Diwali Celebration 2016 @ Emipro

Posted on 6 September, 2017

Diwali is a time to boost up your festive spirits! Celebrating Diwali in the office is like “Sone Pe Suhaga” where you can work with a festive feeling. At Emipro Diwali preparation was started soon after Navratri. We have decided to go with more handmade things to decorate our office beautifully. Along with decoration, we decided to go with a handmade souvenir in the form of Diwali greeting card to all our eminents. So the project was begun! We have started with making greeting cards for our employees. The feelings then were just awesome, how happy people will feel looking at our hand made cards!

From the day of Agyaras, our girls' gang brightened our office by lightening the diyas in the evening. All were excited and having poses to have an awesome click. Thanks to our patience full colleague Shetul, who without any complaints took our photographs for the three days(though with the same poses). 

Today on the day of Dhanteras, we had a beautiful pooja in our office during early hours of IST 8:45 Hrs. The rays of today’s sun were seeming more brighter with all the gorgeous ladies gathered at our office to offer a prayer on the auspicious day of Dhanteras to shower the blessings. We had a beautiful rangoli done by one of our Eminent Ms Vaishali Jivani. Well, we posed as if we made it that is altogether a different story!

As the evening was rising and this beautiful day with decorated office and colourful outfits were also towards its end. It was now a time to have our Diwali holidays. Before departing, we had a beautiful surprise for our dear eminents, a token of souvenir and love in the form sipper chocolate bouquet and handmade feelings filled Diwali Card. So now it’s time to sign off the PCs and move forward for the further enjoyment at our homes. 

Memories of moments celebrated together.......
Moments that have been attached to our hearts, forever.......
Will make us Miss this Diwali even more till the next arrives!