The Do's & Don'ts of Corporate Communication

Posted on 24 December, 2016

When I first heard about the concept of SETU in 2016 I was super excited because being highly fond public speaking it was like having my favourite choco strawberry cake with extra icing and cherry on it. Communication being my forte I chose a topic about corporate communication which I thought will be useful to the IT students when they will enter the corporate world.

Since our childhood we are encountering the term “Communication” and the importance of it gets doubled when we enter into the world of Corporate. It is not only the words that we speak or we write somewhere which is considered to be a communication, even your dressing, your standing posture and your gestures are part of your communication. Do you remember the Wedding scene of Virus’s Daughter in 3 Idiots, where Rancho, Raju and Farhan could enter the wedding as they had a turban, a wedding dress code, on their head which Communicates that they are invitees. Thus we can say we communicate in two ways, one is in a verbal form that is through the words we speak or write and another one is Nonverbal which includes your aesthetic, physical expression and gestures. According to some studies, 70% of your communication is done through the nonverbal aspects which inevitably accompanies the verbal one.

Communicating Off-corporate and In-corporate have a different set of rules altogether. When it comes to a corporate communication a minor mistake can ruin your career. Basically, Corporate communication is a channel of communication within corporate i.e. amongst employees, with clients and so on.Thus in this blog, I have tried to insert all the possible Do’s and Don’ts of corporate communication which will help many of you to make your communication the perfect one when you are on your job! Before hopping to the Do’s and Don’ts, there are two basics of communication which are very crucial for your communication to be a good one; these are Pronunciation and Vocabulary. 

Pronunciation : Since sound is the most important aspect of communication so is the pronunciation. It is the most common and highly observed thing by the listener. Your incorrect or say a foul pronunciation may result in a wrong meaning interpretation by your listener. Correct and proper pronunciation creates an impact on the listener and makes your language a fluent one. There are many words which are completely different in their meaning but have a very minor diction change like Sleep(to doze) and Slip(to fall), hit(to beat) and heat (warming) etc.

Vocabulary : It is the word which forms the body of your conversation. Thus if we can have a good vocabulary, we can have the best conversation. Being weak at grammar may surely make you able to convey your message but without vocabulary, it may happen that you cannot convey your message accurately. Thus one should build his/her vocabulary in such a way that the communication is smoothened up and also it gives a spark to the listener. One of the most easiest ways to do this is to read more and more and endlessly. An awesome and unique usage of words makes your impression to be Rich and Classic.

An Example of Bad v/s. Good Vocabulary is as below:

Poor :      We have meeting tomorrow and have to be in same color blue formal.

Good:      We have organized a gathering for all of us tomorrow with a blue formals as our dress code.

Along with pronunciation and vocabulary, one should always take care about the sentence formation and grammar usage. Some of the very common mistakes are :

We all encounter these kind of goofs in our life, but we should be conscious and careful about what we speak and does it means. Do not be a Laughing stock for anybody.

Now, let us see what are the Do’s and Don’ts for corporate communication.

Do’s of Corporate Communication

  • One should be very clear in what exactly (s)he wants to convey to the counterpart. The key message and the rest of the communication should be crafted well in advance in the mind to avoid any misunderstanding or goofs while communicating.  More often than not, the problem starts here!
  • The content of the communication should not be negative while you are in corporate. You should always have a sense of positive attitude and a good vision oriented communication.
  • Time of communication should be right whether it is with your colleagues, subordinate or your seniors. You should always ask in internal communication portal about their time before your plan to communicate anything.
  • You should choose the best words, expression and gestures possible to communicate your things to the other party.
  • Pronunciation, as stated earlier, play a very important role and thus it should be highly taken care of.
  • Your voice and tone should be pleasing and enthusiastic while communication.
  • Try to avoid the disturbances like mobile phones or SMS rings etc during communication.

Don’ts of Corporate Communication

  • Do not get extra casual while you are in corporate. Though you are communicating with your best friend but in corporate, he is your colleague and thus you cannot be informal. You can not hit a high five and cannot call him bro.
  • Never use casual short forms of words while written communication like mrng for Good Morning, 2mro for Tomorrow and etc.
  • Don’t laugh or giggle while you are on the conference call or in the meeting. Even when you are talking on your mobile phone your laughing can sense by the listener easily, so you should avoid it.
  • Communicating in the local language or local accent is not that cool when you are in corporate. One should maintain the dignity of a workplace and its diversity and should use a universally accepted language only.
  • Never keep your communication lengthy, it will drag away listener’s attention and interest from it. No matter how long the topic is, you should be able to precise it and make it a crisp one.
  • Never criticise or make fun of any of your colleagues while communicating, however, friendly you are with them.
  • Never leave your communication half said which may give chance to the listeners to anticipate the things according to them.

Special tips for Email Communication

Form a perfect Subject Line. It should be such that reading it gives a complete idea about the email to the receiver. Below are the Good v/s Bad example for subject lines:

Bad       : Setu 2017

Good    : Get Ready to witness the Mega IT event SETU 2017 in this March

Have a proper salutation. If you know the gender of the recipient then precisely use Sir or Madam as per the Gender. If you are sending it to upper-level dignitaries then use “Respected” otherwise use “Dear” before Sir/Madam. At the closing, you should have salutation like Your’s Faithfully or Regards.

In the body part do not have too many things but a message should be clearly passed. Content should have a single topic of discussion and should not have more than one topic in it. If something can be explained via points then that will be fab as it will look good to read.

At the end, you should have a very professional short signature which is having your official contact details. 

Once you are done with writing, have a proofread at least twice to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Below is an example of Good v/s Bad Email:


Subject Line :  Updates

I am updating you with latest updates, plz check it. Plz
check the attached file.



Subject Line: Updates about the Project Work

Dear Harry ,

This email is in context with the subject line mention, that is, to update you on the latest development of the project.

I have attached the PDF file herewith this email for your ready reference.

Kindly let me know in case of any query.

Thanks and Regards,

So this is how our communication can either make us or break us. Decide how you want to mould your communication.

Looking forward to have the same enthusiasm and colorful response from all of you in coming season of SETU 2017.

Hardik Patadia , Odoo Project Manager


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