Luceat - Enterprise eCommerce

When we say, there's nothing like Luceat, We really mean it.


Luceat is so easy to implement that it's hard to explain.

There has never been a better time to start your own online business than now. Using the right software could mean the difference between success and failure in running your eCommerce business. Whether you sell Online, on Amazon or eBay, on your Physical Stores or using Third Party Logistics, Luceat has you covered. It will automatically aggregate orders from all your Sale Channels at one place. Luceat is fully integrated with Marketplaces and Third Party Logistics so that you can start selling on major Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay in no time with Luceat. Luceat integrates Third Party Logistics with just one click which means less hassles on warehouse operations and more sales by controlling Multi-Channel Orders, Customers, Inventory, & Accounting. Be it any business requirement, Luceat got you covered.

What is Enterprise eCommerce?

Luceat Capabilities

Accelerate your growth using these powerful features


Open Source

Luceat is open-source, so you can modify and customize it to tailor fit your requirements without any limitations


Robust Architecture

Luceat is backed by a powerful open source ERP system to make your business secure, flexible and scalable


Easy Drag & Drop Store Builder

Easily design & build your online web-store without any coding skills using Luceat's 'drag and drop' store builder


Seamless Integration

Spend less time connecting systems and more time focusing on your business as Luceat seamlessly integrates various business operations like CRM, Accounting, Inventory etc. - all in one place


Real-time Inventory Synchronization

Luceat automatically synchronizes your stock levels in real time across multiple channels saving you lots of time and efforts


Powerful Analytics

In Luceat, having everything under one roof helps you strategize for success using powerful and comprehensive reports


Integrated Accounting

Easily manage accounts of multiple sales channels in one place with Luceat


Order Management

Quickly and efficiently process orders received on multiple channels as they come together under Luceat


Catalog Management

Upload products to a centralized catalog in Luceat and sync it with all your product catalogs on multiple channels


Enhanced Customer Support

Luceat helps you build a strong relationship with your customers from different channels by allowing you to interact with them under one roof


Search Engine Friendly

Luceat loves Google. High speed, mobile optimised, clean code, ability to add keywords and a hundred other features makes even Google love Luceat



More hands make the work light. Luceat allows multiple users to collaborate and work together to achieve greater things

Comparing Luceat

A graphical view showing where Luceat stands compared to other eCommerce solutions

Comparing to other eCommerce giants, Luceat hits the perfect balance when it comes to being user friendly and having enterprise capabilities to match the needs of a growing business.


Experts at your service

Fulfilling your needs is our top most priority


An Enterprise eCommerce business needs bold creativity along with robust architecture. Our Luceat Experts are always ready to provide you the critical support to help you build and strategize your growing business.


Luceat is fully integrated with Marketplaces & Third Party Logistics

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