Bridging gap between corporates and IT freshers

The objective of SETU 2017 is to bring together corporate experts and enthusiastic students on a single platform that helps student to get a sneak peek into the world of Corporate IT. Becoming aware about the latest IT trends & technologies will help students survive and grow in the highly competitive IT market. With our 16 enlightening and informative speeches, students will get an all-round view of what kind of talent, skills and attitude they’ll need in today’s IT Corporate world. Our experienced eminents will guide students in the domain of ERP & eCommerce. Throughout the day, apart from these enlightening speeches, our experts will be available to students to guide them about various aspects of a career in IT and also share their valuable experience about how to grow in a highly challenging IT field. Participation in SETU will ensure that students will be able to make an informed choice regarding their career option based on needs and requirements in IT field.

Our key speeches

Project Management

Strong Teamwork in Big Project: Divide work & Multiply Success

Big Projects in MNCs are not accomplished by any individual but by a Team of dedicated individuals. TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More. In this session, learn effective teamwork skills that you need to successfully complete a big project.

Chirag Rajkotiya

Chief Technical Officer



Importance of Quality Assurance ,Quality Control & Testing in Software Development

Developing a software demands huge amount of time, efforts and resources. But if quality is not ensured during and after the development of a software, it becomes practically useless. Know about the valuable and unavoidable role that QA, QC and Testing plays in developing a good software.

Hardik Patadia

Odoo Project Manager


Digital Marketing

Social Media and SEO HACKS to Start and Monetize your blog

Do you want to start and drive thousands of targeted visitors to your own blog but don't know where to begin? Get your book and pen ready because this power packed session will talk about basic blog creation,practical SEO tips and Social Media hacks to help you grow and monetize your blog.

Shetul Majithiya

Senior Digital Marketing Executive



A checklist for shifting from College to Corporate

The transition from College to Corporate is exciting as well as challeging. Many graduates struggle to adapt into Corporate environment due to different expectations & responsbilities than in College. In this talk, get to know some powerful tips to make your transition from College to Corporate as smooth as possible.

Arpit Sheth

Business Development Executive



Interview Etiquettes: Know the secret of acing the Job interview

Job interviews are always nerve wracking. Sometimes the pressures can make us act differently and fail to do our best. Conquer your nightmare of shaking voice and stammered answers on your big day i.e. your interview day by exploring the interview hacks at SETU 2017!

Kosha Desai

HR Manager



How to build a future-proof career in eCommerce?

eCommerce is one of the hottest industry right now for fresh graduates who are just starting their career. With eCommerce, opportunities are limitless. This session will be about 'everything eCommerce', it will discuss about the growth opportunities, different roles in eCommerce and how to make sure that you get the best out of it.

Shetul Majithiya

Senior Digital Marketing Executive



Understanding Different Job Roles & Responsibilities for Freshers in an IT Company

A lot of IT Graduates are under the impression that only programmers join an IT company, which is not true. There are wide variety or roles & responsibilites based on different job roles in an IT company. This talk emphasizes that students must identify their talent, skills & interest and find an appropriate job role in an IT company.

Dilip Jivani

Managing Director



All you need to know about Hosting a Website

Creating a website is the first step. But keeping it just in your localhost makes it useless. In this talk, you will learn everything that you need to know about hosting a website and making it go live.

Dilip Jivani

Managing Director



Mobile Responsive Web Design for eCommerce

Online Shopping is no longer limited to computers or laptops. Increasing number of shoppers prefer to shop from their mobile phones or tablets. In this speech, you can learn how to make an eCommerce website mobile responsive.

Nimita Gajera

eCommerce Project Manager



Online Q&A Forums: One stop solution for programmers

Smart programmers do not build up every solution from scratch. Many times while carrying out your routine programming tasks, you encounter problems that many programmers face across the world. In this session, know how using Online Q&A forums can help programmers to easily get solutions to many of the easy & tough problems faced while performing daily programming tasks.

Viraj Joshi

Odoo Project Manager


Customer Support

Role of Customer Support Executive in an IT Company

Every IT company needs a Customer Support Executive. Many graduates initially play the role of a CSE in one or the other way however very few are aware of the actual responsibilities of a CSE. Know about the role of a Customer Support Executive in an IT company in this session.

Manoj Gotecha

Sr. Odoo Developer



All You Need to Know for being eCommerce Web Designer

eCommerce Web design is more than just using colors, aligning blocks & applying sliders. In this talk, I'll make you aware about latest eCommerce design trends and career scope of an eCommerce Web Designer beyond a regular Web Designer.

Juhi Upadhyay

Odoo Project Manager



Make your work easy with Google Apps & Services

What is Google? A search engine that provides email facility? Well, think again. Google provides dozens of apps and services that can really help you out in many day to day tasks. A lot of these apps and services remain unexplored and so in this talk, you will learn about some of the most useful Google Apps & Services.

Ajay Ghimre

Odoo Engineer



Essential Smart Programming Techniques that gets you hired by Tech Giants

There are a lot of programmers out there, but only a few GOOD programmers. When writing a code, the programming technique is as important as the outcome of the program. What distinguishes a good programmer from an average programmer are some Smart Programming Techniques that you will learn from this informative session.

Chirag Rajkotiya

Chief Technical Officer



How eCommerce Web Design help your online store convert more Customers

Approximately 96% of shoppers that come to your online store are not ready to buy products. Helping them to easily find what they are looking for is quite challenging task. So as a Web Designer you need to strive to work on the key points to maximize conversion rate. Know you roles and responsibilities by attending this session.

Juhi Upadhyay

Odoo Project Manager



Developing software as per customer's needs: A Software Developer's Perspective

A good Software Developer doesn't just technically develop a software but steps into his customer's shoes and attempts to understand and resolve his problems. In this speech, find out which practical aspects should a developer take care of while working with his customer.

Vishal Kapuriya

Odoo Engineer


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