Social Media etiquettes and making Social Media a learning platform

Posted on 2 December, 2016

Time to jot down my second topic or I would say a “Discussion” at SETU 2016. It was seriously a discussion, full of an interaction and talks. Everybody was participating into this so well that I never realized that I was there to narrate a speech and not for a discussion. Well, I always prefer to have a discussion and not a speech, and when it is about youth and social media,Ah! 40 mins seem like just a 10 mins of time. Social Media for today’s youth is so interesting that as the session was right after our lunch hours, when I entered I saw all the murky faces with drowsy eyes. It was just for the moment until I revealed about my topic and the content. It literally lit them up and all were super excited to know how they can have their career bloomed by their favorite time pass tool “Social Media”.

As quickly as the internet is evolving, so are the ways we communicate. Gone are the days when email was the only medium of corporate communications. Almost everyone is accessible on social media now and reaching out to someone via social media is easier than sending an email. With high rise in the amount of people reaching out for professional connections on Social Media, it is important to learn Social media etiquettes to make an everlasting impression.

One of the growing concerns related to social media is the time spent on it. Most people would agree that they waste their PRECIOUS time on social media, as per the statistics, on an average a person spends 118 minutes daily on Social media. Spending time on social media is not bad if you are doing something productive, say learning something new on StackOverflow or quora. In fact, many of us can make our career through it.

There is a difference between social media and social network. When I say social media, Facebook and twitter are the first things which most people think about and most of us use the terms interchangeably, those are 2 different terms.

Social media is any content you upload – it can be on your own blog, a video, a picture,an answer and even a line of code. Social network only consists of the social networking sites and is a part of social media. To make it short, Social media is a tree and social network is its branch. I have made a chart to show what comes under what.

Understanding the difference between social media and social networks is important to make the most out of time you spend on social media.

You might ask ‘Why is it important to productively spend time on social media, isn’t social media all about sharing funny pictures of cats and meet new people?’ Well, it is. But it also is a place where you can grow yourself professionally and personally. It has the power to change your life (in both directions) based on how you use it. If Syrian revolution can be started with the help of social media, the opportunities for your growth are limitless. Social media really has the power to change the world. I have a video with a few statistics to show the power of social media.


In spite of all these benefits of Social Media.

What do we do?

We WASTE our precious time on Social Media!

The importance of social media in corporate world

Almost every business out there is now on social media. Businesses ranging from a 5 people startup to multinational companies are relying on social media to fulfill various business objectives. Some of the advantages of using Social Media for businesses are:

  • Social Media is the first place where a person checks out a company or other person.
  • Most of the MNC’s check Social Media profiles before hiring an employee.
  • Social Media is the place where you can display your work to the world and get recognized.
  • Direct access to customer and customer information.
  • Great source of learning new things and improving communication skills.

Social Media is recruiter’s best friend!

Social media is gaining importance among recruiters because of the value of information it provides. A person can say anything in an interview; it can or cannot be true. But checking the digital footprint of a person will reveal his true self.

Recruiters use Social Media for 2 things:

1) To scout for potential candidates

2) To research or “background check”  an applicant

  •  39% of hiring managers and HR professionals use social media sites to research job candidates.
  • Of those, 43% have found something that cause them NOT to hire that candidate.
  • Inappropriate photos or info (50%)
  • Drinking or drugs (48%)
  • Poor communication skills (30%)
  • Discriminatory comments (28%)
  • Lied about qualifications (24%)

If you are a student or a person who is looking for a job, it is important for you to have a positive image on social media so that whenever a person checks you up, you are prepared for it. To leave an everlasting impression just from your social media profiles, you need to follow some basic etiquette.

Social Media Etiquettes

Be Professional, Strategic and Fun

“Etiquette” sounds ostentatious and stuffy — the kind of thing that only applies to gifts, fashion and setting the table. I would like to change that. I believe, proper etiquettes on social media are a must follow. I have listed down some basic etiquettes which should be followed and things you should avoid doing.

  • Be real, Be Honest- Use your real name. (Don’t use adjectives with your names)
  • Think before you post

When you post content, THINK. It is not wrong to post frequently if the content is helpful, true, inspiring, necessary and kind. It is okay to post personal stuff but don’t make it go over the line.

  • Do not post too much and don’t use too much #hashtags
  • Use proper email address
  • Use proper language and Grammar

If you don’t know a language, don’t force yourself. Write in the language you know. Think of the future when you post in the present.

  • Do not ask people to like your pictures  or page unless you know them

Social Media Best Practices

  • Post good and informative stuff.
  • Highlight good stuff (Social Service, Achievements)
  • Remove bad stuff (Tags from unwanted pictures)
  • Put yourself in your friend’s shoes.
  • Remember, you are what you tweet or post.
  • Showcase hobbies, awards, special projects, causes you support
  • Don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Don’t be afraid to connect & network with potential businesses, professionals and industry leaders
  • Follow on Facebook/ Join groups of your interests
  • Use Twitter lists
  • Create a G+ circle
  • Search hashtags
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Follow  and contribute to your interested topics on Quora, Stackoverflow etc.
  • Start a Blog
  • Google yourself
  • Be a consistent YOU across all platforms

Everyone has their fair share of doing senseless things on social media, so did I. When I realized what was wrong, I immediately started working on it. Deleted unwanted posts and started spending my time productively. I started reading more informative things compared to seeing funny cat pictures and trolls and this habit has changed my life positively. In the digital world, it might not be possible to delete everything you ever did on internet, delete what you can and THINK when you post in future. Spend your time more productively and see your life change.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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