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Real skills come from doing real job. You have already learned enough skills which are taught in classroom, now it is time to apply those skills in real world scenarios. Emipro offers a vast range of internships to nurture interest and skills of students. Internship can help you gain exposure to real world problems and subjects that are not found in textbooks, it helps you to cultivate adaptability and creativity in this ever changing world.

About Emipro

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Emipro was founded in the year 2011 in Rajkot to serve the ever changing needs of our clients and to help them tackle the CHANGE. It is best Odoo and e-Commerce Application development based outsourcing software firm. Since our foundation, we've built a firm of eminents who loves what they do and who they work with. Being in IT business since 2011, we have a strong team of skilled IT experts. Our eclectic young team of eminent hails from a range of backgrounds, comprising equal parts formal education and street smarts. This helps us bring an element of uniqueness and excellence to our work.

Emipro is not a company you will join; it is a family you will be a part of. Apart from the expert training, you will get a chance to work with some of the biggest companies of the world, skills which you will need to grow in personal and professional life, regular pizza parties and make lifelong friends. At Emipro, we have an open door policy, there is no superior to watch over your performance. Each and every eminent is always ready to help each other whenever required. We promise that you will learn something new every day, be it a new programming language or a simple design principle. You don’t come to office after leaving home, you come to another home.

At Emipro, you celebrate your own style. You will not draw the way you're being told to draw. You’ll draw the way you're drawing.

Internship Benefits at Emipro

No Payment for Internship Programs

Holistic Development for personal growth

Continuous guidance from experts

A Job Offer with Attractive Salary package

Fun and Parties which you will always remember

Available Courses

ERP Developer


This internship course will introduce you with one of the most advance open source and web based ERP system Odoo. As an ERP developer, you will learn how to develop and deploy ERP modules as per the latest MVC architecture. You will be not only aware with technical architecture of the ERP system, but also with the business concepts like Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting & Customer Relationship Management. Also you will be able to understand the customer requirements and translate them into suitable solution architecture on one of the most advanced ERP software of the current era.

Magento Developer


Magento is one of the biggest platforms in the current era of eCommerce. If you are get excited when someone mentions the word ‘eCommerce’ or see yourself making awesome eCommerce stores in future, this is the right program for you. As a Magento developer you will learn basics and advanced concepts of it, and will leverage your skills of PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, JQuery, AJAX, GIT etc.

Web Designer


You will able to learn how to create beautiful web designs by leveraging advanced knowledge of typography, layout and composition, color theory, grid systems and use of photography. As a web designer, you will be fluent in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript(OO), jQuery. You will learn latest design standards and trends in design such as material design, responsive design etc. Applying for this course means, you must be a hands-on, pro-active, self-motivated developer with strong initiative and a desire to succeed in a challenging environment. You should have a passion for great user experiences and an eye for detail.

Product Engineer


At Emipro, we put our customers first. So, we have developed some awesome and innovative business apps for Odoo and Magento which solves complex business issues with a simple plug and play approach. Our apps are one of the best in the industry and are highly appreciated by our customers. As a Product Engineer, you will learn how to conceptualize an app which can solve existing problems in the industry. You will have to coordinate with our technical engineer right from defining the concept till launch. It will be you who will come up with new ideas for apps or upgrade our existing apps. You will be responsible for guiding our products throughout the execution cycle, focusing specifically on analyzing, developing and tailoring our solutions to all the markets where Emipro does business. This program is best suited for candidates who like to get into details of a problem and come up with creative ways to solve it. You will be surely part of shaping Emipro’s next moonshot.

Customer Support Engineer


This is one of the most exciting program of internship as you will directly communicate with Emipro's customers. If you think 'communication skills' are your superpower, this program is right for you. As a Customer Support Engineer, you will be serving our customers by providing our product and service information; resolving our product and service problems. Being the interactive middle-link between our valuable customers and the organization, you will learn how to resolve product or service problems by clarifying the customer's complaint; determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem;smartly handling the rare regretful situations; expediting correction or adjustment;team up with our technical engineer and following up to ensure resolution. This program will train you with a blend of technical and organisational knowledge.

Product Marketing Assistant


Know the end user. Know the magic. Connect the two. Product marketing assistant is a client facing role where you will have to study solutions we offer in-depth and then come up with strategies that makes our solution stand out in the market. It will involve a lot of communication with end customers as well as coordinating with technical teams. You will have to conduct market research under expert supervision to identify needs and problems faced by our customers, monitor and analyze the competitive landscape, business developments and market trends to identify opportunities and ensure product offering is properly positioned. By coordinating with our creative team, you will have to come up with different marketing materials which can attract potential customers. Please note that this program is not a typical sales job; it is more of a strategy formation job where you will learn how to research the market so that a product stands out from the cut-throat competition.

Ecommerce integration Expert


We have our own set of solutions for integration of ERP with some of the biggest marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay etc or eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc. As an eCommerce integration expert, you will not only learn latest eCommerce concepts but also to technically integrate them with other marketplaces to leverage the best solutions by integrating all these marketplaces into ERP, which will lead to better management of our customer’s sales forecasting and budget planning.

Digital Marketing Assistant


As a Digital Marketing Assistant, you will learn ins and outs of Digital Marketing. You will not only learn advanced concepts of SEO, PPC and Content Marketing, you will get a chance to work with some of the big businesses around the world, create creative campaigns for them and start your journey into the world of Digital Marketing.

Software Tester


Our products and business solutions are built with utmost quality and high standard. Whether there is just installation, critical problem or consulting in ERP/eCommerce technologies, our every solution is nourished with intense care. Software testing involves the analysis of solution, and systems, to avert risk and prevent software issues. As a software tester, you will be involved at the quality assurance stage of our software development and deployment process. You will conduct automated and manual tests to ensure that the solution created by our team of technical engineers fit the purpose. You will be assigned responsibility to find bugs and issues within a product before it gets deployed to our customers.

Hiring Process

Aptitude test

Technical Interview

HR Interview

Internship Registration Form

Internship FAQs

Do I need to go clear any exam to join internship ?

Based on your current course details from the resume ( MCA, Msc IT, BE or CE etc.. ) we will conduct an aptitude test. Once you clear the aptitude you will need to clear technical as well as HR interview round. Upon successfully completing those 3 tests, you will be eligible to join us for internship.

I am not sure which program I should go for, what should I do?

If you are not sure about where to go, our experts will communicate with you to guide you which program is best suitable for you. Just wait for technical interview by Emipro experts. Based on your skills they will suggest you best matching internship course.

What is the ideal time period for the internship ?

Generally our internship offers starts from Mid November till the Summer ( March/April ). If you want to join us for the internship, you need to register 2 weeks before the official time period.

Can I apply for multiple programs at Once?

Yes, you can register for more programs at once. But at last, after HR interview, you need to select only one program for your internship.

What is the minimum time period for Internship Program?

Official internship period will be 4 months or minimum 100 working days. However, you can make it longer if you want to learn more.

Will I get the certificate, if I break the internship before my official ending time ?

Strictly NO, in that case you will not get internship completion certificate by Emipro. You have to complete the minimum and required time period for the selected internship course.

Can I get a job offer from Emipro after completion of Internship?

We will be more than happy to accept you as a part of Emipro family provided that you prove your mettle and excellence in the work assigned during the internship period.

Will I get leave during my academic responsibilities ?

Yes, you get the leave for academic responsibilities from Emipro, provided an official request from academic authorities.

Can i switch over to another internship program, If i feel that I choose the wrong program during the starting phase?

Yes, you are allowed to switch to other programs and explore them for a specified amount of time. We want you to make the best out of your internship. It is not advisable to change the program once you are halfway through it, if you still want to change, decision will be taken at that time keeping in mind current situations.

Are your internship programs paid?

NO! We believe knowledge should be free and are always eager to pass on our expertise to freshers free of cost to develop IT community as a whole. Throughout the internship period, neither you will not need to pay for anything nor submit any academic documents at Emipro.

Can I join Emipro at before the official internship period starts?

If you think you can spare enough time before the official internship starts, you are always welcome. By starting early you will get to know the company environment and extra knowledge which will help you in official period of internship.

How can I know when Emipro is coming for the campus at my institute ?

Check with the campus placement officer (TPO) at your university/institute to see if (and when) Emipro will be visiting your college/university. We will inform your TPO, minimum 2 weeks ago prior to our scheduled date for the campus interview at your institute. You can visit our official Facebook page for the updates on the campus interview schedule.