Emipro 5th Anniversary Celebration

Posted on 6 September, 2017

5th Anniversary celebration was a day to be remembered. Every moment was exciting and full of energy (as seen in the pictures). We started out by cutting a cake, played games like 'Dog and the Bone', 'Meet the friend and shake the hand' and 'Flip it - Match it'. After the games, we had a grand dinner and ended the day with prize distribution to the game winners.

The Celebration took place at Chouki Dhani Resort, Rajkot which is a beautiful ethnic place which showcased Rajasthani culture. It has a lush green garden where the games took place. 

All the games we played were super exciting, especially 'Flip it - Match it' where everyone was shouting at the top of their voice. Excitement reflected on everyone's face while playing the game.

Finally around 8:30 P.M. the game session concluded and it was time for dinner. Dinner took place at a beautiful place which had a royal Rajasthani touch, our tables were ready as we got in and the day got even more exciting when the mouth watering delicasies came in. After the dinner, gifts were distributed to the winners.

That was an end to the most memorable day of the year. We look forward to many more days like this.
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