Garba Night 2016 @ Emipro

Posted on 6 September, 2017

At the dawn of 7th October 2016, a most awaited moment was just a blink of eyes away. Since morning everyone was super excited as we were going to celebrate all time favourite Garba Night with our Emipro family! Each and every member were busy in one thing or another for making this evening the most memorable one. And yes indeed it was one of the most beautiful and memorable evening for all the Eminent.

Our celebration was started with an auspicious aarti of Mataji at IST 18:00 Hrs and then the fun began. Our pretty ladies were all set with their Chaniya cholis and our handsome hunks in the kurtas and kottis were ready to shake the floor. When our loud speaker got the electric power our eminent got electrified and started playing garba with full on excitement.

Few of them were busy restyling the new steps and other were busy learning the steps. Six steps, dodhiyu, titodyu, popityu and what not, each and every garba style was tried and in fact many “Own Invented” styles were real fun. Each moment came up with an exciting move and gradually everybody joined the enjoyment.
Time ran so fast that none of us realised that we danced for about 2 hours continuously. Our laptop battery got discharged but our’s battery was still fully charged and were ready to rock the floor even after 2 hours. For the topping of cherry on our Garba Night cake we had a DJ blast for last 30 mins.

Before leaving for home we had snacks and refreshment with lots of talks and fun! Though nobody was willing to leave we then departed having so many cherishing memories and moments and with a dream of enjoying our Garba 2017 with even bigger enjoyment and fun! 

Before bidding goodbye to Navratri 2016 we welcomed a new source of enjoyment! Waiting for another such delighting moment to come soon @ Emipro.