Emipro 7th Anniversary Celebration!

Posted on 10 August, 2018

After a long wait of a year, the day which is even more special than a festive at Emipro arrived and passed by leaving lots and lots of mark of good memories for each one of us….

So this year, the organizers’ team was in a plan to make this day not only a special one but a remarkable one in the history of Emipro! Every year when we plan, we think of making it the best one and so every year is best in its own way. While thinking of having something new, an idea of having a decoration competition within our two floors was clicked in our mind. From the day of its announcement, we were able to explore the creative eminents all over on both the floors. Because one has to be on their desk for 8 hours and has to be constantly indulged in developing, cannot be a hindrance to their creative mind and our Eminent proved it right! 

Well, the concepts that our people have thought of was altogether different then what we have expected. It was quite obvious when they are so much busy with the routine works they were supposed to buy readymade decoratives and would stick the things on 1st August. But the picture was completely opposite! Both the floors thought to have a unique conceptual decoration and they spared their Saturday post office hours and made beautiful handmade things. 

On the 4th floor, we had a beautiful space journey with stars, snow, space shuttle, alien and earth surface whereas on 3rd Floor we had a very emotional, motivating and handmade creativities. Get a glance at it below;

It was just the beginning, the whole picture was yet to be shown to our lovely eminents!! The fun began when we reached our destination “Green Leaf Club”. We had a great start with a welcome drink and team declaration because we were going to have some crazy and funny games there. So the first game started which was named as “The Helmet Guy”. It was a game where one participant of the respective team had to stand in the centre with a bucket attached to his helmet. The other participants have to throw the balls in that bucket. Doesn’t it sound to be ridiculous? Indeed it was the same in reality, people were giggling and laughing more than playing it. We had a special game for the Eminent spouses who specially came to be part of this celebration. We had a three-legged race for all the couples which was very enjoyable in seeing as well as in playing! 

After these two games, we had another crazy game “Bolna Manaa Hai”. It was a communication-based game. Here, we could not find words about how we all have enjoyed this game. It was about an action to be passed in a row and the last person has to enact it in front of the first person from whom the chain has initiated. The game turned out to be so funny and we laughed so much that we are still having stomach aches. Though the game was full of fun, we learnt a very important lesson out of this that how communication gap arises from the very basic level which turns out to be a blunder at the end!

Then, the most exciting session began which was full of eagerness, anticipation and thrill- Our Luckiest Eminent Draw. This was a fortune based draw wherein we were having Seven most precious prizes consisting of TVS Jupiter, Apple iPad, Mi 5 Pro Mobile Phone, Smart LED TV, Gold Coin, Amazon Alexa and INR. 7000/- Paytm cash back.

The day might have gone but the memories which we have made will never go out of our heart! An amazing celebration with a firm determination to reach the next level in this year!! We will miss you 1st August 2018!! 1st August 2019, Please come soon, we are waiting!