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Posted on 28 November, 2016

A topic I spoke which I had spoken during the SETU 2016. Ah! It’s almost a year now.  As we are rushing towards another season of SETU i.e. SETU 2017, our SETU core team decided to have a detailed explanation of our last year’s speech and put it in our blog section so that students of this year can have a glimpse of it and even students who are and were not able to attend this can also be benefitted, in this regards I have penned down my speech in the most detailed form I can. 

Well, before knowing who is a Web designer there is a term which always confuses a student to choose his/her career area. Very often the two terms Web Designer and Web Developer are used interchangeably. To a layman or to a client it may be the same thing but for an upcoming IT professional these two things have a huge difference. Many times web designer is supposed to face an awkward situation when asked about adding a database to a website and developers often struggles to answer about font selection, layout and size. Though working pattern of both of this field may have some similarities but actual work is different from each other.

Being a Web designer you are not required to be really good at any specific programming language like a developer. The responsibility of real Wow feeling with attractive colors and design are wholly and solely of a web designer. Web developer has to have a strong command on a programming language like python, PHP, NET, C, Ruby etc while a Web designer must be familiar with CSS(responsive), latest version of HTML and with a sprinkle of scripting language. Though Web designing and Web Developing are two different wings, they are connected to each other like a car with a fuel. If one can be good designer he/she needs to know basics of a developer so that the final output can be as accurate as visualised by a designer. On the other hand, if a developer has no sense of HTML, CSS then definitely his/her work will become far difficult than it is in actual. It is because web designer can design something but developer has to combine it with the back-end. For example, if a website has a registration form a designer will be responsible for its color, layout, fonts, margins and other front-end contents while to make this registration form responsive for back-end that is the database which is to be collected through this form has to be linked up by a developer.

What is Web Designing?

In above paragraphs, I have already mentioned that what is the major difference between web designing and web developing. To some extent, it is already explained what web designing is all about. Let’s have an eagle eye on the definition of web designing :  A Web design is the canvas where the contents to be shown digitally on a website is placed in the most attractive and aesthetic manner. It incorporates the elements like layout, color, fonts, themes, graphics etc. Thus web design needs to create in a manner that end-user or the website viewer gets his/her attention on it. Though as a designer you give your blood and sweat but the viewer might not even stay for more than 4-5 seconds if it does not soothe his/her eyes. Thus a true designer should  have a knack to peep into his/her client’s mind, understand his/her requirement and make the visualisation of the client most artistic which can generate traffic of viewers on client’s website. To be a web designer there are the number of languages in which one has to dip his/her beak but the most essential and foundational languages for being a true web designer are HTML and CSS.

HTML and CSS- Two Building Blocks of Website

HTML and CSS are two very essential language which needs to run in your vein along with your blood if you wants to be a web designer. Here we can say that HTML and CSS are complementary languages so if we are equipped with only one of them then it is equivalent to having no hold on web design. Both of these works as a crucial block in building a complete and attractive website. One should be well equipped with the latest version of these two languages to enhance the work and utilising the best properties. The most updated version till today is HTML5 and CSS3. Let us have a quick look at the difference and connection between HTML and CSS:

Another very important feature CSS provides with its CSS(responsive) property which is a real highlight and each one of us should use it positively while designing is it converts the view as per the device in which it is accessed. If in a mobile then the website will look little different and will be in a form compatible with the mobile. Likewise, for every device it automatically adopts the view as per its compatibility.

Designing and Organising Your Information

A subtle change in your font size or its color and even its place will give you a drastic visual makeover. If a common image will be placed in an artistic manner it can lead you to a unique output. Thus as stated earlier web designing is all about designing and organising the things. Let’s have some examples:

Appropriate and Accurate Use of Color

The choice and execution of the color combination become utmost important to make your Web design a real hit. Let's compare below two images; can you see how more number of colors in the same frame is ruining the view? On the other side image having only two colors seems to be more soothing to the viewers.

Font Style, Family and Size plays a major role

As we can see in the image below; word "Searching .  .  ." written in White Color with orange background is absoulutely more visible than "Searching" written in Dark orange color with orange background, even though size and font style of the icon is same. Thus color of the font and its background should complement each other. Also the icon you use should be such which can be understood by everybody even a layman and so that you do not have to mention for what an icon is kept for. Also see "Click" and "Loading website" in both images and observe how size and font family is important.

Design as per the Target Audience

Website design should be done keeping in my the audience who will view it ultimately. If you can see in the below two images, one is for the kids thus designs contains multiple colors, funky fonts, cartoonic characters and other small cliparts whereas the other image is targeted to the professional and thus is quite crisp and clear with no extra inputs.

A picture is worth 10 thousand words!

To make your picture worth thousand words you should be very careful and should choose the icons and images such which can depict a whole story. In the below image if you can see, the first image can easily be recognised as something related to mobile ecommerce and so the others.

Role of Web Designer

The roles of a web designer are very critical as he/she is the one who will create a visible form of something which is just in the head of a client. Every single thing is to be studied in order to make a website most pleasing one. At the same web designer has to have a view about its implementation at the backend though may not have to practically do it but at least needs to have a vision of its feasibility. Thus again I would repeat that being a Web Designer never mean that you do not have to love ‘Coding’. A bit of coding and bit of technical language knowledge is essential for any web designer. There are certain duties of a web designer in a company, let’s have a look at it:

  • Selecting proper font (includes size, color, style, family)
  • Good sense of color combination
  • Selecting appropriate images
  • Dealing with graphic designer, content writer and sometimes with the web developer
  • Design should be Browser and device compatible
  • Design website layout keeping in mind the targeted user

Benefits of being a Web Designer

When we are on the verge of stepping into our career journey, we are always confuse about what benefits we will get choosing anything as our profession. In case you are confused about benefits of being a Web Designer then here are some highlights about how you’ll flourish in designing field:

  • Because every company needs a website you can work at a variety of places. You can find corporate jobs
  • No software modules to install, databases to setup, or web servers to configure for the Website Designer, so adding interactive features to your website is easy
  • No application or database programming required for Website Designers only creativity and a strong visualisation is important
  • Good Design increases your website ranking

An Essential first step to be a Web designer- Craft a good resume!

Being an aspiring candidate for any job, you need to have a good resume. Looking at this I had a short discussion last year during SETU speech but to some extent, I am disappointed to see that students who were a part of it have still not understood a real importance of a resume. Some of the points which I highlighted during my speech were, eradicate unuseful educational information from you resume, highlight your work experience or live projects and if you know photoshop or dreamviewer then it is a bonus for you so encash it through your resume. Unfortunately, I did not find any resume worth enough during our campus placement 2016. I came across more than 80% of applicants who were part of my SETU speech 2016. We had a huge mass for campus interview and I myself being a panel member for recruitment of a web designer faced around 50-60 students but just because of their untidy and nonuniformed resume almost 25% were rejected.  Well, you can have a detailed description for having a Good resume in one of our personnel hack blog “Resumes- Craft your perfect First Impression with these 6 easy tips.” by our Personnel hotshot Ms Kosha Desai, HR manager. Have a look and make your resume perfect for making your first impression the best one!

So before signing off, let me tell you our team of experts have doubled this year, our core team has planned even more exciting things for SETU 2017 and area of speeches are going to be an extra mile interesting.

Hope to see you at SETU 2017 soon!

Juhi Upadhyay , Odoo Project Manager


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