Customer Success Stories

Excellent service is not just our promise, we are committed to deliver it too

We introduce a number of companies across the world using the internet and settled on Emipro Technologies. We ask Emipro initially to transfer our Functional, Warehousing & Manufacturing control data from SAGE to OpenERP. Emipro Technologies has not only configure the system specifically as per our basic needs, but also involve the financial modules and allowed them to replicate UK accounting, processes & reports. Emipro Technologies always been courteous, very responsive to any requests, even within our times and business hours and always tries to respond very properly. In the broader sense of developing the systems, always tries to understand milestones of the problems, until moving forward to any regard. Therefore, I am very pleased of recommendation of Emipro, you should explore opportunities with Emipro and I think you will find them very responsive and extremely competent company in that regard.

I have been working with Emipro for almost 3 years now and I cannot praise them more for the work they have done for us. Emipro is a part of our core team now and we are proud to have such strong technical support by our side. We started just them with just website development but now Emipro handles all our technical problems around the web and management of the mobile app platform. We have complex requirements which require a large amount of integration. I feared that it will be difficult for this team to handle it because of difference in time zones but as they work 6 days a week and they are also available at 3 AM in the morning as needed it has not been an issue. Team Emipro crafted a very beautiful website which is available at They have designers and coders able to give a complete makeover very quickly. Always ahead on learning, which they don’t charge for, helps us keep up with the modern trends. Having known them for 3 years now I would trust them 110% as they are more like friends. I would recommend them to everyone and feel confident they would have little or no issues.

With my ambitious requirement to develop Web Order System for restaurants, and integrate those with POS & KDS (Kitchen Display System), I move around for many companies to get deserving solution for that, and finally I get in touch with Emipro. After working with them, I can say that I get best possible solution from them! Their ability to work on all aspect related to any business flow is just incredible. One of the many best things of them which I like most, is their support. Their working hours and percentage of availability are very impressive, and that persuade me to transfer all my work, which is mostly related to web, to them and I believe that it was one of my key decision to improve quality of my business. I always recommend Emipro, because they are just best !

We are working with Emipro since month of August 2015 and I am really impressed by their professionalism and commitment to our Odoo project. I have worked with quite some companies from abroad already, but Emipro is definitely one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. They have got very good knowledge of all e-commerce related business processes and always know a solution for each and every problem we are facing in our current business process. But what I like most about them is that they are really thinking from our business perspective. They are looking with a critical eye at each customization we are requesting and are trying to understand the purpose behind it. Often they come up with a very easy solution which did not even require any customization at all. They know Odoo very well and that helps a lot! Emipro is a young committed team with an awesome attitude! They already became a very valuable source for our business and I can recommend them to everyone who wants to integrate Odoo for their eCommerce business.

For every seller in Amazon, one of the main things to take care of, is Seller Rating, and we dare to say that after implementing Emipro's module to manage Amazone related stuffs in Odoo, it boosted our seller rating to new high ! System atomization is 'key' of this module. With no fuss, we were able to use this module, and due to that, we were able to deliver goods to our customer within given timeline, and update it's status to Odoo in no time! Next great think which impressed us, are many different types of reporting, which system generates based on Amazone data. It helped us a lot to take certain decisions, and due to that, we were able to achieve our sales target, and that really huge thing for sales team. We also had many other things to manage for our ERP, and Emipro Delivered that, with conventional. As we are managing our products with third party warehouse (TPW), with the solution of Emipro, we are now managing it with ease in Odoo, and our manual work (as well as ratio of error) came down to almost 0 ! Main USP of Emipro is what we figured out, is the knowledge of ERP, and the way they handle our project, is commendable. Nothing more to say for Emipro. They are simply 'The Best' !

Emipro has helped us developing a custom module which boosted the performance of our website. We had a very complex requirement of migrating our old website with tons of data and also new custom requirements which was a challenging task. Emipro took up the challenge and gave us a perfect solution; they have a team of experts who can shape Magento in any way you want. I would also call them Magento magicians because of their deep level of knowledge in Magento and the experience they have. I recommend Emipro to everyone who wants to build their website with Magento and have a complex requirement.

Being a young entrepreneur, I was always looking for passionate team, who can come out as a winner from any challenging situations. When I start working with them, I immediately felt that they understood my need even though they did not know my business. They are always looking to improve the system even without asking. I was able to see the clear difference for my logistics management, improvement on my online sales with different sales channels and efficiency in work of my employee. Their ability to integrate with our different online sales channels and with our logistic company was really impressive. The fast responding of the team is something you will never find elsewhere. You have a dedicated team that will go the extra mile with you in order to make sure you are satisfied. When it comes to on-site training for all of your users, they will answer fast, broadcast their screen so you would understand easier, and they will show patience to sort out any query of our employees. With their vast knowledge, they proved that I made a right choice for that. I will always recommend Emipro who is now part of our extended corporate family.

We choose Emipro because they were quick to respond by giving us their interpretation of what we needed. Their availability to analyze our requirement was just amazing. The Emipro staff is great to work with, very warm & very friendly. They offer consulting, implementations & Support & many many brainstorming sessions. If challenges & issues arose, Emipro staff is able to resolve them very quickly. They have an incredible know-how on logistical processes which make a whole project much easier. Because of this they are always on time, when implementation sections of the project. Throughout the process, they have offered suggestions and improvements which are often proved as very valuable. If I can give them 100 Stars to support & attention to detail I definitely would go for. The attention to detail & speed of support is quite phenomenal. If you are considering using Odoo and it needs customization then take it from me, you will be extremely pleased and satisfied if you use Emipro as your partner. We hope this message, would make your choice that much easier.

We are designer and manufacturer of robotic motion control solutions. From live broadcast and film productions to product photography, we offer our clients the ability to capture their visions via a ground breaking suite of hardware and software. We implemented OpenERP in September 2013 and now we cannot imagine not having this system and we would not be able to cope with the expansion without it. The company is expanding and OpenERP plays an important role in increasing efficiency and in keeping organised. I have been working with Emipro Technologies for a couple of years now. They installed the whole system and they have been maintaining it since 2013. Having special requirements meant that we needed heavy customisation of Odoo. Quite often we needed things doing on an urgent basis and it was really good that Emipro Technologies have been able to respond quickly when we needed. This is very important for me and speed is one their greatest strengths. Implementation of OpenERP at Mark Roberts Motion Control has been successful. The dedicated hard work provided by Emipro Technologies made this implementation a success so I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You for that. The person I work with at Emipro Technologies is honest and I know that I can trust him. I am also happy with his technical skills although it is hard for me to judge as I am not a programmer. I am amazed by his response time and I find it easy to work with him. Emipro Technologies provide good services for great value for money and I would definitely recommend them. They are a 5 star partner of Mark Roberts Motion Control.

- Peter Huszar , Finance Manager , Mark Roberts Motion Control , United Kingdom

We face problems & new requirements on daily bases and Emipro always has a solution. They've truly made the system specific to the needs & that is were makes Emipro eminent. When I think of the employees at Emipro, I think of hard working, intelligent, problem solvers! In developing OpenERP for our needs, Emipro has been every single step of the way, whether it's 5 a.m. or midnight, they're always available. When I look at our experience as a whole and I think about the knowledge have the employees, the dedication, the availability; Emipro is just amazing! We definitely give them 10 on 10. And not only we have gained a successful business partner in Emipro, we have gained friends and that to us is truly invaluable.

We came across to Emipro Technologies, they helped me quite a lot. The speed of work is extra-ordinary, they do as quick as possible. They listen to you; come up with ideas & the good thing about them is I like their communication. I found 97% they lie on Skype during the business hours of UK which is a plus point for me because they based over-seas. They listen to your work; do research; come up with different two-three options & let you choose. They're very talented, know many good extensions which make your life easy. They're very professional. And the last but not least is the cost; I found them minimum 75-85% cost effective & quite reasonable. Major things I liked is one to one contact; which increases the value of the work. I would definitely recommend them; do try them, let them know your problems and I'm sure you'll find exactly how I found them.

In our process of implementing Odoo(ERP) system, it was a pleasure to working with Emipro Technologies, especially with Jay, Dipesh and their team.They have a sound knowledge in the domain, and their effort and dedication is highly appreciable.

- Alpha Emirates , Dubai , UAE

We have been working with EmiproTech for probably the last two years. EmiproTech has been great to work with & employees have been so concerned, been able to bridge the gap & became our friends. They ask a lot more question that really have helped them to feel like they know us and we know them rather than just a business relationship. It's been a good experience for us. Their team has taken every challenge as far as asking the system to do things and they've been coming up with creative ways. I would definitely recommend them to others who were considering a team that have been able to help them implement a software with your company.

I have had the pleasure of working with Emipro for about the last 2 years. They took over from a previous developer and since then our Odoo ERP system development has moved forward so rapidly. The quality of the developers at Emipro is absolutely excellent. They always delivers work within deadline and understands the requirements very properly. We can be quite demanding at times and Emipro always manage to impress me with a fast responsive service. I will recommend them to anyone who want to implement Odoo for their business.

I have been working with Emipro Technologies for last 18 months. The experience to work with them is incredibly valuable to my company. Their availability during my business hours specially in emergencies during the time, often in the middle of the night has been outstanding. We have been building some fairly vast customizations in Project Management, Saas & Accounting with Emipro. It's thumbs up for Emipro & if anyone would like to discuss my experience with them, then I'll be happy to do so.

Myself, Matthew Boogaard, Managing Director at Australia. I have been using the services of Emipro since July 2015 for Magento and Odoo development.Not only are Emipro knowledgeable, I found Hiren and his team very courteous, polite and professional. One issue I found with my previous outsourced Magento development was that it was easy enough for someone to say they will complete the task, but actually completing it in a timely manner is another story. Good communication is critical. Sometimes you also need someone with not just the knowledge, but someone who listens and understands your needs. they may even suggest better alternatives to your idea. I have been working with Dhaval for my Magento development and I cannot speak more highly of him. He is always very polite and listens to my requirements. Several times he has suggested better alternatives to my requirements. Dhaval has continued to amaze me by also proactively contacting me if he has optimisation ideas or would like to address security concerns. A benefit to working with a company like Emipro is that if there is ever is something that is outside the knowledge of one person, there is an entire team of experts with other specialities behind them to help you out. Emipro have been fantastic and I cannot recommend them more highly. I look forward to continuing our great relationship and I look forward to meeting the team if I visit India sometime.

We got in touch with Emipro to help us with development of our Magento stores. They not only helped us in fixing errors with our older Magento Stores but also helped us in optimizing the website, Adwords and Facebook campaigns, SEO and strategy which gave us the best results. They are really a part of our team, they are not just about 'completing' projects, they really CARE about our business and its outcomes. They help us implement the best solution in the industry with their expert analysis. We started with 'Providers' and ended you with 'Friends'. We started with 1 project, now Emipro helps us in all the aspects of our business and we forsee a long business relationship for the years to come.

The guys from Emipro have a very strong set of skills specially in Odoo. Their support helped us to implement & develop Odoo in all aspects our business. They were absolutely reliable, responsible & always deliver on time projects & tasks in our hand. They were responsive to our requests & their excellent understanding have earned our business helped out a lot. Not only they feel like new business partners, but also friends. Today we are proud of being part of that special Emipro family. We are glad, we have chosen them to be our I.T. partners and we don't regret it & neither were you. We enjoyed working with Odoo and we love to work with the team of Emipro Technologies anytime for any future projects or recommend them to our friends.

I’ve been working with several of Europe’s most reputable companies developing Magento e-commerce stores. After years of experience Emipro gives me many good reason to continue a long term cooperation. The communication is good, they deliver on time, the support is great and they also keep me up to date with the whole process. I can honestly suggest Emipro to anyone who works, or consider to work with Magento.

Empiro was a good partner for us in the implementation of our ERP system with Odoo. They were always willing to provide good service in a timely basis and i found them totally professional in terms of availability for Odoo support. Their response time was prompt when we had special projects that needed to be completed on a deadline. The people at Empiro were able to listen to what we needed and deliver it on budget. I would be happy to work with them on future projects.

- Shane Solomon , Sales Manager , Extruflex North America , United States