Customer Relationship/Success Manager

Number of Vacancies: 1

Minimum Experience Required: 6 years

Qualification: MBA or any equivalent degree

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat.


We are looking for a ‘customer obsessed’ and highly skillful customer relationship/success manager to unify our sales and success team. As a mentor of our enterprise customers, you will guide, strategise and direct the activities of our customer relations department aligned with Emipro’s business vision and ensure your interactions with our customers reflect positively on the company and its growth. Instead of “winning the customer” approach, we want you to adhere to the “show the customer the path to value” approach. Your main objective will be to maximize customer retention and success while also driving increased license revenue. In this role you will act as a strategic advisor to Emipro’s enterprise Customers to ensure they remain successful and realize the full value of their investment and create a virtuous circle that ensures mutual success. As a proactive CSM, you will pick up the customer where the sales team leaves it and accompany the customer on their journey till successful ERP implementation and stay around for the entire life cycle till it becomes a case study.

Job Responsibilities

  • To work closely with Enterprise Customers ( During Pre-go-live/Post go-live stages) to ensure they are satisfied with Emipro's ERP Implementation services and improve upon areas of dissatisfaction and ensure the customer satisfaction as successful as possible, which in turn, improves customer lifetime value for the Emipro. 
  • Visiting customers on-site from time to time and scheduling online conference calls with customer stakeholders and giving them customized training on how Emipro’s solutions and services can be utilized to meet their particular needs. Ensure Emipro’s enterprise customers are aware of resources available for learning about Emipro’s solutions and services and that they’ve got the right tools & resources letting them take advantage of everything that Emipro offers to them.
  • Schedule periodical meetings, discussions with existing customers to discuss the ongoing ERP project status, and feedback on ongoing work to strengthen relationships for business growth.
  • Retain existing customers and generate new referrals to achieve revenue goals.
  • Collaborate & Partner with other leaders from Emipro’s Sales, Services, Product, Support, Marketing departments and Functional Consultants/Business Analysts/Delivery Managers for successful implementation of ERP projects and deliver a world-class customer experience.
  • Discuss the project’s goals, high-level scope, dependencies, available resources, timeline and budget, and benefits with the Project/Delivery managers.
  • Maintain key project risks awareness across the team and manage data to ensure project success.
  • Addressing any concerns or issues a customer may have and working with project managers/functional consultants to resolve them.
  • Define processes that align with the CRM Metrics and contribute to the company ROIs.
  • Discuss regularly with the customer to know about their work plans for the coming weeks/months and accordingly coordinate with the Project/Delivery Managers for resource allocation & scheduling accordingly.
  • Keep track of the progress of the project throughout the implementation cycle for the purpose of ensuring successful completion and building a success story/case study.
  • Collect, Analyze, and Interpret customer interactions data to identify requirements and information useful in optimizing better customer experience. Updating internal CRM systems with data and ensuring that Project/Delivery managers are aware of changes within customers.
  • As a customer’s advocate, be responsible for ensuring customer feedback is heard and acted upon. As a voice of the customers in Emipro, your biggest challenge will be mediating between the customer’s requests and the Emipro’s vision.
  • With an in-depth understanding of customer needs, identify opportunities for Emipro to provide additional services to customers & persuade customers to upgrade to higher subscriptions & complementary services offered by Emipro. When Odoo releases a new version, bring the opportunity to migrate to the higher version to customers’ attention and intersect with customers’ particular demands.
  • Identify which kind of problems affect multiple customers and forecast what those trends mean for future attrition.
  • Detect the bottlenecks in the upgrade of a success pack subscription, identify the revenue leakages and their reasons, and formulate strategies to mitigate them.
  • Be the escalation point when the need arises for payment, subscription, and billing-related issues.
  • Coordinate with Odoo head office and register Emipro as implementation partner of our newly onboarded Enterprise customers.
  • Liaisoning with Odoo and ensuring timely collection of yearly commission of user licenses of Enterprise Customers.
  • Monitoring the invoicing and money collection processes and ensure on-time payment collection of monthly invoices. Keeping records of invoices, deposits, advance payments, and all correspondence regarding payment collection.
  • Prepare reports of regular intervals (monthly, quarterly and annual) making forecasts on payment flow.
  • Generating yearly AMC for support & maintenance projects and ensuring AMC renewal and its on-time payment collection. 
  • Handle disputes or inquiries concerning invoices, bank remittance transactions or billing processes.
  • Negotiate and settle non-payment disputes with customers or Odoo HQ efficiently.
  • Report and monitor any deviation from the outlined credit standards by our Enterprise Customers.

Required Skills

  • 6+ Years in a customer-facing or Customer Success role within an enterprise software (ERP) or SAAS product.
  • Process-oriented mindset
  • Customer-First Mindset
  • Empathy
  • Ability to speak to C-level Executives
  • Strong Knowledge of Industry
  • Decision Making
  • Attrition Resolution Management
  • Proactive Approach
  • Churn Management
  • Ability to handle infuriated customers
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Rapport Building
  • Strategic thinker and ability to analyze and solve problems quickly
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Must be self-motivated, flexible, and able to manage several jobs at one time
  • Highly developed organizational, planning and management writing skills and oral communication skills and the ability to work effectively with others
  • Travel up to 10% of the time to the customer site(including some possible international travel if required)
  • Must have an omnichannel view of the customer throughout the engagement over time and across multiple touchpoints.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of any famous ERP as an end user
  • Experience working with SaaS products related to retail, wholesale or distribution.
  • Functional knowledge of various business processes like Procurement, Purchasing, Sales, eCommerce, Inventory, Accounting etc,.
  • Ability to align technical concepts & features to business needs and vice versa.
  • To be available in USA/Canada/Europe time zone
  • Ability to present technical concepts effectively to diverse stakeholder groups and to engage effectively with senior executives of large enterprises on both technical and business topics

Benefits to work with Emipro

  • 5 Days working
  • International Exposure
  • Handsome Salary Package
  • Medical Health Insurance
  • Relocation Rent Allowance
  • Lucrative Leave Policy
  • Leave Encashment
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Recurring Referral Bonus
  • Employee Loan Policy
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Parties and Fun
  • Professional Development