Happy Women's Day 2018

Posted on 12 March, 2018

She is wind, She is water
She is fire, she is snow
She is vibrant, she is ambitious
She is a woman and it is her day!!

At Emipro, honoring woman does not need a specific day, it is as routine as we have our meal. But to make it a more special day, on 8th March we had a small Girls Eminent Gathering on terrace!! Below are the few glance of our small gathering.

Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample

To make it a little bit more memorable all the girls were given a small goodie bag with chocolates and small souvenir inside it.

We have decided to share something about a woman who has inspired us in a way or other which has given the path to live better. Few of them even shared some self experienced incidents  which became a motivational staircase for many of us. One of the best thought shared by our one of the Eminent Girl is, at every stage of female’s life, though the source and the matter of inspiration changes but there will always be a woman who inspires us to live!!

Amongst these inspirational talks, we have not forgotten to make highest fun out of it and to make it one of the proud and best gathering at Emipro!