our best to make this quote true for your business. Some of the eccentric features like diamonds education page, display of diamonds in attractive list, price calculation and calling an expert at customer’s convenience are the ones which will prove to be really unique and helpful for you and your customers.

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