Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

What do our employees think about working at Emipro?

A transition from college life to a corporate life is not easy, it takes a lot of self-effort to encounter this change. But when I started working here at Emipro, I got a great support and the transition became less stressful. All the employees over here are very friendly and supportive. Whenever I get nervous or lose my confidence, my seniors and colleagues have been always helpful to maintain my confidence, enhance my skill and have always been a true beacon towards the right direction. I didn't feel like a stranger here a single day and to my every query I get an answer which helps me to grow faster with an ease. Along with my technical development, I got a chance to sharpen up my soft skills like communication and behaviour etiquette.Emipro is the best place to for any trainee to get the best start of their career. I would like to say a heartily thank you to Emipro to help me give a shape of my career and give me the opportunity to explore myself. I feel very privileged to work in such a nice company.Thank you Emipro for everything.

Coming together with Emipro was an onset of the journey from novice towards becoming an expert. Talent acquisitive in approach, Emipro believes in creating opportunities for deserving candidates, regardless of poor academic grades. They have achieved excellence in two major business domains: ERP and ECommerce. Comforting amenities and serene environment facilitate in growing and excelling with the experts. Building simple solutions to complex requirements of large ERP deployments contribute towards learning various business aspects, and sharpens analytical, problem solving, and implementation skills. Periodic appraisals and guidance from experienced eminent result into intellectual nurturing.

Emipro is the place where I can paint my own canvas and write the future in my own way! One thing I love the most about working at Emipro is the freedom to explore and implement new ideas as an employee. Moving from student life to corporate one, obstacles did cross my way but management team here helped me out with all my difficulties. Emipro provides a wide range of growth opportunities, suitable to the skills of an employee. Sky is the limit for Emipro canvas. You can keep painting this with your dreams.

Emipro is my first workplace from where I started my corporate journey and I am really glad to say that it was the best start possible. I learned to code and designing in college but Emipro taught me its application and also the coding standards. Emipro has always appreciated the employees' ideas and also have tried to implement it whenever possible. Encouragement to carry out the difficult task and a freedom to carry out in the manner we feel comfortable is the another point of Emipro which makes it unique and make me fall in love with it every day. Started as an intern in web designing, today I am handling the post of Assistant Oddo Engineer in Emipro and I would say a Big Thank You to Emipro for moulding my career so beautifully!

Most important stage of life is to move to the corporate life from a student life and I think it was my great start to be a part of Emipro. I got the best environment here to increase and update my practical knowledge. I got so much support from all eminents of Emipro and especially from my Project Manager. And the best thing about Emipro is its friendly environment. The major advantage to me was during my internship period itself I got a chance to work on live projects which enhanced my confidence and boosted my morale. I spent a real quality time here with my colleagues too. We went for dinner parties and attended many informative sessions. I feel proud to be part of Emipro and wish to be a part of the ever and in highest pace growing firm Emipro.

Its a very nice experience to work at and be a part of Emipro. I have learned many things here. At Emipro, we are not just a company, we are family, where each employee supports each other. I was a trainee here initially and its my pleasure that I had a chance to get training here. My knowledge was improved indeed by having training here. Not only in terms of knowledge but as an individual i found myself a more polished professional now. At Emipro we have many outings for Lunch/Dinner and so on wherein I enjoy a lot. We every year hosts an event known as SETU which gives us a great enjoyment along with exposure! I do love working here because here we have pressure less and very friendly atmosphere, which is suitable to every single person. You can develop your inner skills here and can sharpen it more. Here best part is you get opportunities to work on live projects during your training tenure,I my self, worked on live projects and extensions. That is great opportunity for any trainee to get best start of his/her career.

I am glad to say that Emipro is rapidly growing IT firm located in Rajkot city. Here all eminent provides great response for the Technical queries of the clients. Emipro provide free of cost internship and not only a free internship but provides best scope to enhance practical knowledge. I got a chance to be trainee here and my all seniors provided me expertise knowledge and full time training like an employee. We celebrate all festivals and special occasions here like a family. Truly and honestly i can say that my knowledge have increased a lot working with Emipro.

Starting right from the campus recruitment to the after-sales customer support, Emipro holds a totally distinct mentality which widens the scope of their service. I was in search of a company that values talent and programming logic rather than the mark sheet numbers... And that’s what Emipro has always approached for! Here, trainees, are not only considered as a future member but are also taken as a trustworthy asset that will contribute to the expansion of the company. I have never seen any developing company spending so much time and efforts in providing free after-sales support. "A Very approachable, honest and a fun team player" my upvote to this point that is mentioned in company's 'Apply for job' page! Yes, being with the team is a pleasant experience as everyone from the higher authorities to junior level colleagues have quite helpful and understanding approach... And that's where the fun part lies. We have quality get-togethers, we carry out informative events, we have picnics and dinner parties. We all are treated equally here and they are always there to help us when we get stuck in something. If you want to develop yourself in a dedicated environment, you are meant to be here!

Eventually the day dawned when I had to face campus interview of an esteemed organization. As usual, the candidate has to undergo training for the stipulated time limit tagged by the company as a part of project. My initial slow training triggered and gained momentum under the supervision of allied staff. I used to feel dejected when number of problems confronted an inexperienced person. Fortunately,many extended their helping hands to me to sort out my difficulties. Right from my colleague and seniors, to Managing Directors were always willing to backup with their inspiring advice and instructions. Gradually I pulled up my stockings with their benign assistance & now I feel confident enough to tackle my job. Concluding, I express my best feelings for the whole-hearted cooperation I received at this company.

What I like the most about Emipro is the friendly environment and nature of every jobholder. All the individual representative working at Emipro are very helpful and i realized it during my training span only that they are extremely supportive. My fanaticism always lied in web designing and developing. So all thanks to Emipro for moulding my career in right direction.

I am feeling very blessed that I got a chance to work with esteemed organization, Emipro. A co-operative staff and humble directors polished my knowledge, encouraged me and made me capable to work in this challenging & competitive world. I am heartily thankful to all my seniors who are connected with Emipro for guiding me in right direction.

After spending near about 2 years at Emipro, A student, who need a launchpad to explore themselves, it's available here. Like any other student, I was also thinking that in IT field we should be specialist on particular language like Java, .Net, Php, etc. But after spending time in company, I can say that no need to be specialist in any language or any framework, just need awareness of programming concepts & logic, and you will be able to achieve all your goals. And also I would like to share that during working hours, I have always found friendly environment from our seniors, always get help from other eminent, whenever needed. In fact all the new things, like how to interact with client, understand their needs, how to do analysis on those things, and how to find solution of those requirement, all these things I learnt from here. Now, I can to say to students, that if you have a dream, join Emipro, and make it a reality!

In student life, I was quite nervous to choose a domain, But Today I am satisfied and enjoying to work in ERP domain with Emipro. Working at Emipro has been continuous growth for me since December 2013. Emipro has always provided me multiple learning opportunities. I love most about working at Emipro is to give opportunities to communicate with customers & project analysis that gives personal and professional growth. The company really cares about its employees & clients. Team members are always active in new techniques and also inspire us for more growth & improvement. I am proud to be part of Emipro Family. Today I am self confident, and it's credit goes to team members of company. Enjoying journey with Emipro by continuous growth and development of company & my life.

Let me start out by saying how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work for a company like Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd., I started with Emipro from the early days of the company and have had the pleasure of working with some extraordinary people over the years who have both inspired and encouraged me along the way, I have also had the opportunity to work in different projects where I was challenged every day and have found that whoever I have worked with, Emipro’s core values are always reflected. It is the mission and vision of the company which drives us to achieve greater and greater heights. At Emipro, opportunities are limitless. I look forward to being challenged each day to be in the top of the industry, and to be a part of the Emipro's growth.

Officially I started with Emipro from October 2014 and have had a pleasure of working with the most amazing people one can find. However personally I was attached with Team Emipro since 2011. I work as a SR. Odoo Developer and enjoy working with my team because it provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have been with other companies as a project manager but with Emipro it is different, it is not just a job, it is a culture of professionalism and family. The time spent with Emipro Technologies has carved my professional and interpersonal skills. The work environment, the team, the challenges, the policies; everything is just great. If you have the potential, then Emipro Technologies is definitely the place to explore the ocean of opportunities. It just feels great to be a part of Emipro family.

I still remember the first day when Emipro started, everyone with high aspirations to do something and bring a change in the society, to grow personally as well as grow the company. I consider myself fortunate enough to be with Emipro from day one. As a Sr. Odoo Project Manager I had some key roles to play, communication with the clients, training, coding and a lot of other stuff. All these things led to one thing- GROWTH. I challenged myself every day to give best to my clients and this is what Emipro was formed for. I am proud to say that I was one of the drivers of Emipro’s vision and contributed to its success, giving the name ‘Emipro’ and making it so big is one of the biggest achievements of my life. I not only made friends at Emipro, I made a whole family. It never felt like I was going to work, it always felt like I was going to a second home. Most companies just hire people to fill empty chairs, but Emipro actually finds good-quality individuals that bring their own personalities to the company. By finding value in Individuals, we pull strength from one another to reach our goals, and that is what makes this such a magnificent company to work for!

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