Business Model

Any business model is said to be successful when it is converted to optimum ROI for our customer's objectives!

We believe that better business relations are based on how flexible business model we offer to our customers. The success of any project is indeed depends on applying the appropriate business model according to your business need. We cater different kind of effective, flexible business models with financial limitations of the small & medium enterprise sectors with a systematic approach to pricing based on demand driven market opportunities. Our business model facilitates our customers to get the best-of-breed solutions at economical prices with top-notch quality.Our well-defined, flexible yet affordable business models are the result of our deep industry intelligence and vast experience from the respective domains of ERP & eCommerce. No matter which business model we apply to your project, our solutions will be accurate & of superior quality all around.


Our this model enables us to make your talents more talented. Emipro offers ERP & eCommerce online & on-site training to meet your business requirements & maximize the return on your software investment. Whether you require a gentle introduction on ERP & eCommerce or deep learning about specialized features at an expert level, the Emipro training program will cover exactly what you're looking for. Our training includes online as well as on-site training.



This approach would be ideally suitable for situations where you seek to outsource a complete project development for a fixed price & reduce financial risk. After analyzing detailed project specifications provided by you, our tech maestro will provide you a fixed price quote. Fix price project is best for companies who have a fixed and defined set of requirements.


We would like to act as an extension to your organization by providing our expertise skills to generate result driven solutions. As per flexibility either on weekly or monthly basis, you can hire our Odoo or Magento developers as per the need. Your hired resources will be assigned to work only on your projects and will have 'zero distraction factor'.


If you are not sure about your requirement at the initial level, you can go with "pay what you get" way. Emipro offers hourly based customisation & support services for both ERP and eCommerce domains within cost effective & affordable rates. You can monitor your project's Progress and total funds and adjust them as the project unfolds.


Emipro offers online marketplace integration services with advanced ERP platform Odoo in order to connect those marketplaces sales with other sales channels within ERP system and also integrate those sales with logistics, shipping, CRM & accounting for centralized reporting and effective communication within different departments of a Company.



Our this approach includes a wide range of support services in ERP & eCommerce . We are aware with the fact that once implementation of any software system is done, our work doesn't come to an end. In fact some kind of hazy situations where end user gets caught in crippled mode in which they are trying to find helping hands and seeks to resist and come out of that. We, as your helping hand will always beside you to offer 'after sale support' of solving each of your technical issues & maintaining your system up to date.



Our this business model consists wide range of business app development in order to enrich your system & make it more robust. Open-source nature of Odoo & Magento is a boon for Emipro to come up each day in market with new personalized, rich & reusable apps having extra-ordinary functionalities. Making an effective cum attractive system will indeed act as a helping hand for your business. Our eminents are here to help you in building your 'helping hand' by introducing a good number of business apps till now and will continue to do the same in future for shaping your system with numerous new features, greater flexibility & optimization. Our app development services include everything from design and development to testing, de-bugging, apps launch, after sales support & documentation.