SETU 2017

Posted on 6 September, 2017

SETU, an event initiated by Emipro in collaboration with Atmiya Institute of Technology, is an effort to build a bridge for IT Aspirants from their college life to their professional career.It was first held last year, get a glimpse to it on SETU 2016.  The date decided for SETU 2017 in this year was 11th March 2017 and preparation for which started in Emipro from 15th Feb itself. The event consists of 16 speeches delivered by the Emipro’s team member who are veteran of their field. So the day came in the mid of the Feb to announce the name of the speakers of this year. All were excited to chose their topics and to give their best possible to their future.

We realised that time really runs very fast and the Day was coming all near. We had Work with fun in last three days. We had different PRE-SETU teams like Printing team, Certificate Writing Team, Icard team etc. Here we cannot skip the chance to thank our Young Brigade,our trainees, who stood by us in every work may it be small or challenging. Each one took part very enthusiastically and that is what we called an “EMINENT BOND”.

Finally, the day came, and all our eminent who were divided into the teams like registration team, orientation team, photography team and so on took their place right at 7:15 AM at our Venue i.e. “ Atmiya Institute of Technology”, Rajkot. Our series of speech started at 9:30 AM and we finished off by 3:30 PM. We had tremendous support from the management of Atmiya Institute.

Well, as nature’s rule says the most awaited and cheerful days always gets over soon, same happened with us. SETU 2017 got over and we wrapped up the event with various memories in our heart.

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