16-16 Over Friendly Cricket match between Emipro and Ncrypted

Posted on 6 September, 2017

Cricket, a sport which is more important than a person’s own wedding in India. Cricket is a word that subsides a world of every Indian in itself. A sport which has unofficially taken place of a National sport of India. It is more than a religion to every Indian. Well, Cricket is a Cricket, a heartthrob of our country.

To make this weekend an exciting one, we had organised a Friendly Cricket Match of 16 Overs with a renowned IT firm of Rajkot, NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It was held on 26th Nov 2016, Saturday at T.N. Rao college, Rajkot playground. At Emipro the excitement had started since a week back as our Cricket Squad was warming up by practising in the early morning before the office hours and were out to win on the d-day. The obstacles were many like our Captain and a Mentor of Cricket Squad, Kunal met with an accident just a few days before and had a severe injury but then also he fulfilled his duty and had stood as a rock with us, guided our squad and made a roaring team.

Under the captaincy of Mr Kunal  Pathak  our team consisted of Hiren, Jay,  Deepal , Viraj who was a Wicketkeeper, Sonesh, Mayank, Shetul, Ajay, Tejas & JigneshOur motivators were Dipesh, Haresh, Hardik & our cutest eminent Dharmesh who captured the whole memory by having marvellous snaps throughout the match. A special motivator for our team was Hardik Patadiya who specially came to cheer our team from our Ahmedabad branch. Our Scoreboard was maintained by the two most perfect and accurate eminents Akshay & Dilip.

So the day came, our Men in Blue- Team Emipro was ready to Bowl the Match away! The match started at IST 15:30 Hrs at the venue mentioned. Team Emipro won the toss and chose to bat. The scorching heat was all set to evaporate our team’s strength but our players just gave smile to it and started the game.  

Our opening batsmen Mayank with Ajay took an entry and the level of excitement began to rise. Ajay burned the pitch with his extraordinary batting and had exceptionally good runs that built our victory ground easier, 32 runs in first 10 overs. We had other stunning batsmen in the squad like our captain Kunal who was injured but had a good fight and our all rounder Jay who had hit 23 runs and remained not out till the end. Even the tail enders played very well and we reached at a respectable score of 89 runs in 16 overs.

Initially, in the first half, it seemed to be a winning situation for us as our captain started to bowl the first over and the first fifteen minutes their run rate was lesser than required. A real pressure was started when one of the opponent batsman, Mr Jitesh had acquired a good grip and he has started to hit the ball and grasp the maximum runs possible. Thanks to our genius bowler Viraj who took his wicket and balanced the situation. Our all-rounder Jay  had given a good bowling overs too by grabbing 3 wickets and only 4 runs in 4 overs. 

Though at every over the match was changing its plot we were hopeful to grab the match until we had a little hard time in the over bowled by Jignesh.  Ahhhh... that 1 over became very very expensive. Our fortune fluctuated then and in the over by Jignesh, the batsman hit 5 boundaries and it seemed that we have lost the match completely. It was a nail-biting situation for all of us and the pressure were not at all lesser than an Indo-Pak match. 

And then the climax arrived when our main hero took the entry Hiren when only last two overs were remaining and runs to win were 5 with 1 wicket. Though Hiren is more a batsman he took this responsibility to reach the goal and as everybody’s hope he took the wicket and we won the match by 2 runs. We all were overjoyed and it really made our weekend a special one.

Team Nycrypted had given a real fight and showed a true sportsman spirit at the end of this lovely Friendly cricket match. We would love to have such cricket matches in future!

To celebrate our victory we had a panipuri party with our squad and we had an another chapter of cherishing memory in our Emipro journey!