Social Media and SEO HACKS to Start and Monetize your blog

Posted on 15 April, 2017

So you want to start a blog? Great Idea!

But… you don’t know how to get started. Well, most people don’t. 

Although most people don’t know how to start a blog, they have a clear objective in mind behind starting a blog. It is one of the following: making money, personal branding, getting exposure to the current business or just writing as a passion.

With the advanced tools available these days and tons of resources on how to set up your blog, I am not going to go into details about that. While most people find it easy to setup the blog, they find it difficult to grow and attract an audience to fulfill their objectives.

In this blog, I am going to discuss creative SEO and Social Media Growth Hacks you can use to start and monetize your blog.

Sit tight and clear up your mind because the content below will blow you away. There are even chances that you go into the state of Nirvana.

Well, not literally.

This was the first lesson to blogging. No one likes to read the same content over and over again written in plain language. If you want to develop a following, you will have to make your content interactive, informative, intellectual and actionable. 

A piece of Advice before you dive in…

Choose a valuable niche

Your blog’s niche is what makes or breaks your blog’s growth. If your objective is to get more and more visitor. You should blog in a more general niche, a niche where people search frequently. Dinosaur baba rightly says that “If you write a blog and nobody reads it, why did you spend the time to write it”. Ask yourself this question before writing every article for your blog.

Blog on general topics related to Health, Organic Living, Sports, Exam Preparation etc. and not on topics like how cute your cat is or how hurts. To be honest, no one really cares about the latter topics. (except your few friends who are forced to read it or your stalkers)

Build a professional site

A clean and beautiful design attracts the reader's attention. You know this already.

Build something like this.

And not like this.

Create amazing and actionable content

Content is what makes a blog and it is kind of a big deal. When you start a blog, you will be all excited about writing and will write first few pieces. But as the time passes, you will fall short of original content ideas and even the content. Plan in advance to avoid this.

Keep the following points in mind before planning your content.

  • Don’t Copy Everything
  • Use Correct Grammar
  • Provide Original and 
  • valuable content
  • Used tools like Grammarly or Ginger
  • Read more!

When you start, there is a possibility that you will not be able to produce content in mass and the quality you expected. Don’t force yourself to go big at start. You will slowly grow as you write. The more you write, the more you will be able to write.

Nurture and grow a following to build a community and loyalty

Most bloggers out there don’t realize this. All they care about is traffic from search engines and income from the ads. It is really important to nurture a following and build a community. Those will be the people who will come to your blog every time you publish a blog. This way you won’t need a new audience every time you publish a blog and the chart of visitors will always be up.

There are 3 advantages of this:

1. Communities keep the blog Alive
2. Returning visitors have the highest value
3. Ensures stable traffic on the website

When you build a community, don’t be too pushy. Keep it normal or else you will look like the girl in the picture below.

Social Media and SEO Hacks

Below is the list of SEO and Social Media hacks which you can implement on your blog to attaract traffic and engage them better.

1) Keyword optimize your content

People search for keywords in search engines and if your article does not contain the keywords which people search for, you will never rank and ultimately never get the desired traffic. This does not mean you should include your keyword in each and every sentence of your article. To make your article search engine optimized.

Insert your Top keywords in Title, Body, URL and description tags.

Title tag should contain the primary and the most important keyword of your article. Don’t repeat the same keyword over and over again. Include variations, synonyms and long tail keywords to gain more exposure. You can also take help of keyword research tools to identify keywords. 

Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Adwords Keyword tool
  • Similarweb

Include Keywords which have High Search Volume, High Relevance and less competition.

2) Write headlines for people and search.

Write your headlines for search (with keywords) and for people (attractive). Even if your article does not rank on top, if the headline is interesting people will want to read it. Attractive and interesting headline helps when you share your article on Social Media.

Good Headline

Social Media and SEO HACKS to Start and Monetize your blog

Bad Headline

How to start and monetize blog

There are tools through which you can test the EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) of a headline. These tools help you analyze how click-worthy your headlines are.

3) Promote your blog with Regular Email Communication

We all do email communication on a daily basis with a variety of people. Promoting your blog with the email signature attracts additional and targeted traffic towards your blog. It also helps in showcasing your expertise.

4) Market your blog on online forums and Slideshare

Online forums are the most underrated traffic sources in the blogger community. Select a specific topic, share knowledge and work on building your authority. Once you have attained enough credibility on your profile, start promoting your blog and see the traffic rolling in. Online Forums act as added SEO benefit. Don’t forget to Link to your original article.

Get your content Published on:

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin Pulse
  • Other niche specific Forums

5) Reach out to influencers

FACT - Content that influencers share gets 16 times more engagement than content directly from a brand.

Influencers are people who have a good loyal followers and loyal followers means high traffic. So how do you find influencers?

  • Facebook (Likes/Followers)
  • Twitter -  likes and repost on #hashtags
  • Quora -  number of followers and views
  • Google Search (High Traffic blogs)
  • BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo makes it easy to filter out the influencers. I have included a demo below. If you are searching for companies who tweet about eCommerce, you will find a result of filtered companies.

The same way you will find information about individuals.

Convincing the influencer depends on your convincing skill and your content. Be creative and start sending out mails to as many influencers you can reach.

6) Blog more frequently. (No1 Growth Hack for Blogger)

The more you blog, more will be the traffic on your blog. For eg. If you post 1 Article and it gets 1000 views, you will get 10000 views if you post 10 articles and so on. That is a child math. Even after knowing this, most bloggers won’t post regularly. Posting regularly in mass has its SEO benefit as well and helps to build authority for your blog.

Research from Hubspot found that companies who published at least 16 posts per month received 3.5X more traffic than those who published 0-4 posts.

Image Credit :

7) Write long, detailed content

Long form content has an added SEO advantage + it adds to the value of content and provides detailed insights. A research conducted by Neil Patel also states that Long form content tends to attract more backlinks and gets more social media shares.

8) Cross-link to other relevant posts

Cross linking to other posts helps in increasing the engagement and also creates a solid site structure. Write a descriptive anchor text when you link your posts to make people want to go there.

Advantages of Cross-Linking

1. More Pageviews and Engagement
2. Better SEO and Search Ranks

9) Build and post in Social Media Groups (Facebook/Linkedin)

I repeat, build social media groups and not pages. You are any way going to make and promote social media pages. That’s by default what every blogger does. If you are going to spend your time and resources on social media, build a targeted group of like-minded people and make that group engaging. It is easier to build a group than a page and the engagements and reach are also wider if all the members of the group engage with the posts frequently.

Advantages of Building a group are:

  • Higher Engagement rates
  • Loyal community
  • Network Growth
  • Personal Branding

If you follow the above specified steps…

Image Credit :

Different ways to Monetize your blog

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Hostgator etc.)
  • Course/ Services/ eBook
  • Paid Reviews or Promoted Post
  • Banner Ads

These were some of the basic growth hacks which you can follow to start and monetize your blog. There are numerous advanced ways but you will figure it out once you start the blogging journey. Do leave questions in the comment and share this article with your friends who are struggling to grow traffic on their blog.

Shetul Majithiya , Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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